Muc-Off Brings First Bike-Specific Pressure Washer to the States

Muc-Off brings their bike-specific pressure washer to the US.

Tired of scraping up quarters to use the pressure washer at the DIY car wash bays down the street? Honestly, who even has more than one or two quarters laying around anymore?

Muc-Off, the UK-based clean bike specialists, debuted the pressure washer in Europe and they are now ready in the US.

The pressure washer uses a 1200W carbon brush motor, which allows a flow rate of 6.4L per minute and a maximum pressure of 1450 PSI. The washer is encased in an impact resistant outer casing to endure knocks while traveling around.

The lances and gun unit are coated in a soft touch matte black finish to reduce the chance of damaging frame paint if it crosses swords with your frame, and the high-pressure hose has metal contact points for increased durability.

There are four different lances available with Muc-Off’s pressure washer. One is specifically for bikes, and safe for bearings and suspension. Another is a higher pressure lance for motorcycles, which Muc-Off says is still safe on bearing and suspension components.

There is also a bespoke adjustable-pressure lance for heavier-coated areas and a low-pressure, “snow foam” lance for working on delicate bits like brake levers or your most prized stickers.

Snow foam!

The washer comes with a custom dry bag carrying case that can be used to store the unit and lances. The whole package includes the washer and lances, as well as the snow foam lance and a bottle of wash and concentrate for $175. See more at Muc-Off’s website.