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Date and Start Time
July 30, 2023 at 09:00
The Trails at Jakes Rocks in Warren, Pennsylvania
Event Description

2023 Jake's Gravity Enduro 

July 30, 2023
Partnered with Loud Performance, Mountain Barker Tees, and OFFICIAL TIMING by West Virginia Enduro Series, we are proud to present the return of the Jake's Gravity Enduro for the second year!

Beginner/Sport/Youth Cat. - 5 Stages
Pro Cat. - 6 Stages
Must pedal or walk transfer stages.
Many Categories options
Cash Payout Pro Cat.
Shuttle is only permitted at the completion of race (after stage 5, or after stage 6 for Pro cat.)
Must run Stages in numerical order

Race Day Sign-in/Registration is from 9:00am - 11:00am.

Here it is... 5 Stages of some of the best riding in PA!

After checking in and grabbing timing chips,(anytime between 9:00am and 11:00am), racers are free to depart the Event Center and begin their race.
Leaving the Event Center at the Trail Head, riders will take Coal Knob to its peak, where they will find the first Stage Start.

This trail is a great introduction to Jake's Rocks. This is a shorter stage, starting out with a sandy/rocky stretch that quickly flows into some nice hard packed Jake's dirt, with some sand sprinkled in here and there to keep your traction questionable. A great way to get warmed up!

Difficulty ¦
Length ¦
Speed ¦¦
Rocks ¦

Racers will then pedal Elijah to Stage 2.

Riders should be all warmed up by the time they reach this one. A crowd favorite, Ursus offers speed, rock gardens, jumps... a little bit of everything.
That includes a few key line choice sections for those with the vision for it.

Difficulty ¦¦¦¦
Length ¦¦¦
Speed ¦¦¦
Rocks ¦¦¦¦

Racers will then pedal up Dewdrop.

Another shorter stage. Being agile on the bike and carrying speed will be key for this one, as there are quick ups and downs with rocky bits thrown in. Stage finish is right before the road.

Difficulty ¦¦
Length ¦
Speed ¦
Rocks ¦¦

Racers will then pedal up Vulpes and Cornplanter to the 3 Sisters area.

This trail, though most commonly used as a climbing trail, will have riders white knuckle-ing their way down a stretch of rocky, off camber, and tight, hand cut trail.

Difficulty ¦¦
Length ¦¦
Speed ¦¦
Rocks ¦¦

Racers will the pedal an old fire road briefly before turning onto Cornplanter, climbing back up to the 3 Sisters area once again. Just past Stage 4 Start, will be Stage 5 Start

Racers will descend down a short and flowy portion of Seneca, before turning onto Blacksnake. Blacksnake offers the highest speeds, and perhaps the most flow,(fewest rock sections) at Jake's Rocks. There's plenty of jumps and rollers, and a sneaky drop line near the top of the trail, that will shave time for those brave enough to send it.

Difficulty ¦¦¦
Length ¦¦
Speed ¦¦¦¦
Rocks ¦

Congratulations, you've just completed the 2023 Jake's Gravity Enduro.
Catch your breath at the refueling station in Devil's Elbow Parking Lot, then shuttle or pedal back up to the Trail Head(Event Center) to turn in your chip, and watch the results come in.
Awards to follow at Trail Head.

PRO CATEGORIES: Hit up the refueling station at the bottom if you need. Then pedal up Devils Drop and Cornplanter, back towards the Main Trailhead/Event Center, where you will find the start of the Pro Stage (Stage 6)

Endurance, speed and grit all come together as key ingredients to a good run on our Pro Stage.
We save the longest stage of the day to finish things off. Flow down a super fast section of Seneca before turning onto Deerfoot, where racers will immediately be confronted with technical rocks. Navigate the often narrow and technical trail, with rock gardens seemingly around every turn, until about half way through, where the trail smooths out a bit with some high speed sections, coupled with tight switchbacks meandering down the hillside.

Difficulty ¦¦¦¦
Length ¦¦¦¦
Speed ¦¦¦
Rocks ¦¦¦¦

Once you cross the finish line into Devil's Elbow parking area, congratulations! You've just completed the 2023 Jake's Gravity Enduro in Pro Category!

Ascend (Pedal/shuttle) back up to the Event Center to turn in your timing chip. Awards at Trail Head are set to follow race completion.

**There will not be official shuttle service provided at the finish area (Devils Elbow Parking Lot). However shuttling is allowed after race completion, and I'm sure there will be efforts to get everyone who would like, a shuttle back to the top

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