Introduction: My Journey West to Get Back East, in Haiku

Why would I leave Trek?
greatest bicycle making
company ever?

Wisconsin is where
cheeseheads eat brats and drink beer
but aint no mountains

The job was awesome
The perks were incredible
Epic local trails

But with my wife home
We both had adjustment pains
To the Midwest scene

Even a great job
In a place thats not for us
Doesnt make for joy

So: adventure time!
Ill start with frame building school
But flying there: lame

Driving there is cool
Cooler still: motorcycle
What about my bike?

No problem readers
You know Ive already built
A crackpot bike rack

Then riding it is
I look west from Madison
And pick riding spots

After one days ride
Ill be set to make camp near
Lincoln, Nebraska?!?

Platte River bike trail
Singletracks readers regard
As chock full of rad

After a rousing
Morning of mountain bike gnar
Its time to moto

9 hours road time
Arrive in Colorado
Fort Collins baby

Home to Niner Bikes
The New Belgium Brewery
And miles of rad trails

Ill take a rest day
Ride trails, drink beer, see some friends
And prep for day four

Wake up in FoCo
Ride to Park City, Utah
Camp in Jordanelle

Mid Mountain at dawn!
Trails shredded at Dealer Camp
Ill ride once again

Why mountain bike in
The dry forbidding desert
Of north Nevada?

The destination
Between Park City, Utah
And frame building school

Just happens to be
Winnemucca, Nevada
Ill ride Bloody Shins

Ashland, Oregon
Will be my home for two weeks
Frame building lessons

Sylvan paradise
Home of the famous bike school
Hello UBI

Weekend trip to shred
Trails through the gorgeous forest
Oakridge here I come

I’ll be posting articles as time, technology and internet access allow. To get a day to day report on the ride, the trails, my hair and other thrilling news please follow my Tumblr over here.