Looking to kill some time at work? 2 MTB sites to check out

Since you’re reading this blog you probably have a little time to kill and today I wanted to point out a couple interesting mountain bike sites you may have missed. The first is a timely recommendation: MTBCast.

MTBCast has been posting podcast coverage this month of the Great Divide Race, that crazy 2000+ mile mountain bike race through the Rockies from Canada to Mexico. Yesterday was Day 7 and you can download a free podcast recap of the day’s events. Unfortunately this isn’t the sort of race that will get mainstream media coverage, lucky for us MTBCast is on the scene!


The other cool site I just found a couple weeks ago is the Bikepedia. This site is chock full of official info and photos for virtually every bike ever made and they even have a listing for my bike, a 1999 Trek 7000 (though mine is ‘Dragonfly Green,’ not ‘Metal Flake Blue’ like the photo). I also found my first mountain bike, a Bridgestone MB-5 but sadly they didn’t have a photo of this bike. I’m not sure where these guys get all their info but it’s definitely a great resource.

By the way, if you want to read the latest posts on singletracks you can always check out the singletracks news feed with links to the newest trail reviews, photos, mountain bike reviews, maps, forum posts, etc. This blog is just a small part of what singletracks has to offer – explore the rest of the site today!

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