Unanswered Questions

5/26/2020Truvativ E300Is this crank riveted together or bolted?
5/23/2020Schwinn S-15price?
5/21/2020Trek 990Is what good? At 5'2" you will need a 13"/14" frame.
5/21/2020Trek 800 SportHow to shift chain into 3rd gear
5/20/2020Trek 990is this good for someone 5'2"?
5/20/2020Trek 800 Sporthowtoworkthegears
5/15/2020Schwinn Mesaweight
5/15/2020Haro Flightline 29er Sporthow much travel does this bike have?
5/11/2020Diamondback SorrentoHow do I raise the handlebars
5/10/2020Mongoose DXR AluminumDoes tire have inner tube
5/10/2020Trek 830 Aluminumdoes it have a user manual
5/10/2020Trek 830 Aluminumdoes it have a user manual
5/9/2020Trek 3900 DiscHow much does it weigh
5/6/2020Genesis GS29What is the frame made of
5/6/2020Shimano Altus EF51,what is the best 3x7 combo for linear brake system
5/5/2020Trek 4500how many speeds
5/5/2020Trek 4500how many speeds
5/4/2020Gravity Bullseye MonsterHow much weight can one of these take?
5/4/2020Gravity Bullseye MonsterHow much weight can one of these take?
5/3/2020Trek 6500what size are the headset bearings
5/2/2020Trek 820Can I adjust the handlebars on this bike?
4/27/2020Cateye Cat Eye Velo 9Does this bike computer work good with a mountain bike?
4/26/2020Diamondback RecoilWhat is the price
4/26/2020Surly ECRI have two questions, do fat tires slow you down (and make noise) and is the provided gear range wide enough to accomodate down hill ride on pavement?
4/25/2020Trek 4300What is the price
4/20/2020Salsa Fargo by the looks of things the frame naturally lends itself to a more upright position???..would owners agree..I really need to be upright and I don't want to use all kinds of crazy extensions on the front end...what do ya think
4/19/2020Mongoose Blackcombwhat is the price
4/18/2020Iron Horse Sinister 6.1what year is this bike
4/18/2020Bontrager Line Elite 30What's length ERD ?
4/16/2020Titan FusionIs it good for racing
4/16/2020Reid HerculesHow much does it weight
4/15/2020Giant Liv Tempt 3 2017how much does the bike weigh
4/14/2020Diamondback RecoilHow tall should I be to ride it
4/14/2020Diamondback RecoilHow tall should I be to ride it
4/13/2020Trek 4900pump for air
4/13/2020Specialized Fuse Comp 6FattieWeight
4/13/2020Rocky Mountain Blizzard -10weight
4/12/2020Scott Spark 50 size of tires
4/11/2020Schwinn Mesa19" 24 speed disc brakes value?
4/11/2020Diamondback Outlookframe material
4/8/2020Tektro Tektro M280 Mechanical Discwhat brand/model pads does Tektro M280 Mechanical Disc Brake use?
4/7/2020Eastern Mad Dogweight
4/7/2020Scott Aspect 910what are the gear and derailer components
4/1/2020Giant ATX 760How do you put air in tires
4/1/2020Fezzari Nebo PeakWhat is the weight of this bike
3/31/2020Trek 800 SportHow much is it
3/30/2020Maxxis Flyweight MTB TubeI'm looking to replace the tube on a Maxxis Sphinx tire. Will this be a good replacement?
3/30/2020Giant ATX 760what size inner tube
3/27/2020Cannondale Prophetlast year of production?
3/23/2020Dnm DV-22 Rear shockHow to install
3/21/2020Giant Roam 2IS this good for wheelies
3/19/2020Trek 4500size chart for 4500
3/18/2020Iron Horse MKIII CompIs a good bike?
3/17/2020SRAM X7 Rear DerailleurAre they easy to break
3/16/2020Clean-Rite Purple Powercan it be used to wash a truck exterior?
3/16/2020Nishiki Manitobawhat is the material of the frame?
3/15/2020Shimano Shimano BR-M315, hydraulic disc, resin pads, 160mm rotorhow do the shimano m315 hydraulic brakes compare to MT200?
3/13/2020Genesis V-2100what upgrades would you do ??
3/11/2020Opus Prime 3.0 29erprice?
3/8/2020K2 Attack 1.0should i buy one used for around $250-$280 or is that to high?
3/8/2020K2 Attack 1.0Should i buy one used for around 250-280?
3/8/2020Sr Suntour XCTprice???
3/8/2020Scott Reflex 20List all components of Scott reflex 20
3/7/2020KHS 4 Season 300weight
3/7/2020KHS 4 Season 300what is the weight
3/5/2020Gary Fisher MambaWHATS THE RETAIL COST OF
3/4/2020Cannondale Rush SL 5zwhat material is the frame
3/4/2020Genesis GS29What medal is it?
3/2/2020Access Chinook Charliewhat size dropper post would I put on my Chinook?
2/29/2020GT HelionHow much does it weigh
2/29/2020Sr Suntour XCTare they air shocks
2/28/2020Malvern Star SWITCH 27-7What is the price
2/27/2020Motobecane Motobecane HAL Boost TeamWhat kind of bashguard and chain stay does this bike take?
2/27/2020Mongoose MONGOOSE XR-PRODoes anyone have the frame geometry for this bike?
2/26/2020Novara Tupelo 27.5how much did this novara mountain bike sell for
2/26/2020Specialized Myka Sport Disc 26how much does it weigh?
2/22/2020Schwinn Searcher GShow much the price?
2/19/2020Sr Suntour XCMSR SUNTOUR XCM MERIDA - Question: what size disc brakes are fitted on this bike
2/18/2020Trek 4500Is Trek 4500 men's or women's bike?
2/17/2020Trek 950How do I adjust handleba
2/10/2020Trek Trek Farley 9.6How much does it weigh
2/7/2020Genesis Sabre V2600Whats the retail ptoce
2/1/2020Iron Horse Sinister 6.5How much used?
1/27/2020Litespeed Cohutta-Tiwhat bottom bracket does this bike use
1/23/2020Co-motion Mochawhat does it weight ?
1/10/2020Bontrager TurboChargerwhy does my pump leak air out of tube?
1/10/2020Charge Cooker 5Hanger type
1/2/2020Nishiki Nishiki Colorado 29erMax weight
12/31/2019Trek Fuel EX 9What year was the fuel 9 made
12/30/2019Sr Suntour XCMYes it is.
12/28/2019Lapierre XR 929weight
12/28/2019Trails Illustrated National Geographic Massanuten and Great North MountainDo they make one for Northeast Ohio
12/27/2019Topeak Mono CageDose it come with a bottle
12/18/2019Cannondale Cannondale Catalyst 4Weight
12/18/2019Azonic Avengerwhat is the size of the bushing for the top shock bolt?
12/9/2019Finish Line Max Suspension Sprayhow much is this
12/6/2019K2 Zed 4.4List $649 per Amazon
12/4/2019Ascent Adjustable Magnetic TrainerIs there a manual?
11/27/2019Leader LD-516HWhat is the tapered head upper and lower I.D.s ?
11/26/2019Trek 3700How much is this
11/26/2019Ozone Ozone 500Is this an ok bike to get for your first bike. I'm aware it is very cheap and not the best quality, but can it last a good year or two with casual riding around my neighborhood?
11/26/2019Sr Suntour XCMIs it a coil shock
11/26/2019Trek Marlin 7price
11/25/2019Nishiki Men's Colorado Comp 1X 27.5 Mountain BikeWhat mm are the forks on this bike
11/24/2019Specialized SXwhere to purchase this set up?
11/24/2019Schwinn S60 DSXWHAT YEAR IT WAS MADE
11/22/2019Maxxis ArdentDoes this tire perform well on loose trails?
11/20/2019GT Aggressor 3.0how many speeds
11/16/2019Giant Anthem X 29er 1about weight ?
11/16/2019Trek 800 SportIs this a bike for someone weighting 200
11/16/2019Specialized RockhopperIs this bike good for all around
11/14/2019Gravity 29er Single Speed Mountain BikeCAN ISTAL SUNTOUR FORK IN THIS BIKE
11/12/2019Endura MT500 OvershoeI need an overshoe for sneakers, size 12..., riding flat pedals. Will these cover large shoes?
11/11/2019Schwinn TaffWhats part number for derailer
11/9/2019Nishiki Men's Colorado Comp 1X 27.5 Mountain BikeWhat the tyre dimensions
11/2/2019Orbea MX 29 30price
11/1/2019Bontrager AT-650Is it tubeless ready?
10/30/2019Cannondale F7is this a trail bike
10/29/2019Sr Suntour XCMyes
10/29/2019Felt JumpshotAnyone willing to sell theirs?
10/28/2019Trek 2019 Trek Marlin 7Can you hit big jumps with the bike.
10/27/2019Giant Pistol 1what is the frame made of
10/23/2019Terrene Waziawhats the best for sand
10/23/2019Fox Head Fox Head Launch Knee/Shin Guardshow does the sizing run?
10/18/2019Trek Precaliber 24how heavy is it
10/16/2019Sr Suntour XCMwhat does the XCM weigh? Thanks in advance.
10/16/2019Firefox Firefox Maximus 29erDweight
10/16/2019Schwalbe Rapid RobI have a set of Rapid Rob tires, I got a flat and wanted to replace the tube. I can not get that tire off the rim no matter what. I've removed many tires off of rims in my 33 years of riding bikes. I don't want to destroy the rim with screwdrivers, etc. Anybody else had this problem?
