BLM Approves Plans for 28 miles of New Trails in Colorado

The Grand Hogback area will eventually see 18 miles of new singletrack, while the New Castle area will gain 10 miles of trails.
File photo.

The Rifle (Colorado) Area Mountain Bike Organization, Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association, and others have been working with the BLM for two years to get new trails approved in the area, and last month they finally got the go-ahead.

The agreement allows the Grand Hogback Trail network to move forward with construction of 18 miles of new singletrack trails while adding class 1 e-bike access to some existing trails according to the The Citizen Telegram.

In addition, plans for 10 miles of new trails in the New Castle area were approved. Following a 30-day waiting period, construction is slated to begin this summer.