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  • Bonsai-CP

    This is a sick bike with descent components, great fork, and this frame takes a beating by far. I have the newer designed frames with the curved top tube, so it is not speced out like the earlier models were with bigger forks and straight DT's. All in all, this makes a great trail, FR, DJ, street bike by all means and i don't have any complaints

    Strong frame, good looking frame, DJ 1 fork is awesome, components are fair and work well, Hayes Stroker Rydes are good solid brakes

    Moderately weighted, but that's due to being a FR/DJ/Trail bike.

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  • riverdog10

    I'm a bmx racer, moderate freerider, and light XC racer and I bought the Komodo 2.0 new from Jenson USA to do a little urban/dirt freeriding and easy XC riding. First off, Jenson USA is great - bike was well packaged and on time!

    The Komodo looks better in real life than in photos – eye catcher - very nice. So far all I have done is beat around the street and I must say this bike can indeed take a beating. I have already put over 100 urban miles on it including some light tricks. I must say that the Komodo is a VERY comfortable for a hardtail, and is built pretty solid. Although it is built like a tank, I’m not for certain how long it will stay together because some of the parts are definitely “low end” – especially for someone who rides hard – I do hear some creaking which is expected. It is also rather heavy but I think a few upgrades may take care of that. I must note that the front derailleur sucks badly and the forks I’m sure are going to fail once I throw it around on the trial. My plan is to pull the front derailleur off the bike and push the forks as hard as I can before I upgrade. I have read mixed review on these forks so I want to really put them through the test. The drivetrain and brakes are adequate for the price of the ride - Definitely a “long-term” upgrade, you get what you pay for.

    Size: If you are a hardcore freerider in the 5’10” height range, go with the 14.5’ frame. I bought the 16.5” and it rides very high. This will suit me fine I’m sure on the XC trail, but playing around on the street I wish that I had the smaller frame. I’m taking it to the local tails this week so will update once I give it a full spin on dirt.

    To sum it all up, the first impression for me is this: The bike will definitely do what I intended to use it for which is urban and light freeriding. If you are a hardcore XC rider that does a lot of climbing, I would not recommend this bike for you. If you choose it, be prepared to dish a lot of money into it to make it more XC friendly. That also goes for someone who wants to ride downhill. It just will not hold up to that kind of abuse unless you upgrade the hell out of it. Luckily my local XC tails are fast and smooth with very little elevation gain so this bike should fare me well. We will see next weekend. All and all, you really can’t beat the price for what you get. I would totally recommend the bike for the aspiring hardtail freerider that needs a tough nice looking ride and is willing to make future upgrades.


    front derailleur

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