Privateer E161 uses new Shimano Motor for a Smooth, Powerful E-enduro Bike

Privateer will have an "E" model of their 161 enduro bike.

The UK-based brand Privateer has been focusing on making affordable and durable bikes for the enduro racer. Today, just days after the EWS wrapped up its first EWS-E race in Switzerland, Privateer Bikes release the E161, an enduro-ready eMTB with Shimano’s all-new EP8 motor.

The E161 follows the Privateer 161 closely, using the same head and seat tube angles and reach. Privateer plans to implement the bike under their riders Matt Stuttard, Chloe Taylor, and Matt Simmonds.

The Shimano EP8 is quieter, more compact, and more powerful. It features a one-way clutch for smoother engagement, an 85Nm torque output, and weighs 2.6kg.

They say that Shimano was able to reduce drag in the motor by 36% and the improved clutch makes the motor more responsive and smoother. It is also said to operate with “little noise.” On the E161, Privateer utilized a 630Wh battery for a long battery life on the trail.

The Privateer E161 isn’t available for purchase yet. The brand says that they will release information on dates and build specs soon, but that it will be available as a complete bike only, with a target price of around £5,000/$6,682.