Polar Has an Affordable new Multisport Watch to Track the Trails and Your Heart Rate

The Unite looks like a cool option for riders who want to record their ride and heart rate, without other confusing functions.

Cycling computers appear far less complicated today than the Vetta cubes that we strapped to our handlebars in the 80s and 90s. Gone are the days of bolting a magnet to a spoke and running a wire down the fork to read your somewhat-accurate current speed. I for one won’t miss that mess.

As cycling computers and multisport devices progress, all of the complex bits become invisible, and they not only display our speed, they record it along with heaps of other intriguing data. Polar has a new multisport watch out called Unite that allows mountain bikers to track their rides, watch their heart rate while training, and to pay closer attention to their sleep patterns for better recovery. It does all of that and a fair bit more for only $/€149.95 (available at Amazon.com) in a lightweight 32g package.

The new Unite watch is an affordable option for riders who want to record some basic training and ride tracking, without loads of alerts and features that they won’t have time for nor interest in. The watch will display your speed, ride time, and heart rate while recording your ride so you can upload it wherever you like.

If you enjoy swimming, or generally prefer to keep your watch on whenever it’s not charging, the Unite has a water resistance rating up to 30m — which Polar says is suitable for swimming. As for recharging it, the brand reports a 50 hour battery life in training mode, and four full days of use when the GPS and heart rate monitor are switched off.

Riders who are preparing for an event, or for general fitness, will appreciate the plethora of training and recovery features this watch holds in store. Between the watch and the Polar Flow data analysis app you can track sleep patterns to better understand your body’s recovery needs, record calorie expenditure for proper refueling, conduct fitness tests, and even get recommended exercises on schedule if that’s your jam. Finally, the Unite software includes a set of breathing exercises called Serene to help control stress. Who couldn’t use that?

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