DH Morenita

This is a tight down hill trail — at times trough-like with dirt walls on either side of you. Watch out for the occasional hiker or old man walking up it to his home.


Singletrack route going up the hill. Good grip. Going down its a nice technical steep run with lots of jumps which are not mandatory. Wouldn’t bet on the safety so please report to the guardian before going up.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

This route follows rugged mountain roads for about 17 miles before veering off into steep, unmaintained fall line singletrack. The singletrack funnels water, so it can be a real challenge. Commercial shuttle/guide service is available.

Choachi Loops

These are two loops with classic Andes riding in the mountains southeast of Bogota. The south route loops through the village of Ubaque and the north route passes an impressive waterfall. Plenty of climbing but not as much as some Andean rides. About half singletrack overall.

Best Trial ever, all levels!

The trail starts by driving the mountain up to Salinas. The way is not shown in gps and goes from easy to hard, trough the middle of the nature over the cordillera with a great view over Amaga, Camilo C, Caldas and Medellín. Lenght: 5 miles, 7,5 hours.

Best Trial ever, all levels!

Up north to Angelopolis. 7,5 km (5 miles)Only straight ahead and keep allways right to Salinas. You find a great view of the different towns by driving over the cordillera in the middle of “no where”. A Paintball zone and restaurant for breackfast and orange juice is the goal in the high of Salinas before …

Simon Bolivar Flow Trail

Real fun singletrack, farm trails, pine forest downhills, going through some fincas, places where you can get major speed, etc. Pretty rugged trail, about a 20k downhill I was told, that connects to Alegria for the 2nd part.


Climb for about 11 kilometers. You’ll pass an orange gate on the left around 7-8k, keep going past that. At 11k, there’s an orange gate with a “Private Property” sign on it. This is the start of the trail – the trail is sanctioned, don’t worry, you just have to jump over the gate, or …

Castillo Marroquin Bikepark

Trails system part of Castillo Marroquin Bikepark. Open weekends 8:30 – 14:00. Multiple DH trails including part of a past PanAm Championship (2011). There is a XC loop also.