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Trail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
Snake Indian Falls Jasper 34.0 -
12 to 5 to 5 / Valley of the Five Lakes and Wabasso Lake Jasper 21.0 Advanced bike trail
20-mile loop / Saturday Night Lake Loop Jasper 20.0 Intermediate bike trail
Big Sweat (Valley of the Five Lakes / Wabasso) Jasper 20.0 Expert bike trail
Lower Fryatt Jasper 18.0 Beginner bike trail
Trail 7 / 7H (Teahouse) Jasper 16.0 Advanced bike trail
The Overlander Jasper 10.0 Advanced bike trail
Tunnel Trail Jasper 9.0 -
Razorback Jasper 8.0 Intermediate bike trail
Jacques Lake Jasper 7.0 Intermediate bike trail
Mount Fitzwilliam Trail Lucerne 7.0 Advanced bike trail
#15 - Catholic Church to Pyramid Lake return Jasper 6.0 Intermediate bike trail
Pyramid Bench Jasper 5.0 Advanced bike trail
#2 and bottom of Razorback Jasper 5.0 Intermediate bike trail
Hochimini Jasper 4.0 Advanced bike trail
Talbot Lake Jasper 4.0 Easiest bike trail
Lost Lands Downhill and into Jasper Jasper 3.0 Advanced bike trail
Winter Cross Jasper 2.0 Advanced bike trail
Watch Tower Jasper 2.0 Advanced bike trail
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