10 Most Popular Mountain Bike Articles of 2017

The 10 most popular mountain biking articles published on Singletracks.com in 2017 highlight the spectrum of our sport--humor, gear, inspiration, and the darker side of trail conflicts.

Photo: Aaron Dodds/Keystone

2017 has proven to be a tumultuous year, both in politics and in the world of mountain biking. Many of us look to this sport as a means of escaping the troubles of the world, yet some of those very troubles followed us out onto the trails this year. The most popular mountain bike stories of 2017 reflect some of the unfortunate spillover.

All the same, the sport of mountain biking proves to be a haven for those who embrace it–a way to blow off steam, to reconnect with what’s important and meaningful in life, to live a life that’s full of richness and depth.

Or it could just be something fun we do to entertain ourselves in our free time.

Whatever your approach to the broad sport of mountain biking, at least one of our 10 most popular articles of the year should pique your interest!

10. How To Become a Bro-Brah Mountain Biker in 25 Easy Steps

Photo: Chris Daniels

Doom and gloom talk aside, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, as Chris’s entertaining how-to illustrates. In just 25 easy steps you too can become a bro-brah mountain biker!

9. 10 Mountain Biking Trail Fouls

While Michael brought humor to the equation as he analyzed common “trail fouls,” some of these meme-borne critiques might just strike a little close to home.

8. It’s OK that You’re Slow

Photo: Roger Phillips

We all can’t be fast… but that’s ok! Roger’s embrace of slow mountain biking resonated with you, our readers, garnering over 9,000 social shares–the second highest number of the year.

7. The 10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Mountain Bikers

Photo: utah.edu

When I set out to write this article, I thought to myself: “what kind of guide would I have wanted as a senior in high school looking at colleges?” The result: a bigger emphasis on dirt than academics.

6. Trail Runner Assaults Mountain Biker in Denver Area

Photo used with permission from DrunkCyclist.com.

We hate it when frustration and anger are made manifest on the trails. This is a harrowing first-person account of a mountain biker who was alleged assaulted by a trail runner.

5. Top 10 Enduro and All-Mountain Bikes of 2017, According to Singletracks Readers

Our readers have spoken, and these are their top 10 favorite enduro bikes of the year!

4. Stop Asking for Easy: A Manifesto for Doing Hard Things Voluntarily

Marcel Hagener and Simone Maier, Red Bull Defiance Adventure Race, New Zealand. Photo: Graeme Murray/Red Bull Content Pool

The American lifestyle has created a culture that glorifies comfort. We ask, “what’s the easiest way to get what I want? How can I avoid pain and discomfort?” In this manifesto, I call for a change in perspective. Instead of running from adversity, we should embrace it, choosing to do hard things voluntarily.

This manifesto resonated deeply with our readers, collecting 9,125 social shares — the most shared Singletracks article of the year.

3. The Top-Rated Trail Bikes of 2017, According to Singletracks Readers

Trail bikes are hands-down the most popular subset of the mountain bike market today, as evidenced by this ultra-popular roundup article.

2. The 9 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in the World

We always talk about how expensive mountain bikes are, but earlier this year I wondered to myself: “What’s the most expensive mountain bike in the world?” So I decided to find out.

1. Reports of a Mountain Biker Clotheslined by a Barbed Wire Booby Trap Met with Suspicion from Local Alberta Riders

Photo: Stelios Psaroudakis’s GoFundMe page.

You can’t make this stuff up. First, an Alberta man claims to have been clotheslined by a barbed wire booby trap on a mountain bike trail–which isn’t an absurd claim, given that several similar cases were reported this year. But then his story began to fall apart, with online commenters slowly disassembling and fact-checking his story. He was subsequently charged with fraud, with a warrant issued for his arrest. Last we’ve heard, he’s fled Canada.

Bonus: 5 Most Popular Mountain Bike Videos of 2017

In addition to sharing original feature articles, news stories, reviews, and more, we routinely reshare the most engaging mountain bike videos from across the internet. Here are the 5 most popular mountain bike videos shared on Singletracks this year, for your viewing pleasure.

5. 103 MPH on a Mountain Bike: New World Record!

4. Watch Snoop Dogg Watch a Mountain Bike Video

3. “The most important MTB film you’ll see this season”

2. Mountain Bike Flies Off Car During High-Speed Pass

1. Bear Charges Mountain Biker at Slovakian Bikepark

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