10/8/2019CST Rock Hawkweight
10/8/2019GT AvalancheHow much it weighs
10/6/2019Northrock XC29How much are the most exspensive
10/5/2019Cannondale F7price
10/5/2019Fuji Juji SaratogaWho took over fuji
10/5/2019Iron Horse Sinister 6.5what size wheels does it have ?
10/4/2019MET ParachuteDoes this helmet come with a removable chin guard
10/3/2019Race Face Narrow Wide Chainring1x12
10/2/2019Cannondale F7carbon aluminum mix
9/30/2019Giant XTCxtc bike price
9/29/2019 Simple Greencan I use simple green in the kitchen
9/29/2019Suntour Suntour SP12-NCXI have read that the seatpost puts the seat too far back.
9/26/2019Chris King Bottom BracketWill it fit a Trek Roscoe 7 2020?
9/23/2019Specialized Pitch 650bhow many gears
9/20/2019Merida Big.Seven 500What is the biggest tire can fit in merida 500 27.5 large frame
9/19/2019KHS KHS Tempeweight
9/19/2019Gravity Bullseye MonsterIS this a good bike for a 300 lbs rider
9/17/2019Motobecane Motobecane 529 HTweight
9/14/2019Shimano XTR 970 Rapid Rise RearWill it work for a 8 speed
9/13/2019Giant Rinconhow do youraise the handle bars
9/10/2019Scott Aspect 720 Bikehow much
9/10/2019Specialized StreetstomperHow much is it worth?.
9/9/2019Mondraker Ventura Sport 29erwhat is the prices of the bike
9/9/2019Rocky Mountain HammerHow many inches is the wheels?
9/9/2019Gary Fisher Fat Possum LXprice
9/8/2019Genesis RCThow much does it weigh
8/29/2019SixSixOne Vapor Pressure SuitHas anyone went down HARD on the shoulder with this system? I'm rehabbing a shoulder rebuild at age 52 and can't afford this severe of injury in the future. I need proven gear.
8/28/2019Haro FLIGHTLINE MONSTER ENERGY EDITIONI have the exact same one. Is there a prime value? It rides excellent too.
8/24/2019Malvern Star SWITCH 29-7purchase price
8/24/2019Giant Fathom 2 27.5weight
8/23/2019Bontrager ChargerPump not working can I service it?
8/23/2019Giant XTC Composite 29er 2weight
8/22/2019Lapierre Zesty Trail 729Do you know what fork offset is on this bike ?
8/22/2019Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSwhat is c post
8/21/2019Marin Rock Spring 1Hi- What is the built-up weight of this bike?
8/20/2019Schwinn Aluminum CompI have to agree, I tried this bike on a itermidate trail. Not a MTB at all, it does say not to use off road. Use at your own risk. So happy I did not seriously injury myself on this bike.
8/18/2019Fox Racing Shox Float RP23Fox float rp23 price
8/18/2019Scott Spark 750 Bikeseatpost diameter
8/17/2019Schwinn Schwinn S25 Dual Suspension Mountain Bikehow big is this bike is it more like mountain bike or the size of bmx bike
8/16/2019Radon Swoop 175 8.0what dropout size is the back wheel
8/14/2019Diamondback Response Sportprice?
8/12/2019Sunlite SunLite 26x1.95/2.125 Schrader Valve Bicycle Tubeair pressure
8/10/2019Trek X-Caliber 4caliber 4 Trek Mountain bike 2014, how many gears
8/10/2019Trek Incite 6iSame question....how the hell do you turn this thing off?
8/7/2019Fox Evolution 32 Float CTDHow many series in it
8/7/2019K2 Zed 4.4how much did the bike cost new in 2005
8/3/2019Diamondback Atrozweight of this bike
8/1/2019RockShox 30Is it air suspension
7/30/2019Schwinn Schwinn S25 Dual Suspension Mountain Bikeweight
7/30/2019Zefal HelmetHow to change battery in hat
7/28/2019Schwinn Impact Prohow many gears
7/28/2019Vee Rail Trackerwill it fit a 25.6 mm rim
7/28/2019Fezzari Wiki PeakHead tube/seat tube angles
7/26/2019Sr Suntour XCMhow do i adjust these forks...they are very soft and click when pulling up on the bars
7/26/2019Trek 800 SportHow does front brake assemble?
7/24/2019Mongoose Deception 29erhow much it cost
7/23/2019* Mountain Bike Actionhow do you size a bike to fit you
7/21/2019Cannondale Cannondale Catalyst 4How to sett the gears on a catalyst
7/18/2019Finish Line Speed Degreaser (Speed Clean)where to purchase
7/17/2019Northrock XC29weight
7/17/2019Trek 6000the tires are 26 inch
7/15/2019Shimano AlivioWhich is higher rated, Alivio or Deore?
7/14/2019Colorado 29'er 2014does itt have a kick stand
7/12/2019Trek 820 WSDIs this a good beginner mountain bike?
7/9/2019Gary Fisher Piranha 09weight
7/3/2019Specialized 2010 FSR XC CompWeight of bike
7/2/2019Trek Marlin 5 29erI am looking to get my first mountain bike in years. I am in Nebraska and really don't have any plans to ride anything crazy or hit any big jumps. I am looking at Trek Marlin 5, 6, or 7. Any thoughts? I'm 33 yo and will mainly be doing light trail riding. I figure if I get to a point that a much better bike is warranted then I'll get another one.
7/2/2019Reid Reid AresHow much does it weigh?
7/2/2019Cannondale Rush 29 1what is the travel
7/1/2019Fox Racing Shox Evolution Series Float, DRCV, CTDhow much travel?
6/30/2019RockShox Deluxe RTim thinking of buying a commencal and it has this shock on Is it a good shock ?
6/27/2019Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wirelesswill the odometer lose the mileage if battery dies
6/26/2019Scott GeniusWhat is the smallest womons frame size
6/24/2019Gary Fisher WahooMost likely 24
6/22/2019Specialized Big RollerWill this fit in the fork of a Specialized Hotrock Kids Bike?
6/21/2019Specialized Roll X Sportare these tubeless
6/19/2019Intense M9bottom crank dimension
6/15/2019Mountainsmith Bike Cubewill it fit under a plane seat
6/14/2019Santa Cruz V10 CCIs the V10 good for down the hill or also for commuting to work.79
6/10/2019Marin Coast Trail WFGHow much do these cost?
6/10/2019Diamondback Sortie 2 What would the travel be for the rear shock on a small sortie two?
6/9/2019Giant Anthem 27.5 3Can I use 29 Tires
6/8/2019* DJ 26"is it a good brand
6/8/2019Access RaptorWhat size tube for the wheel
6/6/2019Trek Marlin 6frame sizes
6/6/2019Mongoose Wing Elitehow many speed is this bike
6/5/2019On-One 456 Evo2anybody have the geometry specs for the 2016 456 evo 2?
6/4/2019KHS SixFifty 600how much does this bike weigh
6/4/2019Marin Rift Zone 29erGot a Scott scale H/tail 29" and need to get my first FS bike for trails. Whyte S-150 Vs Marin Rift 3. Which is better ?
6/4/2019Malvern Star SWITCH 26-3 WHow much is it
6/3/2019Race Face Next 35 Carbon BarHow much can you cut this down? Can you go 700 or sub 700 like 660?
6/2/2019Specialized Myka DiscI ride mine around town and it works .
5/31/2019Kawasaki DX226FSI need to buy a park like a chain where I can buy it
5/27/2019Motobecane Motobecane 529 HThow do you tune the ear shifter
5/26/2019Pivot 429 Trail XT/XTR ProWhat's a complete bike weigh?
5/21/2019Felt Felt Nine 6is this a good bike
5/21/2019Nishiki Nishiki Colorado 29erHow much does a Nishiki Colorado 29er bike weigh
5/17/2019Diamondback OutlookHow do I set up the shifter
5/15/2019Specialized Hardrock Pro Discprice
5/15/2019Northrock XC29What is the maximum weight a rider can be on this XC29
5/14/2019RockShox ReconWeight
5/14/2019Harnelli helmet lighthow long is the battery life?
5/14/2019Marin Hawk Hillwhere is it from
5/13/2019Allen 540 RRwhat is the price
5/10/2019Diamondback Expert TGHow much does it weigh?
5/9/2019Motobecane Motobecane 529 HTHow much
5/9/2019Spengle Carbon Tri SpokePrice?
5/4/2019Nishiki Men's Colorado Comp 1X 27.5 Mountain Bikehow much travel does this bike have
5/2/2019Cannondale F400Downhill
5/2/2019Santa Cruz Superlightwhat is the frame built from on the Santa Cruz super light?
4/29/2019Trek 3500where can I find brake pads for trek 3800 trail bike
4/26/2019Gary Fisher HiFi DeluxeLooking to buy a 2008 Gary Fisher HiFi deluxe rear triangle, anyone have one for sale?
4/26/2019Giant Tempthow much does it weigh
4/25/2019Scott Spark 20How much maintenance does it need if it isn't taken off road?
4/24/2019Ascent Adjustable Magnetic Trainerdo you need to lubricate ? very noisy
4/24/2019Origin-8 Crawlerwhy do the set screws on the left petal c
4/22/2019KMC X11ET, 11-speed w/ Missing Link™Is the missing link re useable?
4/22/2019Cycle-Ops WindHi how much is it to rent for a day?
4/22/2019Mavic XM 317tire size specs
4/22/2019Bell X-Rayweight
4/21/2019Giant Giant XC-1how much do they weight
4/21/2019Trek Lush 29I am 4'11". Would the x-small bike fit me?
4/18/2019Sr Suntour Suntour XCT-HLO 29How much does this bike weigh
4/17/2019Mongoose DXR AluminumWhat do you think the price is?
