Ibis Updates the 27.5″ Mojo for 2021

Ibis updates the Mojo for 2021, with improved geometry and suspension kinematics.
Photos: Ibis

Ibis has a new version of the Mojo, and it’s a 130/140mm trail bike, made for 27.5-inch wheels.

The new Mojo V4 got a major geometry update. The seat tube angle has a 76.6° seat tube angle, with a 65.4° head tube angle, and 425mm chainstays across the board. The Mojo has 440, 460, 485, and 515mm of reach across its four sizes, S-XL. The geo suggests that the Mojo V4 strikes a balance between stable at speed and playful and easy to throw around. The Mojo is also designed around a 37mm offset fork.

The Mojo of course has a DW-Link, like any other full-suspension Ibis. The bike has Ibis’ Traction Tune, with extra-light, high-speed and rebound damping. Ibis says that “Trac­tion Tune allows the Mojo to track like a big bike with­out com­pro­mis­ing crisp ped­al­ing per­for­mance.”

Frame features on the Mojo include enough room for a water bottle inside the frame, there is clearance for a 2.6″ wide tire in the rear, internal cable routing, and a polycarbonate downtube protector.

Ibis has the frame only MSRP at $3,000. A Shimano Deore build is $4,500, and there are Shimano SLX and XT builds, along with a SRAM GX build. Builds top out at $10,700 with the SRAM AXS equipped Mojo.

See more information at the Ibis website.