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  • MrTorque

    For a hardtail this is a really fun do most things bike. I am able to keep up with my wife and buddy who ride Pivot and Yeti bikes. They are better on the technical uphills, fat tires and heavy aluminum frame slow me down. Downhill like riding a jackhammer, but I can still hang with them.

    I have always questioned when a manufacturer uses the same components for an XL or XXL as a M frame. A bigger rider not only weighs more but is able to generate more torque and force on those components. Pair that with a larger frame all the leverages get bigger. Seems to me that bigger frames should have upgraded components to deal with the larger stresses of the bigger rider. The Fuse is a great bike and the fit on the XXL is perfect for large riders. But, if you want to anything other some simple trails I wonder if this bike will hold up.

    After 6 months I've had the bike in the to shop now twice for fork work and now brake work.

    Customer service from Specialized is ridiculous... and not in a good way. I reached out to specialized regarding my issues and they apologized for the experience and were kind enough to send me the 800# for SRAM's customer service center.

    If your a big rider, you might consider other brands and spend a little extra money to get a bike that will last, or plan to upgrade your components (brakes and shock).

    XXL frame
    -Fun hardtail with lots of grip.
    -Comfortably big for a 6'5" rider with 39" sleeve length and 38" inseam.
    -Stable and fast on chunky down hill sections

    XXL frame
    -Hard to turn in fast flat corners
    -Avid DB3 brakes are cheap; lost rear braking power after 6 months. Problem unknown but no amount of bleeding helps. Likely something internal to pistons.
    -Serious stiction at 50hours. Completely rebuilt fork (250hr service). Stiction back after 3 rides.
    -Dropper post has a lot of rotational play and always feel "loose" when riding.
    -Creak in bottom bracket after 4 months

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  • conky82

    I would recommend this bike to anyone.

    EVERYTHING! I love this bike! It's lighter then I thought it would be, brakes are awesome, great 1x11 with very smooth shifting, dropper post, great fork, great grip on the trails, (rides great on pavement too).

    the pedals that they give you with the bike. replace those with good ones

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  • Dan Foster

    I love this bike! It's impossible to compare any hardtail to a full suspension, but for the riding I do I didn't feel the need for full squish. I demoed some full squish and wasn't completely sure I needed to spend the extra money/deal with the hassles of a full suspension (yearly service, more moving parts = more things that can go wrong). I thoroughly enjoy all of my rides on the Fuse. I have crushed Strava PR's on all of my trails, whether they be cross country or flowing downhill style. I think this wheel size is going to be the next big thing! I plan on even racing in a cross country race this summer just for fun on this bike!

    -Fun to ride
    -Big tires = BIG confidence
    -Going uphill is a breeze with the hardtail and large contact spot, added weight of the bigger tires doesn't bother me
    -Expert model comes with a reasonable spec
    -Manitou fork performs well, beefy stanchions (I believe 34mm)
    -Dropper and 1x drivetrain were two big selling points for me personally, and have not disappointed
    -Light for a bike with such big tires (mine weighs in at just about 30lbs with clipless pedals and tubeless

    -Stock Specialized Stout rear hub blew out, but got lucky and didn't have to pay for an upgraded wheelset (thanks Specialized!)

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  • guzziben

    It's a win. Faster than a FatBike, easily capable on hardpack snow. Can't wait to see how it does on the trails this spring.

    Fun in the snow! 1x 11 is flawless, fork is nicely plush. Dropper post rocks, brakes feel great. 3.0 Ground Control tires handle the packed trails nicely.

    What's with wide bars? We have trees. Changing for 680's.

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    • Glenn Hansen

      ProsI'd love to hear more about this bike. I'm thinking of buying one, and wondering if it's a good trail-XC bike for southern calif., maybe a recreational racer too.