4/17/2019Shimano Altus FD-M191 Mountain Front Derailleur - 7spHOW TO ADJUST
4/15/2019Diamondback Release 5chow much is it
4/15/2019Novara Novara ArribaType of front derailleur
4/13/2019Co-op DRT 3.1How much does it way????????
4/12/2019Trek X-Caliberweight
4/12/2019Northrock XC29It's 33 lbs
4/12/2019Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Aerosolwhere is it sold at
4/12/2019Schwinn Aluminum CompWhat are the frame dimensions?
4/11/2019Mongoose Blackcombhow much travel does it have?
4/11/2019Giant Stance 27.5 2how much do these bikes weigh?
4/11/2019Bh Peakhow much suspension travel
4/9/2019Trek 4500is it good for trails
4/4/2019 Accu-Gauge 0-30psi tire pressure gaugeI got this one to use it in my ECR 29plus... i compared whit the little gauge in my topeak murph airpump and they are very diferent numbers... the air pump shows almost 40 an the accu-gage shows 17 psi. I was sure i was going to have some diference in them but thats way too much, i will look for another comparation point... Is it posible the accu-gage is uncalibrated?? or just the topeak is way to bad in low pressure??
4/4/2019Iron Horse Sinister 6.5what kind of brakes does it have model
4/4/2019Jamis Exile 1What is the price for used jamis
4/4/2019Trek superfly sswhat year is the bike
4/4/2019Wtb Bee LineWhat is the recommended tire pressure
4/3/2019Trek Trek Remedy 8 27.5is it a kids bike?
4/2/2019Specialized M4How much it cost
4/2/2019Proflex 656whats a proflex 656x mtn bike worth
3/29/2019Gary Fisher TassajaraHow much for tass
3/24/2019Giant ATX 27.5 2how do i fix shifting problems
3/21/2019Diamondback Response what is the price for a used bike
3/21/2019Hurricane Quickshot Pro CO2Where can I buy refills .
3/19/2019Shimano AceraHowto adjust
3/19/2019Schwinn Aluminum CompHow much are they worth
3/18/2019Titan Titan Ryde 29erHow much is a Titan 29er comp mountain bike
3/13/2019SPOT Honey Badger SinglespeedI cannot find a kickstand that will my Spot Honey Badger--can you help me--thank you dave
3/13/2019GT Aggressor Proweight
3/12/2019Genesis RCTwhat is the fork size
3/12/2019Ozone Ozone 500 Fragment 2900 hardtailWhat are the prices
3/11/2019Kenda KadreHas it got puncture protection
3/11/2019Ghost EBS Comp 29how much is it
3/10/2019Azonic Outlawcan it be setup tubeless
3/8/2019Diamondback Hook30. something I heard
3/6/2019Titan 29R Compwhat is the weight?
3/5/2019Orbea Alma H50With the alma 50 19 can you attach saddle bags for long distance trups
3/3/2019Diamondback Atroz 2 2018Weight
2/25/2019Saris Bonesoffset the arms to fit mtb sloping top tube
2/24/2019Trek Marlin 7About 20-25 psi
2/23/2019Kona Kikapu Deluxeprice of this cycle
2/21/2019Fezzari Lone PeakHow do you reattach the rear wheel?
2/20/2019Race Face ChesterAbsolutely. I wear 5 10s and sometimes the shoe feels "stuck" to the pedal. I LOVE these little pedals. They are the lightest flats I could find.
2/16/2019Giro Riddanceriddance versus five ten pro rider womans mtb
2/13/2019Kona Big KahunaWhat is the weight of the 2018 Kona Big Kahuna?
2/12/2019Specialized Fast TrakSpecialised gravel tire
2/11/2019Transition Bottlerocketare bottle rockets any good for trail riding
2/10/2019Bontrager Race Riser 31.8Price $$$ ?
2/9/2019Trek 8000I think $100. Are you in the LA area?
2/8/2019Specialized Crave Comp 29price?
2/7/2019Genesis V2100what top speed?
2/7/2019Iron Horse Sinister 6.2price
2/3/2019Sette Quantum X2 Wirelessmanual
2/3/2019Topeak Panoram V9How do I reset my clock on this computer
1/31/2019SE F@rcan you ride an electric bike on the sidewalk
1/29/2019Ergon GS2What is total length
1/28/2019Giant Momentum iRide RockerThe tires are suffice as suspension so I have been told!
1/22/2019Vitus Sentier VRXHey, I have been shopping for a new mountain bike for a while now and I think I have found the bike for me. I have been looking at 2 bikes for about a month and I still cannot decide which bike to choose. Both bikes have the same drivetrain, brakes, seat post, are the same price and the only differences I can find are the rims and tires being WBT vs Mavic rims and Maxxis vs Schwalbe tires. Also, there are different variations of the fork. These 2 bikes are the Nukeproof Scout Comp and the Vitus Sentier VRS. Here are the links to the bikes so I am asking you to help me decide which bike to choose. Nukeproof Scout Comphttps://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/nukeproof-scout-275-comp-mountain-bike-2019/rp-prod170311?mx=a#2018Nukeproof Vitus Sentier VRS https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/vitus-sentier-vrs-mountain-bike-nx-eagle-2019/rp-prod173159?mx=a#2018hardtail
1/21/2019Giant S-XC2what is the inner width of the rim
1/21/2019Trek Marlin 5 29erWhat's the biggest cassette can I put on Marlin 5?
1/21/2019SixSixOne Filterare they grip enaough?
1/20/2019Specialized Epic HardtailFor long riding on a flat road is it good and comfort ?
1/15/2019Mongoose Switchback SportHow much does it weigh
1/15/2019Race Face ChesterDo the pins grip your shoe good?
1/15/2019Race Face ChesterAre the pins removable?
1/13/2019Hurricane Quickshot Pro CO2how is the red button lock/unlock used
1/12/2019Ergon GP2should I get the GP2 or the GP3?
1/10/2019Northrock XC6Northrock vs alubike
1/9/2019RSD Bikes Mayor Aluminumshocks for fat bikes?
1/7/2019Motobecane Boris X5What's the weight capacity
1/6/2019Trek Trek Y 26what is tsize of the seat post
1/4/2019Diamondback Atroz 2 201834 pounds
1/3/2019Klein Pinnaclewhat size seat post does a klein pinnacle take
1/2/2019Giant Trance X2how much
1/2/2019Specialized Purgatory GRIDIm looking for a good grip front tyre on my E bike. Is Purgatory Grid an option???
12/29/2018Opus Avro 2.0 29erwhats this bike worth
12/29/2018KHS 4 Season 5000how much does the bike weaght
12/27/2018 FLX AttackPrice ?
12/26/2018SRAM X7 Front Derailleur (10-spd)Looking for a better detailed for my 2x10 36 t x caliber man bike
12/24/2018Park Tool CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain ScrubberIt's OK for 12 speed chain, for example eagle GX?
12/23/2018Gravity Bullseye Monstercan you add mud/water fenders or a carrying rack
12/22/2018MRP MicroIs this for ISCG 05?
12/20/2018On-One Fatty Traili got a On One Fatty Trail, Fat Bike what headset do get for it
12/19/2018Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wiredwhere can i get an electronic copy of the instructions for setup
12/19/2018Shimano Saint Bottom BracketI'm changing my9spd to a10,is this compatible?
12/19/2018Iron Horse Yakuza 5.1how much are they
12/15/2018Iron Horse Waka Gashirahow much is it worth
12/11/2018Trek 3700trek 3700 how do i know if it is 24" or 26"
12/7/2018Author Unicawhere do i buy one??
12/5/2018FiveTen Sam HillDo they come men's 9 wide
12/3/2018Trek 3700Wheel size is irrelevent. Google "Trek Bicycle Sizing" and it will prob say a Med/ 15-17inch frame is what you want.
12/2/2018Trek 37003700 trek with 26' wheels good size for adult 5'9"?
11/29/2018Kenda Nevegal John Tomac Signature Serieshow to inflate tire
11/29/2018Novara Aspeni have a bike that did not include the stem or seat and no peddles or instructions where can i get these
11/29/2018Kind Shock ETenheelo I'm surching a dropperpost with a setback or layback from 25 mm. Does it excist. When it is necessary 20 mm is even oké. grtz fernand
11/29/2018Cannondale F29 2What's the stock weight?
11/27/2018Polygon Xtrada 3.0weight of this bike
11/24/2018Gary Fisher HiFiHow much is it worth
11/23/2018SRAM SRAM X-SYNCCan l get a 4bolt 44 tooth chainring?
11/23/2018Genesis V2100tire size
11/18/2018Rocky Mountain Element 50What's the price
11/17/2018Rock Shox Tora 318 Solo Airhoy many oil is necesary in my rock shox tora solo air?
11/17/2018Giant Eddie Bauer EditionHow much cost
11/17/2018Diamondback Atroz 2 2018`how much does this bike weigh?
11/15/2018White Lightning Epic Ride Chain Lubedifferance between green and blue epic ride
11/14/2018Giant STP SSCan i put 29ers on the stp
11/13/2018Orbea MX 29 20weight
11/10/2018Cannondale Cannondale trail 8what is the cost of this mountain bike
11/7/2018Genesis V2100kickstand replacement
11/6/2018Kona Mahunaweight of 2018 kona mahuna
11/6/2018Bontrager Preset Torque Wrenchsizes available
11/6/2018Sigma SmiluxCan you take off the lens cover?
11/6/2018Shimano RT-86weight?
11/6/2018Pivot LES 27.5Looking for a good mountain bike for high school team competitive racing. Will the Pivot Les 27.5 fit the job?
