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  • Jakob Isindahowz

    I used it on the front as this is where I tend to place the larger, more aggressive tire.
    Had bought a Schwalbe RoRo to replace the stock small block tires and while they rolled nicely these high end tires gave me little confidence on cornering so I tried these MK2s.
    First thought was they didn't feel that heavy considering size. Mounted with tube on Crest easy. They roll well but not great.
    The terrain I ride varies and thats what these are designed for and its been bliss. The first run I did ,my bud who is faster immediately saw that I was staying on his ass the entire way down a shorter downhill trail full of tight switchbacks on a mix of hardpack with loose dirt in braking areas as well as large ruts. What I noticed was that I had complete confidence in hitting these corners with speed without fear of washing out and they delivered. Really, what more do you want from a front tire, it handles higher speed rocky fire road corners equally well.
    Steep tech where brakeing and being able to feel the grip is important and once again I saw no issues! I can do steep crawls down just about everything but wet rock of course but there is no tire that can crawl down slick wet rock. The Black Chili is great stuff as it actually does what it claims by giving a harder rubbers durability as well as grip like a soft compound.
    Pay attention because if the price is cheap its likely their cheap version made in INdia and lacks the BC compound making the tire suck and giving the German model a bad name.

    High Quality build w/ made in Germany model
    Light for style and size(non Protection)
    Long lasting

    None, this is the best tire I have ever owned.

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  • wilsonm73

    I will buy them again because of the performance and hope they figure out the casings that oddly deform.

    Low Weight, great traction on just about anything, no punctures after 700 miles in Colorado's rocky conditions, low wear compared to some other tires, good volume, no knob squirm

    Casings can deform. Mine did off a drop at Moab. Two of my friends had the same issue. Side walls frayed but haven't failed yet.

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  • jkey6

    After mounting this on my rear wheel (with Maxxis Ardent up front. Ardent is a little wider despite the same 2.4 measurement) I haven't had any slide-outs. I have also had no tube punctures even though I've had a few cactus spines stick in. These tires are tough.

    It's tough and grips the trail while being easy on the wallet.

    Probably not light and swift enough for the gramcounters out there.

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  • JacksPerson

    I dislike these tires very much. I purchased them on recomendation from my LBS. I reluctantly still have one on the front of my bike to finish out the season. This front tire slips and slides around turns and slides off rocks that have any pitch to them unless they are absolutley dry, and even then they are scetchy.
    When I had one on the rear wheel it was HELL! It slipped on every single damp rock and root which is what New England riding consists of. I have taken many diggers because of these tires. I decided since it was soo slick at 55# I would try 45# and the first 12 mile singletrack ride it was "ok" but still scetchy. The second ride at this preasure proved fatal to the tire that was supposed to have an awesome side wall as a rock tore it wide open.
    These tires do not shed well as it retained tons of wet slippery pine needles and mud. I cannot wait to get this tire off and put back on the good ol Nevegals!
    These tires may perform well in a differant enviroment, but in wet, rocky, rooty terain they are nothing but trouble!

    - inexpensive
    - available in a variety of formats ie: folded, wire bead, tubeless
    - has an aggressive tread pattern
    - decent rolling tire
    - supposed to have a tough side wall.

    - slippery when the slightest bit of moisture is presant.
    - Tore the side wall the second ride w/ 45# presure because it was slippery as hell @ recomended 50-60#

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