Panzer Drops 3rd Generation MTB Tire Insert

Panzer rethinks their mountain bike tire insert, dropping weight, tweaking materials, and changing the shape.

The new Panzer EVO mountain bike tire inserts promise to cut weight and increase stiffness over the previous version. The brand says the new inserts are 15% lighter and introduce a new shape that should improve rim protection and also make the insert last longer.

Not only does the insert get a new profile shape, it also used a new material and adds an “internal reinforcement laminate” to make it even stiffer. The new shape is said to reduce overall volume by 20%, which means less weight but also more volume dedicated to air space within in tire, allowing the tire to do its job as designed.

Compared to the Panzer inserts we tested two years ago, the Panzer Evos weigh 25g less.

A bottle of Panzer tire sealant is included with each insert. Check local retailers for availability.