15 Valuable Lessons I Learned on My First Bikepacking Trip


I couldn’t help but be enamored of the concept of bikepacking: heading out into the backcountry, riding my bike for days on end, carrying everything that I need to survive, with nowhere else I have to be and nothing else I have to do besides eat, drink, and ride my bike. And apparently, thousands of mountain bikers around the nation, if …

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Watch: 3 Convenient Ways to Wash Your Helmet

Clean Helmets Still 2

Last week I did a video about how to remove smells from bike clothes, and I had a number of you reach out asking how I go about cleaning my helmets. Here are my three favorite ways to effectively wash my helmet! I confess that I don’t wash my helmet near enough. I’m sure you all know the feeling …

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The 10 Best Balance Bikes for Your Toddler


I was 22 when I first rode a mountain bike. Like many people, I had learned to ride at an earlier age, but never once on singletrack. Never with any intent other than finding the local Dairy Queen. During my tenure of racing, I fell in love with a fellow racer. We went on to subsequently …

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