News: Hermosa Tours Announces New Tour From Salida to Durango, Colorado

Hermosa Tours has just announced a brand-new 10-day self-guided tour along the Colorado Trail from the town of Salida to the town of Durango. This section of the trail passes through some of the most beautiful scenery and along some of the best singletrack that the Colorado Trail has to offer.

Hermosa Tours Founder Matt McFee says the demand for this kind of trip is at an all time high. “We get scores of requests for a longer trip on the Colorado Trail each year,” says McFee. “This is something we’ve wanted to add for a few years and we’re unbelievably happy to finally see it come to fruition. We see this trip as a ‘bucket list’ trip for hundreds of riders for years to come.”

The self-guided concept is unique to Hermosa Tours. During this type of trip, Hermosa Tours will shuttle the participants from Durango to Salida, and from there riders will have to guide themselves along the route. However, Hermosa Tours provides map, and riders complete pre-determined stages each day. Hermosa Tours will then move all of the camp materials and food from point to point, essentially providing a supported experience so that riders will only have to carry their normal riding gear. Tour participants will be responsible for buying and cooking their own food, although Hermosa Tours will transport it and keep it cold.

For 2014, there is only one offering of this tour, and it’s limited to 12 participants. If you want to get in on this, you’ll have to act fast! Full details are available here: