Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet Review

The all-new Giro Feature is a helmet that is sure to get quite a few riders excited about buying a new lid!

The Feature is designed specifically for the long-travel rider. If you’re somebody who rides hard and needs a bit more coverage than the average XC helmet provides, this is it.

I would describe this helmet as a hybrid design: if you were to mix certain elements of the Xen with elements of the Flak you would get something close to the Feature. As we riders have evolved along with bikes and their expanded capabilities, so has the helmet.


Unlike the Xen or the Xar which are both pretty open in design, the Feature has only 12 strategically-placed vents which are linked via internal channels to ensure that heat escapes while still offering plenty of coverage.

This helmet is constructed with a polycarbonate shell and an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) liner bonded beneath it. Add to that a decent set of pads and you’re getting a safe but comfortable lid.

The moto-style visor removes easily if you decide you don’t need it or if it becomes an obstruction. Unlike some helmets, the Feature looks equally swank with or without the visor.

Speaking of the interior of the helmet, in the photo above you can see the channeling that allows for air flow from the front to the back.The Feature is available in three sizes to fit a wide range of head sizes.

The MSRP on the Feature is pegged at $75, which is about mid-range for helmets. To keep the cost down but quality and durability up, Giro is using their In-Form fit system. In-Form is a one-dial system that allows you to snug up the helmet even with gloves on. In-Form is a slight departure from the Roc-Loc system as it stays hidden within the helmet rather than sitting below.

Seven massive rear-facing vents make up the heat management system of the Feature.

On the Trail

So how did the Feature feel? Well, as much as I love my current gear, I gotta say that for the money this lid will be hard to beat.

For one thing, the helmet looks great in all the colors it comes in (highlight yellow, deep teal, and clear). Featuring simple monotone colors with subtle graphics, the Feature is perfect for adding your own decorations (yes, I am a Monster fiend).

As far as fit and comfort, I found the Feature runs a bit on the warmer side of things. Even with the venting, while riding indoors at Joyride 150 I did start to break a sweat early in my ride.With that in mind, the front pad dida great job at preventing sweat from rolling down my face by channeling it off to the sides instead.While riding outdoors it wasn’t an issue on the cooler days. In fact, I preferred it over a more open helmet.

When talking about helmets, fit is absolutely key. For my head style (oval shape when looking from above), the Feature was a perfect match. Getting a snug fit was a simple matter of setting the chin strap and clicking the dial a few times.

I mostly use the Feature for aggressive trail riding and playing around on my DJ bike. I personally liked the fit and the extra material compared to say a Xar / Xen style helmet, just because when riding more aggressively the chances of hitting your head are that much higher. The feeling of having more material wrapped around my head does wonders for my peace of mind.

Bottom Line

Yes, I love it! I think for the $75 price tag you’re getting a lot of features that you would normally only find on a higher-priced helmet. You’re getting protection, good fit, adjustment, and in my opinion, good looks.

Available now so try one on yourself. If it suits your head style, I think you might fall in love with it as well.

Many thanks to Giro for sending the Feature out for review!