Après Bike Gear for Mountain Bikers

Check out these picks to keep those post-ride beverages at hand as well as some layers and accessories to reach for when your ride is done.

Do you have a post-ride ritual? Most of you said cold beverages are involved. Read on for our picks to keep those beverages at hand as well as some layers and accessories to reach for when your ride is done.

Mcleod Tool

$57.99 | $35.99 sale

After the riding is done, it’s time for the re-building and re-shaping to begin. The Mcleod is a versatile tool for keeping your backyard course in perfect shape. The rake side works well for clearing debris and loosening the soil while the blade side can be used for precision bench cuts. The flat bottom end for tamping completes this trail tool trifecta!

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Singletracks Hat


Helmet head is real. Throw the Singletracks hat on after the ride to tame that vent-dented hairdo.

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Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel


Bike shoes, socks, jerseys, and shorts tend to get a little stinky after a ride. Ok, that’s an understatement. They get a lot stinky, and wet, and dirty. The Thule RoundTrip Bike Duffel has vented outer compartments that are sealed from the rest of the bag for stashing rank gear on the drive back from the trailhead.

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RovR RollR 45 Cooler


Keep a weekend’s worth of food and drinks cold and secure. Even with a 60-can capacity, you’ll probably drink all those drinks before any ice has a chance to melt. Big 9″ rubber tires can roll through nearly any terrain and if you have a ways to go, hook up the RovR to your bike with an BikR attachment (sold separately) that is easily installed on your rear wheel’s axle.

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CamelBak MultiBev

$49.95 | $36.99 sale

This eco friendly 2-in-1 bottle keeps things compact when you’re on the go. The main insulated stainless steel compartment keeps all 22oz of your favorite beverage hot throughout the day. Easily pour it into the included detachable 16oz cup. The simplistic robust sustainable design is my favorite thing about this bottle!

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Velocio RECON Collection

from $119.00

The RECON line of clothing is athleisure at it’s finest. The versatile and casual pieces includes mens and womens jackets, vests, hoodies and pants. The merino-wool blended fabric of the RECON hoodie keeps you warm pre-, post-, and sans ride. In typical Velocio fashion, the Italian-made hoodie is slim-fitting with room to wear a light layer underneath but more importantly, stretches so you can move freely.

Ladies will find the RECON legging a major upgrade to most yoga pants. As someone who wears leggings daily (official WFM attire), these leggings are noticeably compressive, just enough to make you want to move — think more Vinyasa yoga rather than yin. The high waist is forgiving so you can feel compression through your hips and legs without being squeezed uncomfortably through your middle. The dual-knit fabric is a little too thick for sweaty cardio sessions but ideal for cooler temp rides and runs.

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Tifosi Optics Smoove Sunglasses


These affordable sunglasses from Tifosi work well on fully-exposed faster rides and are a good-looking shades for pre- or post-ride. Four different color styles are available as well as a polarized lens option for around $50.

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Pearl Izumi Elevate Insulated AmFIB Jacket


The new Elevate Insulated AmFIB looks like a cozy, casual top but it’s actually a pretty high tech garment. Pearl Izumi starts with a recycled polyester outer layer treated with a water-repellant finish. Inside, the jacket features 100g Primaloft Gold insulation that’s strategically placed to optimize movement on the bike and to keep temperatures regulated. And the high neck does the trick to keep cold wind from rushing inside. Despite all the cold weather touches, the jacket isn’t bulky at all, with a nice form fit.

It’s still early in the season, but so far the Elevate Insulated AmFIB jacket isn’t too hot, too cold, too bulky, or too anything really, even in sub-freezing temperatures. A women’s version is also available.

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Oskar Blues Beer

According to a recent survey, more mountain bikers choose to reward themselves after a long, tough ride with a cold adult beverage than with anything else. There are countless local craft breweries making delicious beer, and one of our favorite beer brands (which just so happens to be available pretty much everywhere) is Oscar Blues. Dale’s is always a popular one to share, but all the others are wonderful too. Pro tip: wait to enjoy an Old Chub or G’Knight until you’re sitting somewhere comfortable, because you may not want to get up afterward.

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Photo: Wahoo Fitness



The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL is great for analyzing your workout after the ride, but fitness doesn’t stop the moment you step off the bike. This is a wrist-based GPS you can wear 24/7 — even in the shower — to track important vitals like heart rate and steps taken during the day. And because it’s strapped to your body, you’ll never forget to bring it along on the next ride.

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Vega Nutrition Protein and Greens


Weekend warriors to competitive racers need to fuel their bodies like any other athletes. Upping your intake of plant-based proteins is a good way to help your muscles recover from hard rides and strength sessions. If you’re vegan or vegatarian, you’re likely getting your daily dose of green veggies but if you’re like the rest of us who passed on the green bean casserole this Thanksgiving, a sneaky serving of greens could be what your diet is missing. It’s simple to mix in Vega protein and greens powder into a soy or almond milk, a fruit smoothie, or even water. One serving has a whopping 20g of protein and you’ll hardly even notice the spinach and kale.

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Cotopaxi Bataan Fanny Pack


The Cotopaxi Bataan is a one of a kind hip pack made of remnant nylon fabrics. Each Bataan pack–and all the backpacks and bags of the Cotopaxi Del Dia Collection–comes together with a modern patchwork style that is uniquely crafted by workers in the Phillipines who choose the fabric colors, threads and other components. While this fanny pack is not designed intentionally for mountain biking, its sufficient for carrying a phone and a few essentials on casual rides, plus it’s just plain handy for everyday use.

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Mountain Hardwear Monkey Woman 2 Pants


Don’t stay cooped up inside this winter, put your big monkey? pants on and get outside. Wearing these fleece pants apres-ride or on a lazy Sunday morning feels like you have a soft, warm blanky on. They are not the most flattering pants, especially on a petite frame, but you’ll be plenty warm for those socially distanced meetups or if we’re honest, laid out on the couch watching The Mandalorian on Friday nights.

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Fox Racing Tailgate Cover


Alexa, give me a ride to the top of the mountain.” If your name is Alexa and you drive a pick up truck, you need this handy pad because five of your friends need a lift.

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GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker Pro


Don’t let lack of a tailgate be the reason you miss out on the next post-ride tailgate. A foldable camp chair is way more comfortable than sitting on the pavement or car bumper and the Kickback Rocker Pro kicks up the comfort factor with rocking capability. The rocking motion is smooth and relaxing, you won’t want to get up! The suspension is surely a head turner, and I’m not talking about your Fox 36.

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