A Visit to Ray’s Milwaukee: 20 Observations of Rad

A view from above: a small section of the action

Things I learned during my visit to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

1. The amount of rad that can be purchased for $25 approaches infinity.

2. There is an entire generation of riders (maybe two generations) that look way cooler than me.

3. Riders half my age get two times the air.

4. Riders a third of my age have about three times the skillz.

The girl nailing the double teeter totters couldn’t have been older than 10.

5. There were a ton of riders at the park that were a third my age. Kinda sad, also pretty rad.

6. Moms can shred too, and they were doing so.

7. Never underestimate the beginner section: serious fun and skill-building can be had there.

Beginner section to build skills, warm up, or get it on trials-style.

8. There exists a surprising number of dudes who are secure enough in their masculinity to rock rented pink helmets (see above).

9. The guy on the rented bike with his iPod earphones in is probably more concerned with the perfect track to shred to than the safety of the guy behind him. Take heed…

10. That being said, no one had a bad attitude during my 5 hour visit. All was patience and positivity for the beginners all the way through the pros.

11. Regarding gears in this setting: you only need one. I was on a Trek GFC Rig (single speed hardtail 29er) and I was never wanting for a different ratio.

12. Things that are inspiring: little groms.

13. Mountain bike bar ends are a catastrophe waiting to happen. Please leave them in the 90s where they belong

14. He/she with the most Matchy-Matcherson kit will spend the most time posing and fiddling with their purple knee pads and the least time actually riding bikes.

15. You will never ride lighter than a day at the park: no need to carry water, tools, tubes and it’s indoor so shorts and short sleeve shirt are all you need. Makes for maximum shredding capability and highest air.

16. The amount of makeup you wore to ride the park is inversely proportional to the likelihood of you cleaning the teeter totter. This goes for both sexes, I’m serious. Kids these days…

17. The ride to the park is all anticipation and getting amped with the right tunes. The ride home is full of stiffness and thoughts of what plans you may be canceling tomorrow. At least for old guys like me.

Getting close. Cue the perfect 5 tracks to get pumped.

18. I need new gloves; my hands got shredded from shredding.

19. I want to meet the guy who was dressed in the flying squirrel costume killing it on the big jump section. I couldn’t snag a photo of him, he moved too quickly. If anyone knows this dude let me know, he was awesome.

20. All the details are on the website or in the photo below. If you’re within driving distance of Milwaukee or Ray’s original location in Cleveland you owe it to yourself to get there during what’s left of the winter. It was such a treat to grab handfuls of gnar while the snow fell outside.

That about sums up Ray’s. Get there, build skills and fitness, be ready to dominate the spring!

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