11/4/2018 moosei want to know about the chain used for this fat bike
11/4/2018Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant Drip BottleWhat is PTFE?
11/3/2018Firefox Firefox Nuke D29erWhat is the weight of this cycle
11/2/2018Mongoose Blackcombis it aluminum
11/2/2018Trek 930Price?
10/31/2018Raleigh Talus 3.0 Just over 31 pounds
10/29/2018Motobecane 600DSwhat is the price on 600ds
10/27/2018Trek Trek 2018 Marlin 7how much is it
10/27/2018Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSHow much?
10/27/2018Kona Dawglength of rear travel in millimeters
10/25/2018Maxxis IkonYes, I've been riding Maxxis Ikon tubeless for 6 years and haven't had any issues with the tire sealing. I use Stans and ZTR Flow rims on my hardtail.
10/25/2018Specialized Fatboywhat does it weigh?
10/25/2018Reid HerculesWeight capacity
10/25/201845 Nrth Wrathchildwill a 4.6 fit ok in place of a 4.5
10/23/2018Giant 2003 Giant RinconWhat size chain does it have
10/21/2018Diamondback Response Sportcan you adjust handlebars
10/20/2018Cannondale F300what is the frame made of?
10/18/2018Maxxis Holy Rollerare they tubeless ready?
10/12/2018Nishiki Pueblomsrp for Nishiki Pueblo
10/12/2018Continental Trail Kingis this tire tubeless ready
10/11/2018Specialized Enduro SL Comp FSRWhat are the tires made of
10/10/2018Trek 3900 Discwhat years was the trek 3900 made
10/10/2018Specialized Pitch 650byes
10/8/2018Trek 6500how much does the trek 6500 slr weigh?
10/5/2018Raleigh C30what size is the bottom bracket on c30. What size shell and type of spindle
10/5/2018Marzocchi Bomber Z1Matt is the Z1 a upgrade from my Fox34 Performance Elite on my django?
10/2/2018Gary Fisher Mambawhat year was gary fisher mamba made?
10/1/2018Trek 2016 Trek Top Fuel 8rear derailleurs
9/30/2018Vee Speedsterwhat psi
9/30/2018Canyon Nerve ALit came with deore xtr
9/29/2018Topeak Mini MorphI need directions on how to use this. Can's hook it up to tire.
9/28/2018Diadora Tracciaweight of diadora corso
9/26/2018Flight Flight Trail 1wheel size
9/24/2018Giant YukonWhat size rims r on this bike
9/24/2018Trek Gary Fisher - Mambawhat year was gary fisher mamba made?
9/24/2018Trek Mamba Gary Fisherdoes trek make gary fisher mountain bikes?
9/21/2018WTB Wolverine 2.2how much are they
9/19/2018Bontrager AT550Spoke nipple size Bontrager at 550
9/18/2018DT Swiss 520SLtire size
9/15/2018Gary Fisher Mambawhat year is my bike
9/14/2018Forte ATB Comp PedalWhat are the width and length?
9/13/2018Scott Genius Plusscott genius plus is boosts
9/10/2018Kona Cinder Conewhere to get parts TV
9/10/2018Iron Horse Sinister 6.1How much is it
9/10/2018* DJ 26"what fork does it have
9/9/2018Giant YukonPrice
9/7/2018Trek 950 Singletrackvalue
9/6/2018Specialized Zee Cage dimensions
9/6/2018Genesis GS29frame sise
9/5/2018Ns Bikes Soda Slopehow much
9/5/2018Kenda Havok Prosuggested tire pressure for 180lb male
9/1/2018SRAM 9-Speed PowerGlide II (PG-970DH)whats it worth used
9/1/2018Haro Flightline Sport HOWMUCHISTHISBIKE
8/30/2018Giant Revel 1weight
8/26/2018Marzocchi Drop Off 2can i use this fork with 27.5 wheel?
8/25/2018Trek Mountain Trak 830headset specifications please
8/22/2018Diamondback Recoilsmall 16 inch for kids?
8/21/2018Du Pont Teflon Multi-Use Dry Wax Lubricanthow to buy?
8/20/2018Allen Allen Sports Deluxe 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rackhow can I easily mount single speed cruiser bikes?
8/17/2018Bontrager AT550what tire to match
8/17/2018Trek 820I inherited this bike and need direction on how to work gears, This bike is a least 20 years old
8/15/2018Rocky Mountain Slayer 70Is this a 2012 or 2013 Slayer 70?
8/15/2018Scott Scale 920how much does it weight
8/15/2018Mercurio Mercurio ExpertPrice
8/11/2018Giant Talon 27.5Has anyone placed a shorter stem on the bike?
8/7/2018Fuji Nevada 4.0a 15" frame should fit a woman how tall?
8/5/2018Wtb Nine LineHow much pressure needed for 2.25 x 29"
8/4/2018Trek 820can one raise the handle bars
8/3/2018Kind Shock LEV 125MMwould this be the best/recommended dropper post for my 2014 giant xtc medium mtb aluxx..also it's 27.2...do I go with 85mm 105mm 120mm or what's best..I want an internal cable?? ty..
8/3/2018Gravity Bullseye Monsterwhat is the total weight ?
8/1/2018GT Gt Verb Compseat clamp size?
7/30/2018Rock Shox Recon Silver TK Solo AirSadly this will not. :(
7/28/2018Scattante Echelon Multi-lenscan i just get replacment lens only???
7/26/2018Trek 4300it has copper on top of forks
7/24/2018Kona Calderahow many speeds
7/24/2018Trek 800 Sportis it good for a 240lb person
7/23/2018Scott Aspect 40Price?
7/23/2018Rock Shox Recon Silver TK Solo Airwill this fit on my Diamondback recoil 29er 2017? If so tapered or straight
7/22/2018Trek 3500size
7/22/2018Diamondback Release 2 27.5 Bike 2016Looking for a decent but cheap full suspension trail bike that I would also ride some DH on. Been looking around and found the Diamondback Release 2. Seems like a good price and quality components, but this will be my first full suspension and I wanted to make a good decision. Thoughts?
7/21/2018Fuji Wendigocan i hook up a dog trailer on a fuji wendigo
7/21/2018Duro Mountain Presta Valve TubeHow do you inflate this tube?
7/21/2018Norco Charger 1 Womenssize
7/20/2018Gary Fisher Montareweight
7/20/2018Soul Cycles Hooliganhow would I get in touch I want a hooligan
7/19/2018Giant Stance 1What does the final build weight?
7/18/2018Mongoose XR-1100About what year or years were these bikes made in Green?
7/16/2018Malvern Star SWITCH 29-7Recommended retail price?
7/16/2018Genesis GS29How to shift
7/14/2018Surly Lou 4.8having a hard time locating 26x4.5 aggressive fat bike tires.
7/13/2018Genesis RCTWhat does RTC mean?
7/11/2018Orbea Oiz M10weight
7/11/2018Cannondale Trail 6creaking noise when riding
7/8/2018Cane Creek Thudbuster LTare they worth it
7/8/2018Tektro M285Are these brakes any good?
7/8/2018Continental Trail King 2.4 ProTectionthe trail king are amazing
7/7/2018Allen MT-2 Folding Two-Bike Carrierwhat model car does it fit crv 2017
7/7/2018Bell Kingpin 29what mountain bike tire is fastest rolling cross country tire, specislized fast track or maxxis aspen
7/6/2018Azonic Outlawwere do you buy rebuild kit for the azonic outlaw hubs
7/6/2018Gary Fisher TassajaraHow much do these bikes cost?
7/6/2018Specialized SpeedZone Sport WirelessSport wireless seems to drop when a MapMyRide is active on my phone. Results in missed mileage. Any work around?
7/5/2018Bell Sports Triple-Back 3-Bike RackWill this rack fit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?
7/4/2018Giant ATX 27.5 2weight
7/4/2018Devinci Atlasi want to know exciting features of Devinci atlas RX mountain bike
7/3/2018Giant ATX 830looking for price
7/3/2018Bontrager SSR Seat Postwhat is the diameter?
7/2/2018Raleigh Tekoawhat year is it
7/2/2018GT Force X Expert (2015)Size
7/2/2018Specialized Hardrock Sport DiscHR sport ( i think 07 blue) with RST and truvative isoflow crankset. want to upgrade the components (Crankset,BB,RD,grearshift ,ect ) any idea what part might be best to use?
7/1/2018Ravx Econo X Mini bike pumpHow does one get this pump to pump air into the Schrader valve outlet? Mine only blows air through the Presta valve outlet.
7/1/2018Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSHow many gears
7/1/2018Sette Derro Twohow to determine how old a bike is
6/24/2018Polygon Cozmic DXHow much
6/23/2018Marin Hawk Hillsizing
6/22/2018Fuji Nevada 4.0cost
6/20/2018Bell Adrenalinehow much are these
6/19/2018Iron Horse Maverick 4.5What size are the rotors and what kind of disc brakes
6/18/2018Airborne Spectrehow does it handle jumps
6/15/2018Scott Spark 960Scott Spark 960 or Scale 930 for first mountain bike?
6/15/2018Giant Ranierhow many gears
6/13/2018Diamondback Response XEHow much
6/11/2018Rec Rac Bike RackWill this fit 2016 f 150 ford
6/11/2018GT Karakoram Comp 2014How much
6/10/2018Mongoose Blackcombwhat height rider does bike fit?
6/9/2018Diamondback Outlookhow much does it weigh
6/8/2018DMR Reptoidwhat is the price
6/8/2018Mongoose MasherCost?
