Pro Drops New Handlebars, Stem, new Dropper Post Sizes, and an eMTB Specific Handlebar

Pro launches new mountain bike handlebars, stems, and dropper posts.

As frames continue to change and improve, the components we attach to them need to follow suit. Today Pro presents five new handlebars, a stem, and two new dropper post sizes to suit a wider variety of modern bikes and riders.

Pro Tharsis 3Five Carbon Handlebar

The latest carbon handlebar options in the Pro lineup include a Flat, Flat top, Minrise, and Highrise option. Each of the bars features a different width, back up, and up sweep appropriate for its intended use, and they all use a 35mm stem clamp diameter.

  • The Flat model is 720mm wide with 9° back sweep 0° up sweep, weighing 120 grams.
  • The Flat Top bar has a 5mm rise at 740mm width with 9° back sweep and 0° up sweep, and weighs a reported 125 grams.
  • The Minirise bar is 780mm wide with a 9° back sweep and 4° up sweep, weighing 180 grams.
  • The previously released 3Five Rise is 800mm wide with a 9° back sweep, a 4° upsweep, and a 20mm rise.
  • The new Highrise bar is identical to the Rise, except for the taller 30mm rise.

Check with you local Pro dealer for pricing and availability.

Pro Tharsis 3Five alloy stem

Pro also has a new stem to complete the control panel, with a 35mm clamp and +/-9° of drop or rise. The handlebar holder is made of 7050 forged alloy, and comes in lengths between 60 and 100mm for $100.

Tharsis Dropper Posts

The Pro Tharsis dropper post is now available in a 100mm length for gravel bikes and shorter travel bikes alike. Pro says that the posts’ oval shaft prevents side to side movement, while the two-bolt head design keeps things light at just 415 grams. This short travel dropper comes in 27.2, 30.9, and 31.6mm diameters. This new post retails for $330.

The brand also extended their trusty 150mm Koryak dropper to a 34.9 diameter to fit more frames. This thicker dropper retails for $300.

eMTB Handlebar

Finally, Pro has a shiny new eMTB handlebar that integrates the information display in a convenient location, at the center of the integrated stem and handlebar combo. The E-Performance handlebar communicates directly with the Shimano STEPS eMTB system to share all of the info you need during a ride.

The bar comes in an 800mm width, with an effective 49mm stem length due to the back sweep design. It also features a sloping 20mm rise, and an 11-degree back sweep. Check with your local Pro dealer for additional info and pricing.