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  • JasonRiley

    I bought this because it was cheap and I didn't know any better. I put 3,708 miles on it. In that time, the free hub broke twice in the first six months, and it was replaced under warranty once. Quite a few of those miles were on pavement or gravel trails. I'd guess 1,000 or fewer were on singletracks. As a bicycle newbie, I thought it was great - but I was comparing it to my memory of riding a Walmart bike as a morbidly obese kid. Anyway, on mile 3,705 or so, I was doing some easy riding on green and blue singletracks and the bike just felt squirrelly. I stopped a couple times and gave it a quick check, at mile 3,707 I found why it felt off - the right chain stay was cracked right behind the bottom bracket. We were just about to a more difficult downhill section when I found it, had it broken just a few miles later than it did, I would have probably been seriously injured. At least it broke in a convenient spot, right before a fire road. I rode it at about 2 mph down the fire road to a main street and back to the parking lot. There are no SE bike dealers near me, despite their web site showing that there are. I bought the bike on nashbar-dot-com, and despite the warranty on the frame, they refused to do anything to help me. I contacted SE Bikes and explained my situation, they ignored my email.

    I ended up buying a Surly Ice Cream Truck as a replacement, and there is a night and day difference. Had I started with the Surly, I would have hated the [email protected] from the start. It's like the difference between a horse-drawn carriage and a Cadillac. The [email protected] weighs the same as the steel framed ICT according to SE's specs, but the SE feels much heavier than the Surly, and the Surly is a size up from the SE.

    With all the broken parts I had to replace on the SE, I think I had close to as much money in it as I have in the ICT. I learned an expensive lesson from SE Bikes - cheap bikes just cost too much.


    Heavy, rigid, could have killed me

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  • sissypants

    Seems like they discontinued this model.

    It's a fat bike. Quite cheap. I got it for $375 on closeout on Amazon -- best bang for the buck but just not super-fun to ride.

    Mission tires need upgrades, very heavy frame overall -- much heavier than [email protected] Too rigid, too heavy, undersized geometry (chainstays) for advertised size.

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