$270 Flowtron Dropper Post from FSA Includes an Excellent Remote

The Flowtron dropper seat post from FSA features 125mm or 150mm of travel and a paddle-style remote, all for a reasonable price.

FSA just released a dropper post earlier this year but due to issues with that first post, they’ve quickly launched a new-and-improved version, dubbed the “Flowtron.” What appears on the surface to be a high-quality dropper post, the Flowtron retails for hundreds of dollars less than some competing posts, at $270.

Despite this relatively low price point, the Flowtron comes with stealth routing and an underbar remote with a large thumb paddle for use with 1x drivetrain systems. The remote features an adjustable actuator spring, “which enables the rider to adjust how firm or light they want the lever actuation to feel,” according to FSA.

Those with 2x or 3x drivetrains are out of luck, as this is the only remote offered.

The Flowtron will be available in 125mm and 150mm travel lengths, supporting both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, with overall post lengths of 421mm and 446mm. Claimed weight for the 125mm post in the 30.9mm diameter is 595g.