Specialized and SRAM Pledge Financial Investments to Create Diversity in Cycling

Two of the industry's largest players, Specialized and SRAM, have pledged funding to support BIOPC athletes and cycling communities in the US.
Posted by Specialized Bicycles on June 1st.

Earlier this week a handful of mountain bike brands took to social media to share their support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and some let fans know where and how they will take steps to promote diversity in the bike industry. Two of the industry’s largest players, Specialized and SRAM, have since pledged specific amounts of funding to support BIOPC athletes and cycling communities in the US.

As one of our readers recently mentioned, money alone won’t create the cultural shifts that are necessary for people of color to feel more welcome and supported by cycling communities. This response from two of the largest players shows that parts of the industry are ready to work toward a change.

Specialized Bicycle Components

“Specialized has promised to invest $10M over the next three years to Outride, a public 501c3 nonprofit. Specialized founder Mike Sinyard first began funding Outride in 2012, under its previous name, The Specialized Foundation. Outride is a public nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of youth through cycling. Through our Primary Research, Riding for Focus cycling program, and Outride Fund grant giving activities, we provide evidence-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health.”

We are currently working to share the stories of recent Outride fund recipients in New Mexico and Nebraska, so look for those articles in the near future.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, bike component manufacturer SRAM shared a diversity action plan on their website, in addition to their minimum $100,000 commitment to diversity programs and BIPOC athletes.

The action plan, signed by SRAM CEO Ken Lousberg, outlines the brand’s initial steps.

  • We will expand our partnerships and better support Black athletes and ambassadors, even if they don’t ride our components. We will use our platform and resources to amplify the work these athletes and ambassadors are doing.
  • We will demonstrate that representation matters and ensure Black riders are part of our communications and outreach.
  • We will continue and improve our internal working groups, mentorship opportunities, and discussions to help us better understand racial inequality and be able to take actions that change practices, systems, and structures that lead to inequitable experiences and outcomes.
  • While we are committed to listening and continual learning, we also will increase our financial commitment to support people of color in cycling in excess of $100,000 USD over the next 12 months. Doing better is ongoing work. We won’t be finished next week, or next year. We’re in it for the long run. 

We acknowledge we still have a long way to go. We will: Listen. Learn. Take Action.

-Ken Lousberg, CEO, and the SRAM Senior Management Team

Singletracks will continue to share similar news as our communities and industry share ways they plan to help make cycling more inclusive.