Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain Provides Cable Actuation for RockShox Reverb

The Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain is a new, cable-actuated remote for the RockShox Reverb (photo: Wolf Tooth)

Most dropper posts use hydraulic internals paired with a mechanical, cable-actuated remote for operation. The one glaring exception also happens to be one of the most common droppers on the market: the RockShox Reverb. It uses a hydraulic remote. And until just recently, the Reverb came with an un-ergonomic (at least for my hands) button remote. A new product from Wolf Tooth looks to solve those problems while offering further benefits.

ReMote Sustain

photo: Wolf Tooth

Wolf Tooth is no stranger to making dropper post remotes, but the ReMote Sustain is their first for the Reverb. The Sustain completely replaces the stock hydraulic hose and remote included with the Reverb. In its place is a cable-actuated remote with a shifter lever style paddle. Having used their remotes on other dropper posts, I can attest that the ergonomics are excellent and the lever feel is light.

According to Wolf Tooth, claimed benefits of the ReMote Sustain over the standard Reverb remote include:

  • A leak-proof, robust, and low-maintenance mechanical actuation system
  • Easy cable detachment for service or shipping
  • A 40mm (1 5/8in) reduction of in-frame height when compared to Connectamajig-equipped Reverbs
  • Wolf Tooth’s low-profile, high-traction lever
  • Easily-installed UpFront cable fixing
  • A large-diameter 21mm ball-bearing pivot
  • Our low-torque Cable-Kind Clamp
  • A rattle-free integrated cable adjuster
  • The industry-first breakaway axle pivot, making the inevitable mishaps less (financially) painful
  • Available integrated brake lever mounting for Shimano I-Spec and SRAM Matchmaker X brake levers

The installation appears to be straightforward as long as you are good at following directions. Check out the video below for the instructions along with a look at how the mechanism operates.

The ReMote Sustain is compatible with internally routed (aka Stealth) A2 and B Spec RockShox Reverb posts. Posts with external routing cannot be converted.

Pricing for the ReMote Sustain ranges from $89.95 to $99.95 depending on the clamp method chosen. That price puts it right inline with RockShox’s Reverb 1x remote ($95) launched recently, although that remote is still hydraulic.

If you have a Benjamin burning a hole in your pocket, the ReMote Sustain is available for purchase through Wolf Tooth’s website.

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