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Q: is the head tube tapered -Guest

A: The 2016 model is not tapered.

Kyle Kelly answered on February 18, 2017. Did you find this helpful? Yes | No


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June 14, 2018
Model/Year: Aspect 950/2018

Pros: Amazing bike! This is my first mountain bike, and I have fallen in love with it. I tried several bikes, including 27.5 plus tire bikes, a fat bike, and etc. I liked how the 29er rode the best. It gives me confidence on the trail. I'm a petite built female rider.

Recommendation: I highly recommend this bike!

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June 2, 2017
Pros: Light and nimble Amazing braking Reasonably priced at $450

Cons: Gear switches lag a little

Recommendation: Great bike!

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March 5, 2017
Pros: Great bike, after up grades it's no longer a novice bike!

Cons: Yet to find any after up grades

Recommendation: Ride it until it falls apart!

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December 23, 2015
Model/Year: Scott Aspect 950 2016

Pros: Lightweight
Well Designed
Includes Bolts For Drink Holders
Disc Brake System
Convenient Gear Stick Layout
On/Off Suspension Switch

Cons: Gear Switches Can Get Stuck

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March 22, 2015
Pros: Lightweight and good breaking

Cons: Stock seat sucks

Recommendation: Love it overall

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March 22, 2015
Model/Year: aspect 940 2015

Pros: lightweight & rides smoothly on a nice surface

Cons: down hill at speed with bumps makes this bike noisy
gears keep slipping
1 wash and the brakes squeal like a bitch

Recommendation: when i bought the bike i bought new grips and pedals as the pedals looked plastic and i wanted nicer grips, im looking to get some rock shox for the bike as people rate them highly, although ive just started with this as my first mtb its pretty good but id like to change it a fair bit like making the components stronger and more accurate with the gearing

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January 2, 2015
Model/Year: 2012

Pros: stiff, steep head angle, tough, short chain stay, perfect geometry

Cons: a little heavy

Recommendation: I bought this bike to do a quick adventure and loved it so much I kept it. I have upgraded literally every part on this bike but the frame and bars. I just love the way this bike fits and rides. It's steep head angel and skittish demeanor might not be what everyone wants but this nimble little 26'r is a blast on single track, climbs like a goat and is a great race bike.

I've smoked 29'r full suspension bikes everywhere from Porcupine Rim to Greenslick and I have to give the bike most of the credit. A great frame and platform to build a dream bike.

Also I rode this bike hard in Moab before I changed a thing on it and it did great.

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November 20, 2014
Model/Year: Scott Aspect 740 2014 (black and white colorway)

Pros: - Good bike to build on
- Frame looks great
- Comfortable riding position
- good braking
- good acceleration
- smooth shifting

Cons: - tires are more for road use and only on dry hard pack trails
- fork isn't really for performance
- grips are a bit hard
- a bit on the heavier side at 31 lbs.

Recommendation: I'm an XC rider and I immediately switched the tires on these to more grippy ones suitable for cross country racing. I suggest 2.25 up front and a 2.1 on the back. I'd recommend this bike if you're looking for a good entry level bike for trail riding, but the tires definitely have to go.

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May 20, 2014
Pros: Lightweight we'll equipped

Cons: Wheelbase a little short

Recommendation: I ride everyday and this bike is amazing. Everything you would want in a bike is in this well equipped one for $650

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February 22, 2014
Model/Year: aspect 940

Pros: great bike it's holding up very well in my southern NJ location.

Cons: not many

Recommendation: Like most other people I changed the hand grips. I also upgrades the front shock to a rock shock

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