The “Other Trail,” Appendix 3: South Marquette, Michigan


In recent years, Copper Harbor, Michigan, has rightfully established itself as a major mountain biking destination with a very unique and diverse set of trails in a beautiful setting. Like Moab, Downieville, and Pisgah, Copper Harbor has become a must-do pilgrimage for any well-rounded mountain biker’s bucket list. ┬áBut it’s remote–about as remote as anything …

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Shhh! 15 Under the Radar Mountain Bike Destinations


As mountain bikers, we’re always in search of the next great adventure. While it’s interesting to debate which destinations are “up and coming” and which ones have already arrived, there’s an entirely separate class of mountain bike destinations that are flying under the radar. In putting this list together we consulted multiple sources, including our …

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Video: “Cold Rolled, Chapter 1”

2014-09-22 2013_08_worldfatbikeday_FB_cover-2

Chapter One of the five-part short film Cold Rolled: Marquette Michigan’s Snow Bike Route, an action documentary from Clear & Cold Cinema, Salsa Cycles and that will explore the history and progression of winter cycling culture in the adventure-loving Lake Superior harbor town of Marquette, Michigan.   Marquette’s Noquemanon Trails Network has nearly perfected …

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Addicts Ride Mountain Bikes to Recovery


Not only is mountain biking great for elementary school kids – it’s also helping addicts on the road to recovery in Rockford, MI. In partnership with the Grand Rapids police department, Guiding Light Mission created a program called “Recovery Riders” to help drug and alcohol addicts overcome the challenges of sobriety. The basic premise is …

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Newest IMBA Epic Mountain Bike Trails


Singletracks member Outdoornut clued me in to the latest issue of IMBA Trail News where they talk about the 5 newest IMBA Epic trails added this year. Here’s a summary from east to west. photo posted by rodrodriguez2003 Pinhoti Trail (North Georgia). The Pinhoti Trail is sorta like Kokopelli’s younger, forested brother with 100 miles …

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MTB Race Through a Mine


Emerging from a dark tunnel on Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ve profiled some unusual MTB races here in the past (ones that go through brewpubs, parking structures, etc.) but this is a new one for us: A mountain bike race through an underground mine in Greenland, MI. The course is a 4 …

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