The Best Day of the Year for Mountain Bikers

Flathead ValleyYesterday was the best day of the year.

Yes, it’s true – at least it’s true if you are a mountain biker or some other sort of outdoors enthusiast.

Yesterday was the beginning of daylight savings time, and we all got to tack on an extra hour of daylight to the end of our day. Every year, this day signals the death of winter as temperatures start to warm, snow starts to melt, and plants begin to grow.

But most importantly, that extra hour of daylight signals the beginning of long after-work rides.

  • No longer do we have to return home from the office or the classroom in the grip of darkness.
  • No longer do we have to strap on head lamps and brave the frigid night air.
  • No longer do we have to limit our real rides to the weekends and whenever we can squeeze them into our busy weekly schedules.

No longer.

It is time to mountain bike!

If you haven’t yet, I’m sure you will soon be looking over your rig to make sure that it is ready to go for the warm-weather riding season just around the corner. Now is the time to get all of that maintenance done, so as the warm dry days become more numerous, you’ll just be able to grab your bike and get out and ride!

I recently put on a new pair of tires, courtesy of Singletracks and WTB, and also replaced my chain and cassette. The rest of my rig is in pretty decent condition, and I am pumped for what 2011 holds in store!

  • There are new trails to be explored, and old trails to be ridden again.
  • There are new people to meet and old friends to chase
  • There are goals to achieve and boundaries to push.
  • There are new bikes to ride and familiar ones to love.
  • There are new components to put through the grinder, and old ones to repair.
  • There are photos to take and videos to edit.
  • …and undoubtedly there are endless blog posts to write!

It is amazing how much of a difference an hour of sunlight can make!