6/6/2018KHS SJ 100Where can I get one
6/3/2018Bontrager AT550cost of bontrage at 550 black
6/1/2018Diamondback Response XE 29er Mountain Bike 2013how can you tell what year a bike is
6/1/2018Trek 3700cost of 3700 trek
5/29/2018Trek Trek Y 26How many gears?
5/26/2018Trek Mambahow much
5/23/2018Motobecane 429HTwhat is the eight
5/22/2018Bontrager AT55026 x 2.00
5/19/2018Giant Roam 2Weight???
5/19/2018Iron Horse Sinister 6.2weight..?
5/18/2018Sr Suntour XCTHow much does the fork weigh?
5/18/2018Rock Shox Reba RLHow heavy is this reba fork
5/18/2018Bontrager AT550I want to replace this rear rim mine bent to hell! How do I know what sizes will fit?
5/18/2018Tektro Tektro M290 Hydraulic discDoes tektro M290 brake lever made of alloy?
5/17/2018Sunlite Premium Inner tubewhat kind of psi doesa 700x35-40 thorn resaistance 32mm take
5/16/2018Brodie KayoCan I get an 11-32 rear cassette for this bike
5/13/2018Genesis GS29Weight limit gs29
5/9/2018Charge Cooker 3I would like to know the price on this identical bike
5/9/2018Mongoose DXR Aluminumwere can i buy the spraket
5/7/2018Trek Marlin 6is this bike better than the trek 6500?
5/5/2018Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expertweight
5/5/2018Norco 125This exactly like mine except the paint. Mine has what looks like a hand painted Norco design. What year is this one. Don't know what year mine is. Hard to order a hanger not knowing. Thanks
5/5/2018K2 Zed 3.0How is for just geting around town.
5/4/2018Fuji Reveal 1.0Howheavyofaridercanithandle
5/3/2018Trek 820How much does it weigh
5/1/2018Specialized Hardrock Sport Dischow much do they cost
5/1/2018Raleigh TalusHow much does the bike go for
5/1/2018Giant Eddie Bauer Editionprice
5/1/2018Giant 2018 Giant Talon 2hpw does iot handle climbing
4/30/2018Raleigh C30how much does it cost
4/30/2018Look Quartzhow do i adjust tension?
4/27/2018Schwinn Acension 29how much does this bike cost new?
4/27/2018* DJ 26"What forks does it have
4/26/2018Access RaptorPrice
4/25/2018Raleigh MatterhornWhat Is The Price Of This Bike
4/25/2018Diamondback Response Comp I'm looking for this bike what's the price
4/24/2018Specialized Hardrock 26what is the weight of the bike
4/24/2018Specialized Pitch 650bYes and they are plastic, look into buying upgraded pedals asap
4/23/2018Specialized Hardrock DiscIt's a specialized hard rock SE 2013
4/22/2018Manitou Radium RLpsi ?
4/22/2018Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wirelesshow reset odo
4/21/2018Cannondale Cannondale Jekyll 900SXprice
4/21/2018GT Timberline 1.0 2014Can I still buy this bike
4/21/2018Rock Shox Reba Racecan you tell me the fork leg length please?
4/17/2018Shimano Shimano M442, 22/32/44 teethis this 10-speed compatible?
4/13/2018Mongoose Tyax Sportwhat is the price?
4/10/2018Framed Minnesota 2.0Where can I find the same color blue Alloy rims as for other equipment for this bike
4/9/2018WTB Bronson 2.2 29erweight?
4/7/2018Raleigh Mojave 8.0How much for a new one Raleigh Mojave 8.0 large
4/7/2018Trek 820what the weight of this 820 bike
4/6/2018Ground Pounderis this bike still make?
4/6/2018Ridley Ignitewhat is the largest front chainring this frame will take for a 1x11 setup?
4/5/2018Flight Flight Trail 1What is the diameter of the tyres? 26 or 27.5?
4/4/2018Mongoose XR-100What is the chain size?
4/4/2018Schwinn Schwinn MP21 Aluminum ProI have one of these bikes. I have never seen a seat post like the Suntour included with the bike. Can you explain how the seat post works? The binder bolt appears as part of the seat post.
4/3/2018Forte Convert Platform Pedalswhat are the dimensions width and length
3/30/2018Halo Headband Skull CapWhy should you wear a skull cap
3/24/2018Maxxis Flyweight MTB Tubecan you remove the valve stem
3/22/2018Easton EC70what is the weight of this item
3/18/2018Bontrager AT550can it hold 27.5x3.0 inch wheels
3/16/2018Kona Lana'iwhat is the weight of the bike ?
3/15/2018RockShox Reconhow to adjust rebound of ROCKSHOX RECON GOLD 29" SOLO AIR 100mm 15QR TAPERED REMOTE
3/15/2018Iron Horse Sinister 6.3what is the frame size
3/13/2018Cannondale TrailCannodale 20 trial 7 what is the cost of this mountain bike
3/10/2018Specialized Rockhopperweight
3/3/2018Kenda NevegalWhat's the difference between this Kendal nevegal tires and the Kendal several sports?
3/3/2018Alex DP17 (Disc)What mountain bike does Alex rims come on dorky people
3/1/2018RockBros Platform Pedalsdo some of the models have 2 bearings instead of just one?
2/28/2018Specialized Fatboy Carbon CompHow much does it weigh?
2/27/2018Scott Spark 960cost
2/26/2018Kona Kikapu DeluxeHow to bleed brackets on Hayes discipline
2/26/2018Kona Kikapu DeluxeWhat kind oil to bleed brakes
2/25/2018Felt Nine 5felt nine 5 series dual suspenion, what year is the 5 series dual suspenion
2/22/2018Trek Superfly FS 6Weight
2/21/2018Haro Flightline 24 WEIGHT
2/21/2018Calibre two twowhat gears
2/21/2018GT Avalanchehow much
2/17/2018GT Sanction 1.0how much does a gt lts go for
2/14/2018Race Face Narrow Wide ChainringDo you have to remove the crank arm to install the chainring?
2/13/2018Schwinn FrontierWhat is largest frame size?
2/10/2018Bontrager Premium Tubewhat is the weight
2/10/2018Bontrager Dusterwhat is the weight of the wheel set Duster Elite
2/9/2018Diamondback Response XEhow much does this bike cost
2/6/2018Gary Fisher Procaliberwhat type of shock
2/5/2018Bottecchia STELVIO 650bSpecs
2/5/2018Trek Incite 6iis there an on/off function
2/4/2018Mongoose XR-200In excellent condition what would it be worth
2/4/2018Trek 3500How much is this bike worth
2/3/2018Iron Horse Warrior 1.326
2/1/2018Specialized Rockhopper Comp 29cost
2/1/2018SRAM SRAM PG-102011-36
1/31/2018GT GT Avalanche 3.0 Disccost pric
1/30/2018Bontrager Evoke 2what is the weight
1/28/2018Bianchi Doss 5100price
1/28/2018Wedo WIEL Carbon Full Suspension Bicycle B043hi, i was wondering if 130 mm of travel on the front is enough to do a intermediate trail i will be using a canyon spectral 2017 trail bike
1/25/2018Marin Attack Trail 6.8 i need to know what size 20mm maxle this bike came with :( thanx
1/22/2018Sunlite Premium Inner tubehow thick is the tube
1/20/2018Trek 4500What is the maximum weight limit for a person for this bike
1/15/2018Cube LTD Pro 2016where could i buy that bike pls
1/15/2018Alex SX44Weight
1/14/2018Suntour Suntour XCT, 43/32/22THOW GOOD ARE THEY --
1/9/2018 Kestrel MXZ ProCan I put a front deraulliuer on this frame
1/9/2018Specialized CRAVE 29weight
1/9/2018Gravity G27Five G2 27.5what us weight of bike?
1/8/2018Corratec Revolution SL XTvery good, whats the price
1/5/2018Magura JulieIs there a winter fat bike trail nearby??
1/5/2018Scott GeniusFrame durability?
1/1/2018Huffy Huffy Thunder Ridge ATBWhat is its value today
1/1/2018Northwave Yetiis the shoe fit regular? If I wear a 45 normally, do you recommend buying a 46 European size (Italy)?
12/30/2017Shimano Deore XT I have a shimank deore xt hubs can i install a xd driver in it
12/23/2017Giant Talon 29erneed a manual for this bike
12/23/2017Trek Superflycan this bike take a 2.4 tire?
12/22/2017Kona UnitIt is reynold 520... China...
12/20/2017Orbea Alma M30How much does it weigh
12/16/2017Motobecane BorisWeight?
12/15/2017Thule EasyFold XTHitch receptor details
12/14/2017K2 Zed 4.9What's the price
12/12/2017Garmin Nuvi 500does it have road maps too
12/11/2017Birzman Torque Wrenchextractor
12/11/2017Giant Momentum iRide Rockerdoes it have suspesion
12/9/2017Trek 4300What year was it made
12/9/2017Cannondale Trail SL 29'er 4what size dropper seat post should I buy for this bike
12/8/2017Tektro Auriga CompWhere can I buy the Tektro auriga comp brakes
12/7/2017Twenty6 PredatorPrice
12/7/2017Cannondale Trail SL 2919.5 size is large
12/5/2017Promax Promax Decipher Hydro Disc, 160mm Rotorsare hydrolic disc brakes worth the cost
12/3/2017Trek Fuel EX 6 26what reviews say about the teck fuel ex6
12/2/2017 Kestrel MXZ ProFramesetcweight?
12/1/2017Specialized Myka Discwill bike ride good on paved roads?
11/30/2017Trek Fuel EX 8 26whats the max height for a rider on a medium 17.5
11/30/2017Diamondback Mission 1 27.5how much
11/30/2017Bianchi Jab 29.4where can i buy it and how much is it
11/30/2017Bianchi Jab 29.4how many gears does it have
11/27/2017Mavic X223can i use this on trail?
