We’re stoked to announce four new additions to the singletracks blog team for 2011!

dgaddis (Dustin) – North Augusta, SC

Dustin has been active on singletracks for a while now and we love the single speed perspective he brings to the team. Living in the Augusta area, Dustin has access to hundreds of miles of singletrack and the IMBA Epic FATS trail system which sorta makes us jealous. In addition to competing in races like the Snake Creek Gap Time Trial and the Fools Gold 50, Dustin is active in SORBA and helps organize local MTB races. Check out his recent article titled “My Arch Nemesis: The Ellusive Thurmond Epic.”

Luke_E (Luke) – Waterloo, WI

Luke is new to singletracks (he just signed up for an account after joining the team!) but he brings a wealth of MTB experience to his writing. We’ll let him explain:

Luke is a reformed engineer who realized the bike industry offered everything he wanted in life: lower paychecks, longer hours and plenty of time to immerse himself in anything and everything having to do with human-powered fun. He worked at Advanced Sports Inc. for over two years as a product manager for transportation and utility bikes, and had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Joe Breeze in bringing back Breezer mountain bikes for the first time since the 90s. Much of this involved trips to Europe and Asia allowing for rides in exotic locales like the hills of Taipei, the mountains outside of Zurich or the indescribable trails around Park City.

Last week we shared Luke’s article, Nothing but Time to Ride.

maddslacker (Corey) – Denver, CO

Corey is another top contributor here on singletracks and living in the Denver area allows him to stay connected to the Colorado MTB scene. Just five years ago Corey bought his first real mountain bike – a used Specialized Rockhopper – for $150 and has been hooked on riding ever since. These days he spends “as much time as (his) wife will allow” on the trail, riding all over Colorado and Moab, UT.

Goo (Greg) – Dahlonega, GA

Greg has been a singletracks member since 2008 and he was the first (and still only) member to receive “World Champ” designation with more than 5,000 contribution points. Living in North Georgia, Greg has access to some of the most challenging and scenic trails in the southeast and regularly scouts new MTB trails to share on singletracks. Greg is a member of the Airborne Bikes Flight Crew and also has his own blog at GregRidesTrails.com. Check out Greg’s 2010 guest posts about the Jackrabbit Trails in western NC.

Guest Contributors

In addition to our regular contributors, we’re also gearing up to share more guest posts from mountain bikers across the country. We’re stoked to share these new MTB perspectives with you in 2011 so please help us welcome our newest team members!

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  • Goo

    Sweet, I’m stoked to be part of the team! 2011 is going to be an awesome year on Singletracks.com!

  • AK_Dan

    Congrats to all!
    Im looking forward to the input from all of you, new and old alike.

  • ChiliPepper

    Hey, hey…..Fo sho, a big congrats to all the new team players!

    The only thing that I did notice that was incorrect was the “World Champ” contribution/ranking. The first member to reach that goal was member ‘ositoking’ a couple years ago. This changed when the new policies were changed here on Singletracks to the contribution point system. Members lost points due to this change which in turn caused member ‘ositoking’ to drop to “Epic” contribution ranking, while other members dropped points as well. Even then that ‘Goo’ was not the first and only member to reach this goal, congrats anyways for all the hard work he has done to be the second member to reach this contribution goal. Congrats ‘Goo’!

  • trek7k

    @ChiliPepper – you’re right, ositoking did reach World Champ before the point levels were changed.

  • Goo

    Thanks Chili!

    Yeah, we all lost points at that time, but if I remember correctly the standard for World Champ was raised from the old 2,000 point level to the new 5,000 point level, making it a much harder goal to achieve.

  • crashin_puma

    Congrats to the new team members! I look forward to reading your stories. It looks like you have a great team to work with.

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