Water from Air: Fill Your Water Bottle with Humidity During the Ride


My brother spotted this one over at the Huffington Post, and it sounds too good to be true: a machine that grabs water out of thin air to fill your water bottle during a ride. Of course, anyone who owns a dehumidifier knows this tech has been around for a long time, but the Fontus adds in solar panels for power and makes use of rushing air created by the bike’s movement to make the whole thing work.


The Fontus is only a prototype but the inventor, Kristof Retezár, claims he pieced the test rig together with just $25-$40 in parts. Humid conditions produce the most water (we have plenty of that here in the South!) and in his tests, Kristof found the device can produce up to half a liter of water per hour.


Something to take on your next bikepacking trip?

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