11/26/2017Yeti 575Looking at buying a 2010 yeti 575 in excellent condition is it a good bike for new rider
11/26/2017Trek Roscoe 8What 29 inches wheels fit - not Boost
11/24/2017Norco Bigfoot 6.3How much air should the tires have in them
11/24/2017Nishiki Nishiki Colorado 29erdoes it have front shocks
11/24/2017Giant VT2What is the frame weight?
11/23/2017Schwinn Moab SSWhat speed
11/22/2017Giant Giant FathomWhat is the weight of the Fathom 1 27.5?
11/22/2017Kona Precept 130how heavy
11/21/2017Bottecchia GAVIA 29erhow does this compare to the mongoose
11/20/2017Sigma Power LEDhow many lumens????
11/20/2017Cannondale F5price
11/19/2017Topeak Panoram V9Where does sensor fit
11/19/2017Charge Cooker 4what is the safety of the bike like
11/17/2017Cannondale RZ 120-1Hey there... I would like to hear your Thoughts on 27.5" tire on front wheel and 26" tire on rear wheel on a trail Full Suspension MTB?
11/17/2017Bell Air Attack 500how to maintain?
11/15/2017Novatec Novatec 32 Holes D202SB/D201SBAre these hubs thru-axle adaptable?
11/15/2017Sr Suntour XCMIf I get a 27.2mm seat post will it fit or will it be to small
11/15/2017Giant Boulder SEwhat size is the seat post on the bike
11/14/2017Nashbar Big Ol Fat Bikehow much
11/14/2017Giant Obsess Advanced 2weight
11/13/2017Mongoose Black Diamond TripleWhat is the inch and speed
11/10/2017Ccm Scopeany problems with this bike
11/8/2017Geax Tattoohow durable
11/8/2017Sr Suntour XCMIs it good?
11/7/2017Diamondback Sorrentoweight
11/7/2017Dawes Cycles USA Roundhouse 2900Where is it made
11/6/2017Carrera Carrera Furywhat size wheels are they
11/5/2017Haro Flightline Three how big is the frame
11/5/2017Giant ATX 27.5 2What is the weight of this bike?
11/3/2017Carrera MTB CLIMB 26How much is it?
11/3/2017Blackburn Atom SL 2.0How many parts?
11/3/2017Rocky Mountain Vertex 10What type of fluid do you use for the braking system
11/1/2017Specialized Pitch 650bWhat's the steerer tube size
10/30/2017Titan 29R Sportweight
10/30/2017Haro Haro Double Peak 29 Trailcan you tell me the weight of this bike ?
10/30/2017Cateye Velo 2what is the setting for 26x2.125 tire size
10/27/2017NiteRider Lumina Micro 750does it come with a helmet mount
10/23/2017Specialized 2007 Specialized HRXCweight
10/22/2017Atlas AM Handlebarwhat is the lenght
10/21/2017Allen 540 RRprice
10/21/2017Trek 4500What frame sizes are available?
10/20/2017Vetta Bike Trainerwhere can it be bought
10/18/2017Kross LEVEL R3How much only the frame cost?
10/18/2017Fox Head DigitWhat is the new price on these?
10/18/2017SRAM X0 Rear DerailleurIs it compatable with a 3 by?
10/17/2017Schwinn Frontierwhat year is this
10/17/2017Shimano Altus SL-M310Would you recommend this product?
10/17/2017Bianchi Methanol 9.1 CVweight of bike please
10/16/2017Scott Aspect 950Is there a 2017 model?
10/16/2017GT Karakoramsize
10/15/2017Diamondback Sorrentorear rack?
10/15/2017Specialized Pitch 650bdoes it come with pedals
10/15/2017Centurion No Pogo Ultimate 2Why is the picture so blurry? Something to hide ?
10/15/2017Henty Enduro BackpackWhat's the verdict, is it any good?
10/15/2017Schwinn Mesa GSD - 2004cost
10/13/2017Gary Fisher Tassajaraused prices
10/13/2017Look X-Track Rage Plusare these pedals clip ons ?
10/12/2017Diamondback Axis xewhat is seat post diameter?
10/12/2017WTB WeirWolfwhats the tire pressure
10/10/2017Giant Giant Talon 0 LTD 27.5 2016What is total weight in kg
10/10/2017Geax Saguaroweight
10/10/2017Iron Horse Warrior 1.3RIM SIZE
10/9/2017Giant Revel 2can it go on mountion bike trial
10/9/2017Giant Warp DS3Any reports on faults in frame
10/8/2017Gary Fisher Tassajara Disc GShow much does it weigh
10/8/2017Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29Weight
10/4/2017Fox Racing Shox 32 Talas RLCaxle dimensions
10/4/2017Momsen AL429 29ERweight
10/2/2017Cannondale Triggerprice range
10/1/2017Pearl Izumi X-Alp LaunchThis model isnt out yet? I really want to buy the the flats, when and where??
10/1/2017Pearl Izumi X-Alp LaunchWhere can I buy this? I want to buy one so badly. Is it even out yet?
10/1/2017Giant Rincondoes it have a 23in frame?
10/1/2017Specialized Pitch 650bAre the shocks adjustable and how do you adjust them?
9/30/2017Cannondale TrailIs the Carbondale trail 7 29 tubeless
9/28/2017Michelin Country Trailhow many threads per inch?
9/27/2017Maxxis Larsen TTfront or back?
9/27/2017Breezer stormCan I get some good rear shocks for my Breezer Storm
9/25/2017Trek 800 Sportwhat size tires does this bike use
9/25/2017Trek 3700cost
9/24/2017Schwinn Boundary 29erWhat size is the frame?
9/24/2017RockShox DartIs rock shock dart air or not
9/24/2017Cannondale Cannondale FSi Carbon 4weight
9/23/2017Mongoose mongoose ElementOn the mongoose element's bike chain,is there a master link? Are they very common on most mongoose bicycles?
9/22/2017Specialized SpeedZone Sport WirelessIt works on any ebike or bike as a stand-alone wireless computer. If you want to use the Turbo Levo power functions, you need a $200 ga
9/19/2017Kawasaki Sumomax size
9/18/2017Giro PrivateerMy rigtht foot in the numbs up after about an hour of riding. Am I wearing the shoe too tight?
9/16/2017Framed Minnesota 3.0 w/RST Forkwhere can i ride and look at it. I am in Des Moines, Iowa
9/15/2017Nashbar Presta MTB TubeWhere to buy?
9/15/2017Shimano XT Hollowtech IIIs Shimano tz gear is nice
9/12/2017Specialized Airtool MTB PumpHave you ever lost pump components, especially at the valve inflation end of it? Thanks.
9/9/2017Jamis Halo XCWhat is the serial #s of it?
9/9/2017Trek Trek Fuel 90Is this a eomens bike
9/8/2017Motobecane 600HTweght
9/7/2017Kona BlastWhat does it weigh
9/7/2017Giant Roam 2weight
9/6/2017Wolf Tooth Components ReMote SustainDoes this work with the giant and bontrager posts.
9/6/2017Scattante Echelon Multi-lenscan i get a replacement nose piece
9/4/2017Alex DP20 (Disc)Do these wheels fit Cannondale 135mm rear?
9/1/2017Corratec X Vert Motionwhat year is this one in the photo
8/31/2017Gravity FSX 3.0what is the weight of this bike
8/30/2017Fuji Outland 29 1.1 DWhat does the D, as in 1.1 D, signify?
8/30/2017K2 ZED 4.0How much?
8/28/2017Gravity Zilla XXDoes the Zilla have a rear dropout eyelet for installing a rack?
8/26/2017Specialized Airlock tire Sealant2 tubes/tires 8oz bottle does 4oz each tube/tire
8/26/2017Specialized FSR Enduro SportHow much the enduro FSR sport mountain bike cost
8/25/2017Ghost Kato 5Ghost kato fan 5 vs Giant Anthem 2....any thoughts?
8/24/2017Diamondback RecoilHow heavy is it.
8/24/2017Schwinn Boundary 29erDoes it have a rear cassette or freewheel?
8/23/2017Trek Marlin 5 29erShocks
8/22/2017Trek X-Caliber 4what is alpha gold aluminium
8/21/2017Canyon Canyon Strive AL 4.0 Raceprice
8/19/2017Shimano MT41mt41 is it it good mountain bike shoe for a senior rider
8/19/2017Specialized 2010 FSR XC Comphow much travel
8/19/2017K2 Attack 1.0how much do they normally go for
8/15/2017Specialized SpeedZone Sport WirelessDoes this work with turbo Levo and does it show the different modes eco,trail etc
8/12/2017Haro Flightline Sport 18 kg
8/12/2017Shimano Deore XT Shadow PlusIs this compatible with a 7 speed cassette 11-34?
8/11/2017Trek Fuel 70what type of rear shock can i use to replace mine i have a trek fuel 70 slr.
8/9/2017Shimano XTRWhy does the piston on the xtr brake cylinder always stick. I have replaced 6 now which is not good as xtr are ment to be the best.. Any solution to this sticky piston problem. Gary
8/7/2017Cannondale Ryker Helmetsizing
8/7/2017Iron Horse Warrior 4.0price
8/7/2017Titec El Norte 2018Scoper Expertdiametr?
8/6/2017Supercycle Hooliganis it aluminum
8/6/2017Iron Horse Iron Horse Warrior 3.2what is the weight on this bike
8/6/2017Trek Trek 850 Mountain Trackhow much is it worth second hand
8/5/2017Diamondback Mission 2I hear a lot of talk about Yeti, Santacruz, etc... in an apples to apples comparison, how would the 2017 diamondback mission 2 compare to a seemingly equal bike from other more popular choices?
