The Lure of the Fat Bike: A Winter Time Story at Lair O’ the Bear, Colorado

Climbing to the top of Lair O' the Bear on my Salsa Beargrease, enjoying the solitude and zen of an abandoned forest

Think about one of your favorite trails. Now think about how that might look if it is covered in about 8-10 inches of snow. Would you ride it? A little over a year ago, I would have said, “no way. Winter is for snowboarding and dark beer and Xbox.” But fortunately, in the summer of …

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Riding Green Mountain when it’s actually White Mountain… the perfect fat bike trail?


Green Mountain. There may not be a more polarizing trail in the Denver Metro area. If you ask people who have ridden it, you will undoubtedly get a wide variety of opinions about this mountain (a small hill, really) just west of downtown. “Too Easy.” “Too steep.” “Perfect for beginner riders.” “No, perfect for Intermediate riders.” …

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Fat Bike Frame Material Buyer’s Guide

Steel is rigid but flexy, and inexpensive. Notice how the tires appear even more 'fat' with smaller diameter tubes. Pictured here is the 2013 Surly Necromancer Pug Ops

If you’ve been shopping for a fat bike, hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to read maddslacker’s excellent series of articles reviewing different models at varying price-points. If not, here are the links: Budget models Mid-range models High-end models Price will almost certainly be most riders’ ultimate purchase-limiting variable, but within certain budget ranges there are …

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