Epic HD Action Cam

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Brand: Epic
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  • jhart94949

    I like the video quality but the battery life is horrible, and buying the lithium batteries gets expensive.

    Video quality, size and weight.


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  • Peresite70

    I would recommend this camera since it does have a great quality when filming and if your only looking to mount it on top or side of your helmet or on your bars. But if your looking for more mounting styles I'd go with something else.

    This camera is great for it being somewhat small and sleak compared to other styled helmet cameras. The found the quality to me looks the best on the 720/60fps mode.

    If you like hearing the sound of your vids, the HD 1080 doesn't pick it up to well, they're really muffled. And the shape of it only allows you to mount it in so many ways unlike the Go-Pro which has tons of diffent mounting positions you can do.

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  • Syd Patricio

    I cannot recommend this unit unless you test one out for yourself. Perhaps I had a bad unit. Perhaps future units no longer have these problems. Other than that operation is simple and packaged well.

    4X zoom is a good feature.

    My unit i found that the auto light level was too slow and tend to either over expose the shot or under expose it. Another thing that I found that I didn't like was the uneven coating on the lense which made the picture pink on one end and more purple on the other.

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