8/4/2017Trek Fuel EX 6How much does it weigh?
8/2/2017Giant Fathom 2 27.5weight
8/1/2017RockShox Judyhi! can i install an 180mm brake disc in a judy 3 fork without breaking it?
8/1/2017Jamis Cross Country 3.0What did it cost
7/31/2017Diamondback Response Sportwhat size is the rear wheel qd
7/31/2017Gravity Bullseye MonsterI have a Gravity 2018 Bullseye Monster. It is a bit tough to keep going straight as tire grabs and pulls left or right depending if going up right side or left side of single track. Any ideas anyone? Thank you.
7/30/2017Cannondale Judge 1price
7/30/2017Felt 7 Eightywhat country made this bike?
7/28/2017Diamondback Mission 1 27.5Is it as good as a Scott Full suspension bike
7/28/2017Gary Fisher ParagonWhat is the sizing for this bike?
7/28/2017Fox Racing Shox Fox Evolution Series 32 Float 29er w/CTDWhat should the preasure be set at?
7/28/2017Trek 3700 Discis this bike good for big jumps
7/27/2017Cube LTD Pro 2016price?
7/26/2017Gary Fisher HiFi PlusWhy is this the only bike I've seen with the frame shock mounted in reverse?
7/26/2017Cannondale F7Is aluminum
7/25/2017Trek 820weight
7/24/2017Suntour Suntour SR XCT 100mmYou can't
7/23/2017Diamondback Hookweight
7/22/2017Bell Slantwhat size is it
7/20/2017Kore Elite Platformany of the trails the shuttle runs to ok for hard tail?
7/20/2017Stolen Throttle Sealed Pedalswhat size is it
7/20/2017Nishiki Nishiki Colorado 29erWhat is the biggest tire I can put on this bike?
7/19/2017K2 Zed 1.0What size is a small frame
7/18/2017Bontrager Trip 4Wwire it to the back tire
7/16/2017Chromag Contactdoes sale include both pedals
7/15/2017Giant BoulderWhat is the maximum weight for this bicycle
7/14/2017Access Raptortire size
7/14/2017Giant Talon 27.5how is the chain
7/13/2017Raleigh Talushow is his bike?
7/11/2017Ergon GP-5can I mount an end mirror with these
7/11/2017GT xcr-3000can i use the rear triangle from a newer GT for my GT xcr5000 that was built in the year 2000
7/10/2017DMR Sect Completewhat size tiers
7/10/2017Marin Pioneer TrailPrice used
7/10/2017Rock Shox Dart 2Does anyone know the length of the headstock of a set of dart2 DropShox forks ?
7/6/2017Trek 820Usually 7 speed
7/6/2017Shimano Saint Bashguardwill work with any 104 ring
7/6/2017Giant Giant XTC Composite 3 29erdoe's the 2017 Giant xtc ride as good as the later 2013
7/5/2017Raleigh Tokul 3Do the brakes have a lot of stopping power?
7/5/2017Trek 8.3 DSwhat is the weight
7/2/2017Specialized Phenom ExpertHow about the Kovee Elite by Bontrager, is it similar to this Phenom?
6/30/2017Mongoose BlackcombI've ridden mine nearly 5000 miles and have had only to replace the tires, handgrips and adjust the brakes!
6/29/2017Mongoose DXR AluminumA little over 100
6/27/2017Schwinn Schwinn S25 Dual Suspension Mountain Bikehow many gears does it have.
6/26/2017Camelbak Antidote Reservoircan the hose be easily removed from the bag and how easy to clean the valve?
6/26/2017Specialized Demo 8What size wheels
6/24/2017Trek 820How many speeds does an Trek 820 bike have?
6/22/2017Felt Nine 5is it good
6/22/2017Windsor Cliff 4500how much does it weigh?
6/22/2017Trek 2017 Trek Marlin 7how much is the bike for
6/21/2017Giant S-XC2Are the giant sxc2 wheels safe strong for mountain biking
6/20/2017Raleigh Misceo 3.0What height ideally is a person for the Raleigh Misceo 30?
6/20/2017Raleigh Misceo 3.0Can you put 27 inch tires on a Misceo 30?
6/20/2017Raleigh Misceo 3.0Can you put 27 inch tires on a Misceo 30?
6/20/2017Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wirelesswhat if my wheel size is not prepdrogramed
6/18/2017SRAM PG 920I was trying to search in sram website this model PG-920 but this doesnt show up? Why, is it legit?
6/18/2017WTB Dual Duty Freeridehow much is the price?
6/17/2017Specialized BG Gel Gloves Did you find that these gloves tore easily?
6/17/2017Turner King Khanwhat is price of turner king khan
6/16/2017Pivot Mach 5.5sizing
6/15/2017Diamondback Response SportWhat is the diameter of the fork ?
6/14/2017Motobecane HAL6 EXPERTwhat is the weight of the bike
6/14/2017Cannondale Trail 6how many pawls
6/13/2017Giant Original MTB Core Platform Pedals Blackwhat are the dimensions of this pedal?
6/12/2017Giant Lust 2where is the serial number
6/12/2017Giant Revel 1where do you find the serial number on a Giant bike
6/12/2017Giant Yukon200
6/11/2017Marzocchi Shock PumpWhere do I attach my pump to my bike
6/10/2017Polygon Recon 1.0what is the price
6/9/2017Trek Pro Pack Quick CleatDo you have a clearer picture showing how this attaches to the bike seat?
6/8/2017Trek 3900 Disc 2010what size is the forks
6/8/2017Commencal Supreme JRhow heavy is it
6/8/2017Rocky Mountain Flow Prohow much is it in aus
6/8/2017Giant Trance 1weight
6/7/2017Raleigh Mojave 5.5What is value and how to identify year and model
6/7/2017Fox Racing Shox 32 F-Series FIT RLChow to rebild
6/7/2017Giant Revel 1How much price
6/5/2017Iron Horse Yakuza 5.1What is the price
6/3/2017Ritchey Marathon SaddleAre there trails at the shop location?
6/2/2017Mongoose Supergoose 1981PRICE IN EUROS
6/1/2017Specialized FUSE EXPERT 6FATTIEHow does the front skewer work
6/1/2017Giant XTC 1Price
5/31/2017Mondraker Concept 29erHow much is this?
5/29/2017Cannondale Killer V 900how much can i sell used
5/29/2017Hyper HavocI'm a 5'6" senior will use this bike mostly on pavement, however there;s a lot of cobblestone streets around here too. I'm just looking for a softer ride on the cobblestones, what do you thik
5/29/20172017 Giant Talon 3what is the weight
5/29/2017Specialized SpeedZone Sport WirelessHow to set for 29 inch rim
5/27/2017Schwalbe Rapid Robcan i use these 2.25" tires as replacement for my schwalbe rapid rob 2.1" tires
5/26/2017Louis Garneau Montana XT2weight
5/26/2017Trek x-caliber 6How much money
5/26/2017Trek 820price
5/25/2017GT iDrive 5 4.0want to sell my frame
5/24/2017Genesis Max air 2900what is weight of bike?
5/23/2017Bontrager Bontrager Flare 1 Taillightho do i remove the bracket
5/22/2017Trek 4500how to set breaks on the front
5/22/2017Scott Aspect 680what gears?
5/21/2017Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elitei have nerly the same setup
5/21/2017Cannondale Grind Platform PedalsHi! If you could find me these pedals..... I will buy!
5/20/2017Thule Thule Venture 3-Bike Trunk RackWill this fit a 2001 ford escape
5/20/2017CST BFTCan you run this tyre tubeless?
5/20/2017Trek Fuel EXmsrp fuel ex5
5/19/2017Gary Fisher Marlin Discdo u know the Marlin type gary fisher
5/18/2017KHS Alite 300Can it be a road bike also
5/17/2017Firefox Firefox Nuke D29erwhat is her weight
5/16/2017Polygon Cozmic CX 2.0 27.5what would be the price in india?
5/15/2017Motobecane 600DSwhat size rear shock would I put on it if I want to upgrade?
5/14/2017Trek X-Caliber 4Looking for recommendations for upgrades in order of importance. I have had this bike for a few years And need to replace the whole drive train without spending a fortune.
5/13/2017FiveTen Freeriderdo they come in lipless
5/13/2017Rocky Mountain Hammer 29what is the technical name for the front sprocket adjustable housing?
5/13/2017Malvern Star SWITCH 26-3 WWhat is frame made ofg
5/13/2017Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSHow many speeds gears is it
5/11/2017Scott Scale 970Medim
5/11/2017Scott Scale 970You could ride a medium or large. Personally I'd choose the smaller size it's a hair lighter less profile. You can tinker with bar angle and change your stem length or height. Also adjust seat forward or aft.
5/11/2017Raleigh Mojave 8.0I own a Raleigh Mojave 8.0 Mountain Bike is it suppose to shift gears by its self
5/10/2017Cube Cube Stereo 160 HPA SLIf interested in the Cube brand Chain Reaction Cycles in Ireland sells them. Great price for the XT line-up and many times they have free shipping and paid duty's. There customer service is outstanding.
5/10/2017Fuji Nevada 1.9 Dis it good?
5/9/2017Sr Suntour XCT V3 100 29"is it air
5/9/2017Trek X-Caliber 614kg without pedals so about 31-32 lbs
5/8/2017Shimano Shimano Acera SL-M310 Rapid Fire Shifter 7-SpeedHow to adjust the shifter
5/6/2017Giant Trance X4how much travel does the suspension have front and back
5/6/2017Giro Havocwhich direction is the front of the helmet
5/5/2017SRAM X0 Rear Derailleurwhat speeds are compatable 8,9,or ???
