Polygon Releases Syncline Carbon, Di2 Hardtail in USA and 160mm Collosus N9 Trail Bike

The Syncline race hard tail

Polygon started in 1989 in Indonesia where their factory is still located. They have quite the following in Southeast Asia, but are looking to expand their presence globally, specifically within the US market.

To that end, they’ve started selling their bikes using the consumer-direct model à la Fezzari, Commencal, YT, and others. While they make bikes ranging from BMX to road to urban cruisers, they’ve chosen to focus on just MTB here in the States.

Polygon showed a new race hardtail at Sea Otter last weekend, the Syncline, that was just released in the US. This speed machine has a carbon frame, 27.5″ wheels, and the new Shimano XTR Di2 group. Like the Santa Cruz Highball I tested at the show, this is no do-it-all trail hard tail. It’s a race bike to the core.

The Collosus N9 from Polygon
The Collosus N9 from Polygon

Our own Erica Barnes had the chance to ride the Collosus T8 from Polygon recently at Outerbike and had a hard time giving it back at the end of the day.

The Collosus N9 pictured above is the big brother of the T8. At 140mm of travel front and rear, the T8 is more of an all-around trail bike, while the N9 sports 160mm of travel and a slacker head tube. The parts spec on the N9 is burlier with a stouter fork, shock, and wheels.

Aesthetically, the bike is polarizing, and Polygon is just fine with that. They wanted to make a bike that didn’t look like anything else out there. While looks are one thing, what really matters is how a bike rides. If Erica’s initial impressions are any indication, they ride pretty damn well. We’re working on getting a Polygon in for long-term testing, so be on the lookout for that.

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