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November 2, 2018
Model/Year: 1993

Pros: Solid, rigid frame bike Works well on park paths, dirt roads and rail trails Holds up well

Cons: Rigid frame Rim brakes Frame is unforgiving on rough rides

Recommendation: This was my first "mountain" bike before mountain biking was a thing. I used to use it for climbs, downhill and rock gardens, but it is outdated. If you are looking for a "park bike" - rail trails, canal paths, etc., the definitely it's a good choice, otherwise, grab a more up to date bike.

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July 9, 2016
Pros: Great beginner bike or intermediate bike. Durable, shifts great, good maneuverability.

Cons: Heavy

Recommendation: Loved it. Rode Tim's Ford with it and it did great.

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September 23, 2015
Model/Year: 2010

Pros: I purchased this bike used from a friend for really cheap and boy have I put some use on this bike. I ride everything from xc to more all mountain which I know this bike isn't made for but it has handled it. I've pushed this bike way past its "limits" hitting 15-20 foot tables and all sorts of drops. It didn't let me down until I hit a 15 ft road gap and taco'd the front wheel on landing. Purchased a new wheelset and she's back out on the trails.

Cons: When I purchased the bike I replaced the fork as the Dart 2 was garbage. This could have been due to negligence of the previous owner who knows. Either way the Rock shox 30 Gold I put on it was a welcomed upgrade.

Recommendation: Would recommend buying for a first bike or anyone looking for a cheap full suspension.

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December 20, 2014
Model/Year: Yukon/2006

Pros: Inexpensive
nice geometry
weight to price ratio not bad

Cons: heavy for current standards
26" con only in that current XC bikes are always 29 or maybe 650b

Recommendation: I got mine very slightly used from a med student that rode it maybe 5-6 times. I immediately started upgrading components....Reba Race shock, XT drivetrain, etc. I rode the bike until this past Summer and was very happy. I was definitely a little slower than my buddies on 29ers, but I could make up some ground in the turns. I think this was a great bike for the money. I'm always of the opinion to get a decent frameset, but really, spend your money on components as that's what'll make the most difference.

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July 30, 2013
Model/Year: 2011

Pros: Good bike for the price you get what you pay for.

Cons: broken frame twice in less than 18 mos.

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August 19, 2010
Pros: Front & rear suspension and disc brakes.

Cons: OEM seat & pedals, which i replaced.

Recommendation: Great upgrade for me from my old Mongoose. Overall decent entry level dual suspension bike for recreational MTBing. Fairly light too, mine weighs 31Lb.

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August 13, 2010
Pros: This was my serious first mountain bike and I beat it up pretty well, but it kept on ticking and easily paid itself back in fun many times over.

Cons: Very high stand-over height. Wish I had gone for the Yukon FX for downhills.

Recommendation: Great beginner bike capable of riding some pretty moderate to advanced trails.

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March 8, 2010
Pros: this bike rocks. I have been riding since I was 12 years old on a 10 speed. Since then I have owned numerous bikes normally from Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart. After many years of riding pices of crap, riding this bike makes it feel just as easy as the pros make it look. The bumps you would normally avoid are a piece of cake and when you think you will wipe out because you have too much speed, the brakes save you. The bike feels very light although if you are a specs guru you'll call me a liar.

Cons: You need to be ready to pay what this bike is worth. I did not like paying that much but it is worth every penny. Sometimes the brakes squeak but if you got your tunes on loud who cares? I let my wife ride the bike and now I no longer have a bike. I plan to buy a 2010 model this spring, maybe the Trance X

Recommendation: If you want a quality ride that is still covered by your home insurance this is your ride! It will make your riding a true pleasure and your dog will hate it because you will be able to outlast it.

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July 20, 2009
Pros: I liked the hard rear shock. The handling was much better than I had read in alot of the reviews for this bike. The gear shifting was good but would slip here and there. Not a big deal. I tuned it myself and started shifting perfectly. This is my 1st mountain bike but had done off road when i was a kid all thru my teenage years on bmx bikes and have been riding a hybrid Raleigh sc30 for the last few years just for exercise but got bored of just that str8 line riding on the road. My friends have been trying to get me into Mountain biking for awhile and i finally gave in and got this bike. The price for what it delivers is not bad. My 1st ride was today at Markham Park and i must say im hooked. I already bent my rear disk when i ate the ground a few good times and i didnt even worry about it. Just bent it right back and is just fine.

Cons: Front forks are way to soft for a rider my size as opposed to its rear shock which was just right. I didnt need much experience to figure that one out for myself. The saddle can be better but its not really bad. The grips i will probably change soon as they kill my hands.

Recommendation: Bottom line is that in my opinion this bike is a great deal for the cash. I did everything my friend did on his $2800 bike with no problems besides eating a few times which is obviously not the bikes fault. The breaks were great, shifting was ok but could be better but not that much that id have them changed until they are useless. I would definately reccomend this bike to someone that doesnt have alot of cash to blow on a bike like me. For under 900 bucks u have a great bike. Able to do what most others can do. And the warrantee Giant gives you is not bad as well. Lifetime on the frame and i cant remember how long on parts.

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June 6, 2009
Pros: Great bike, smooth and fast. Will last a life time if maintained and upgraded. I have the 09 Yukon it makes for a great ride.

Cons: Upgrade the chain and shifters asap. You will want to upgrade the peddles asap as well.

Recommendation: Its a great price, and will work for anyone.

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