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MSRP: $799
#59 out of 107 Fat Bikes
Brand: Framed
At Framed Bikes we like to approach cycling from a problem to solution angle. After riding fat bikes through snow, sand, dirt and even using them for commutes, we realized they're way too fun and way too versatile for their current 'quiver paradigm'. By that we mean spending $2k on a quiver bike. We wanted to solve two problems. First, we wanted to make a nicely spec'd fatty for under $900. We did that. Check the spec and compare to the competition! Second, we wanted to make a fatty that was as multi-purpose as possible. We did that too with the Framed Fattie Slims™ wheel set. We cut through the BS and hooked up a ready to ride 29er slick wheel set (w/rotors and cassette mounted). The additional wheel set options (Pat.Pending) allow switching from a "fat setup" to an even lighter, even faster "29 Fattie Slims™ wheel set" with no tools or mechanical skills

The geometry on the Minnesota 1.0 has a longer cockpit than the Minnesota 2.0 giving it a slightly more cross country feel.

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