A Singletrack Mind-Ramps, Drops, Rollups/Downs, Jump Technique MTB Skills Clinic

A Singletrack Mind-Ramps, Drops, Rollups/Downs, Jump Technique MTB Skills Clinic photo
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Date and Start Time
April 19, 2024 at 09:00
Santa Cruz, California
Event Description

Join us in this skill specific Santa Cruz  MTB Ramps, Roll Ups, Roll Downs, Jump Technique, Drops clinic. We will hone in on the mentally challenging aspect of mountain biking - drops, jump technique, roll ups/downs and more!

*Combined use of Ramps and Bike Park features

When: 9-2pm
 MTB Ramps, Drops, Roll-Ups, Roll-Downs & Jump Technique Clinic
In this solid Santa Cruz MTB Ramp Progressions clinic you will build the skills, progressions and confidence to approach drops,  jumps, roll-ups & downs that have intimated you in the past.  Repeat drills for mastering the skills & optimizing your technique using ramps as well as the jump features at the bike park.

This extended clinic will include Jump technique as well as:

Ramp Progressions! You will  be working  on ramps to build your mtb skills. Focus will be on roll ups, roll downs, drops and jumps with varied degrees of difficulty. We will be building the progressions  that you can later take to the trail. Fine tuning the skills with the solid features off trail will improve your  technique and overall experience on trail!

Use of adjustable SENDER ramps  with add on progressions features.  The various ramps allow for improved technique in a controlled environment. Ideal for mtb skill work, jumps, drops, rolls ups/ downs and wheel lift/balancing!


This clinic will be focused on technique and skill progressions with repetitions on features. Allowing for all riders to individually progress.
Each rider will get a Kates Real Food Bar.

If you're unavailable for this Jump Technique, Ramps, Roll Ups, Roll Downs, Drops-extended -Santa Cruz clinic check out our events page for more events near you.

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