Research: Serious mountain bikers have abnormal scrotums (!)

An aptly titled article from Health 24, “Mountain Biking Hurts Scrotum,” shows that serious mountain bikers (those that ride for an average of 2 hours per day, 6 days a week) generally show abnormalities in scrotum ultrasounds. And lest you think this is another one of those silly medical studies that is inconclusive or taken out of context, take a look at this statistic: of the 85 male mountain bikers tested, fully 94% showed some form of scrotum abnormality. Wow. I guess those 6% guys are feeling pretty lucky 😉

This study showed that road bikers didn’t experience nearly the same frequency of scrotum abnormality (only 48%) and researchers think the rough terrain associated with mountain biking may be producing the effect. The article goes on to mention that increased padding and shock absorption should be seriously considered for anyone who does a lot of mountain biking.

Of course previous studies have shown that cyclists of all types may experience cycling-related impotence due to increased pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Like anything else, I suppose moderation is the key but it brings up a key question that many have a difficult time answering: Which is better – mountain biking or sex?