The Singletracks Co-op program rewards members for adding product and trail reviews, photos, videos, and maps. Members who earn 30 points within a 1-year period will unlock access to our entire topo map catalog and other premium features. Check your member dashboard using the “My Account” dropdown menu at the top right on the website to check your progress at any time. More info about the program here.

Our mission has always been simple: to maintain–with your help–the most comprehensive source of mountain bike trail information in the world. Millions of mountain bikers rely on Singletracks annually to help them find new trails, yet less than 15% of our registered members have ever added a single review or photo. Add in visitors who haven’t registered for an account, and we’re talking less than 1% of Singletracks visitors who contribute.

For those who aren’t able to contribute to the community, we’ll continue to offer paid subscriptions with instant access to premium features, including topo maps. But at the end of the day, photos and reviews are much more lasting, and we want to reward those who help us fulfill our mission to document mountain bike trails all over the world.

So what’s stopping you? Add your summer trail pics and review the trails you’ve ridden to unlock everything Singletracks has to offer!

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  • fleetwood

    Still not seeing it. Anyway else having issues? Perhaps it is just user error…

    • mtbgreg1

      fleetwood, it’s showing up in a test profile I created, so perhaps it’s not displaying for you since you already have pro access.

      Regardless, there’s a brand-new dashboard in the works that will make your subscription level very obvious, so you’ll definitely know. But shh, you didn’t hear that from me! 😉

    • fleetwood

      Hmmm, I am a pro and didn’t know. Seriously though, that must be a mistake. I have not subscribed for pro access and when I click on a topo map it gives me subscription options. No worries though. I see one thing now that isn’t displaying on my dashboard. Perhaps that is it and my work filter is preventing it from displaying for some reason. I’ll check from home.

  • Bubblehead10MM

    Very cool, and any one can really get there, with just a smart phone, but I wish you’d keep out on the DL 😉 I’m the most stoked when I can get to trail with no picks or track and do it all myself. Yep,… Pretty much a points hound.

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