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#22 out of 166 All-Mountain bikes
Brand: Ellsworth
Tags: runner up 2011

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  • savagetdk

    I would get this still to this day. All the other bikes I've gotten have broken on the frames and this one is a keeper. It rides like a cloud and just likes to go all gas no brakes. It likes to be sent off jumps and whipped in the air its a steezy bike. Anodized green is super clean and just shines in the sunlight i love my Rogue.

    I love how sturdy it is its so well built i don't doubt that its gonna stand up to abuse i throw at it. I can send it to flat over 35 foot gaps and land on flat and it still holds up i blew my rear shock after 4 years of racing and free riding. same thing with my fox 40s fork i had them add onto my build but hey thats a good run. Buddy told me he has to replace his suspension or rebuild it if it can about once or twice a season. I love how its steer tube is more of an oval shape it allows me to do wider turns then say my chumba f-5 for instance. i can whip the rogue way more to each side since it is more narrow in width and this allows you to get even more sideways haha. I love how fast it rolls over rocky sections seams like it speeds up over the right speed over boulders and big rocks. It is very easy to clean unlike an iron horse sunday after a muddy ride. I love the green frog i had Ellsworth paint on my frame because my bikes color goes to help funds to preserve the amazon forrest since we human clear cut everything. My favorite thing is the ICT i can be rolling over rocks and still pedal and lose no energy like some bikes when they fight against your pedaling. The vertical mounting of rear shock is sweet too i like to look down sometimes and see it working esp the swingarm its so cool. maybe i wish ellsworth sold more of the spokes for the rogue wheel set i really like the replacement spokes you slid em in then tightened them up then good to go riding again. The price of my bike wasn't even near Treks versions and they were both same people setting up suspension i heard so i got my bike for like 4 grand less then if i woulda gotten a Trek. I heard they were kinda like sister companies thats why the trek looked similar for design too.

    Well mine had a 8.75 inch rear coil shock so for a little while eh 4 years i was riding with the tip of the adjustment knob grinded off on my shock so it didn't hit my frame anymore. Later i found out that was meant for the Dare and I replaced the shock with the 8.5 inch rc4 later on the one it was supposed to have. I had an oversized shock so i had more travel also so maybe 8.5 inches of travel almost same as dare haha. No big deal it left one little scrape on my frame i then later used nail polish to cover it up after used the correct size shock in rear after replacing it wrong sized shock. It was because was a kid training and learning to build bikes i can to shop and was supposed to be finished but i guess he put on a oversized shock or thats what ellsworth gave me. Then after that no complaints. Still ride it and its 2017 all I've done was get rid of wheel set since i destroyed the rear one badly at northstar by riding down loves wire with a flat i had at the top and just rode it out this isn't the bikes fault tho at all i had wrong tubes in and wrong tires for up there.

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  • Syd Patricio
    Reviewing Ellsworth Rogue:

    Decent bike for those who are into drops and pointing the bike mostly downhill.

    Solid performer. Stiff rear end. Fits well without causing the rider to reach too much. Great detail on the machine work.

    Can't think of anything yet.

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