What we're about

Jump on your E-mountain bike (E-MTB) and explore E-biking trails in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

We expect to organize our first event in April 2021. Meanwhile, we are working on a website, brand identity, and a repository of trails open to E-MTBs.

This Meetup is a member of https://ebikelovers.com

Please contact us with your ideas.


A group for mountain bikers

This Meetup group is organized for mountain bikers only. You need to have a mountain bike (electric or non-assisted) to participate in our events. Normal bikes will not be able to go where we go.

If you are also interested in local E-bike touring with a group, please check our meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/Electric-Bicycle-E-Bike-Lovers-Washington-DC

E-MTBs are most welcome to this group.


A great opportunity to learn more about E-MTBs

Learn more about electric bicycles - E-bikes from those who actually ride them on the trail. What is their experience? What to avoid when you are in the market for an(other) electric bicycle - E-bike? How to manage batteries? How to integrate your electric bicycle - E-bike with navigation systems? How to secure your electric bicycle - E-bike with locks and register it online? These are just some of the questions you may ask other members while we ride our E-MTBs.


I have no E-MTB. Am I welcome to join this group?

Absolutely. Everyone is welcome including non-assisted bikers as long as you have a bike that is capable of mountain biking.


Weather and cancellation

There is never a bad biking day, there are only bad biking clothes. We plan to bike year-round, also in the winter (but within reason). With the right clothing and protective gear, this can be a great experience.


What you need to know

We always follow rules and regulations. Safety and fun first. You join us at your own risk and you are responsible for your own safety. We typically schedule class 1 eligible rides. You are responsible for following any rules and regulations of parks where we bike.


Future developments

We may organize lectures on electric bicycles - E-bikes with specialists, test rides, and organize day-long biking (out of town) trips once COVID 19 is under control. This will also depend on the size of this group.



Participation is free. If we organize extracurricular activities, we will inform you of any costs involved.



Contact Gregory through the Meetup email system or leave a comment on this page and we will respond quickly.


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Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
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