New BikeFlights Reusable Shipping Box to Keep Bikes Safer in Transit

It looks like letting the air out of the suspension and tires first helps things fit better.

BikeFlights has a new reusable shipping box that comes in two sizes, with loads of straps and spacers to keep bikes safe during transit. The cardboard box is collapsable and is said to offer many of the benefits of a traditional bike shipping bag while reducing waste and minimizing costs. Once assembled, the packaging for the box becomes part of its structure, further reducing waste.

Dimensions for a fully assembled size-large box are 62 x 13 x 33”, and the size medium spans 45 x 13x 29”.  The size large boxes will retail for $149.95, and medium containers go for $119.95. Both arrive via free two-day shipping within the lower-48 states.

Check out the BikeFlights site for further details.

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