5/5/2017Giro RevelCan u wash it
5/4/2017Trek 4900Anyone know what size the headset cups are?
5/3/2017Schwinn Aluminum Compcan you adjust the handelbar height
5/1/2017Gary Fisher Cake 3 DeluxeIs there a recall on cake 3 swingarm separation ??
4/30/2017Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29erweight
4/30/2017Saturn Eagle Y2K MTB DSIs this bike good? Where can I find one?
4/29/2017Mazama KoosahDoes it have a magnet for the bite valve, like the osprey?
4/29/2017Diamondback OutlookWhat is tire size
4/29/2017Diamondback OutlookDoes it come with 28inch tires
4/29/2017Iron Horse Warrior 1.3Made in USA?
4/28/2017Cannondale Prophet 5howmuch money did the cannondale prophet 5 cost new
4/27/2017Giant TranceAbout in the 1,000 range and up for a good one
4/27/2017Trek 4300What is the price
4/26/2017Iron Horse Sinister 6.5how much does it wiegh
4/25/2017Trek 820weight
4/24/2017Cannondale Caffeine 29erWhat does the M weigh?
4/23/2017Haro Flightline Sport weight of bike
4/23/2017GT Backwoodsis a size 14 and a half a good size for a 5ft 4 inches woman
4/23/2017Head Accesswhat is the weight for this bike?
4/23/2017Trek 3500can trek 3500 be upraded with disc brakes
4/22/2017Maxxis Minion DHF PlusHow many is the overall diameter?
4/21/2017Cannondale F4How much for this bike
4/20/2017Bell Airstrike 1000Pump leaks out pump shaft can it be fixed
4/19/2017Haro Flightline 3DX how much should i sell it for?
4/18/2017Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSwhat size wheels on 2.6 FS?
4/16/2017Schwinn Protocol 1.0Is this a real deal bike, or just a cheap, crappy softtail? As a broke college beginner, am I better of buying a nice hardtail?
4/13/2017Gary Fisher Ferrous 29what is the fork offset
4/10/2017Avanti Black Thunder 26.1It cost a round 400 to 500
4/10/2017Scott Aspect 950When wasAspect 950 model launched? which year and how long will this model continue? This is required for taking decision to buy this bicycle.
4/9/2017Giant Rinconhow good us the derailer
4/9/2017Transition DoubleHow much is the bike ?
4/6/2017Shimano Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedalshow many colors
4/6/2017Fuji Nevada 27-5 1.5Price value
4/5/2017Barracuda A2Vwhat year is it
4/2/2017Specialized Atlas ShortsDoes this shop sell "Giant" brand bikes?
4/1/2017Raleigh Talus 5.0 Are the tires bad enough that I should switch them right way?
3/29/2017Giant S-XC2Wheels Giant-S-XC2
3/26/2017GT Avalanche 2.0How much new
3/26/2017Breezer Breezer Squall 1.0the squall 1.0 is a 29er, did you have problems converting to a 27.5? What are the specs on the wheels, and did you have to get a new fork?
3/23/2017Marin Bear Valley WFG Do they still make this bike in 17.5
3/22/2017Funn Funn Full Onwhat size is the clamping area 25 or 31
3/21/2017Devinci Desperado Svalue
3/20/2017Bontrager Air Support PlusHow does it work
3/17/2017Gary Fisher Kai Taihow much
3/15/2017Shimano Deore Disc Hub Rear M525can u use it for jumps.?
3/14/2017Kenda Slant Sixprice of slant six 30tpi wide brad
3/11/2017Shimano M475 hubCan i use it on enduro ?
3/8/2017Wrench Force Big Bobdoes it have presta andnormal valve fittings
3/8/2017Kobalt 1/8-in to 1-1/8-in Metal Copper Tube Cutterwhat is the cost of this set.
3/6/2017SUNringle DS2-XChow narrow a tire will fit this rim
3/4/2017Diamondback Optiondoes it hurt your bum
3/4/2017Kona UnitFrom where the the kona unit was fabrique
3/3/2017Tektro Dracowhat is the warranty on Tekro Draco brakes
3/3/2017Northrock XC29wich costco warehouse has it in stock
3/2/2017Specialized S-Works Enduro SL Carbondo they make this style fram in alum
2/28/2017Northrock XC29how heavy is this bike
2/28/2017Mongoose Canaan EliteIm looking for a workshop manual on this bike
2/27/2017Klein FervorWhere can I get one and what's the price.
2/27/2017Kona Mohalawhat is the weight
2/27/2017Lazer RevolutionHi there. My 11 year old son is a speed skater in New Zealand and I would really like a helmet with full face protection. Your design looks really good. Could you tell me how much it weighs and what size I would need please? Also a price would be good. Cheers
2/27/2017Raleigh Tokul 2how many pounds does the raleigh token 2 weigh
2/24/2017Gary Fisher Tassajarawhat year was this bike offered?
2/24/2017Santa Cruz Tallboy CarbonSantaCruz15-TBC2-SXC-0004 what are the copoenents on this bike? It has SLX Brake handles, Avid brakes, xt derailers--what are the other compoenents?
2/23/2017Bontrager AT550What size tubes do you need for tires
2/21/2017Trek Remedy 66year it come out
2/20/2017Gravity Bullseye MonsterHow many speeds
2/20/2017Thomson Elite X4 50mm
2/19/2017Motobecane 429HTis this bike stron
2/18/2017Blackspire Super Pro Chainring Setbolt patterns
2/17/2017Motobecane 400HThow much does it weigh
2/17/2017Giant XTC 29er 2price?
2/16/2017Diamondback Mission 332 lbs
2/15/2017Salsa BlackborowWhy are reviewers so averse to belt drives and rohloff hubs? can you think of someone other than yourself or like yourself (same thing)? what if someone wants to tour-ize a fatbike for handling those crappy sides of the road people run you off on? I need a hybrid fat bike that is set for touring, including raising the handlbars a bit and using a brooks saddle for comfort.
2/15/2017Fuji sx600What year is it
2/15/2017Specialized Fatboy Prorohloff possible?
2/15/2017Continental X Kingprice
2/14/2017Cannondale Beast of the Eastyou probably could, but 2 things:
2/12/2017Raleigh Talus 2.0What is the price
2/12/2017Xpedo Face Off XMX17ACAnybody tried these with the Xpedo DAX pins?
2/11/2017Cannondale Scalpel 29er 4what is the price?
2/11/2017Vetta Bike Trainerhow much does one cost
2/11/2017Firefox Firefox Nuke D29erHow much does it cost
2/10/2017Haro Steel Reserve 1.3Around $30-$50
2/10/2017Hayes Hayes MX-5 Mechanical Disc Brakewould the hays mx 5 fit the diamondback 2013 29er
2/10/2017Canyon Grand Canyon AL SLX 9.9what weight is it
2/8/2017Trek 6500Cost on how much does a treck 6500 alpha one excess cost to to buy
2/8/2017Trek 6500How much does a treck 6500 alpha zero excess mountain bike cost
1/31/2017Gary Fisher Tassajaravalue of bike
1/29/2017Specialized Rockhopperprice
1/29/2017Trek 6500Price
1/29/2017Diamondback Response Comp What's MSRPof this bike all stock
1/26/2017Rocky Mountain ETSX-70How much for the bike
1/26/2017Iron Horse Sinister 6.3how much could you sell one of these
1/24/2017Specialized Epic Comp 29erPRICE
1/24/2017Trek 3500What year is this bike
1/23/2017Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wirelessdoes it turn off
1/23/2017Garmin Oregon 650tadequate for mountain biking?
1/20/2017Bontrager G3 Team issuewhat is the cost
1/19/2017Motobecane 429HTi have this bike. how much does it way?
1/18/2017Giant Boulder SEwhat size tires and wheels on a 20" frame
1/17/2017Surly Karate Monkeyhow wide can I go with karate monkey rims 29er
1/17/2017Specialized Stumpjumper1987 mountain bike mint ?worth
1/17/2017RockShox Toraweight of the 318 S L
1/15/2017Cannondale F1000 Delta VWhat size shock does it use?
1/14/2017Trek 930price
1/14/2017WTB VelociRaptorare these tires tubeless?
1/10/2017Shimano XTR 970 Rapid Rise RearIs it available for 9 speed?
1/10/2017Shimano Deore LXHow good are deore lx conponents
1/8/2017Mavic Alpine XLwhat are the color variant
1/7/2017Novara Matadorwhat is the frame made of
1/6/2017Saracen Tufftrax Comp DiscHow is its performance
1/5/2017Iron Horse Maverick 1.5How much dose cost ?
1/5/2017Trek Fuel 7026"
1/4/2017Kona Dawghow much is it worth
1/1/2017Mongoose Massifwhere is it made
1/1/2017Trek 37007 speed or 21
12/29/2016Sidi Dominatoryes
12/29/2016Showers Pass Refuge JacketIs this jacket packable?
12/27/2016Cannondale TrailHow much does the small bike weigh
12/27/2016Specialized Fatboywhat is the identification number
12/26/2016Windsor Cliff 4900Who makes?
12/25/2016White Lightning Self Cleaning Wax Lubricantdoes tis work well with zippers.
12/23/2016Continental Trail King 2.4 ProTectionbest tyre pressure tubeless
12/23/2016Cannondale Trailis this a woman's bike
12/23/2016Fuji sx600what does this SX 600 cost ?
12/22/2016Raleigh Talus 8.0 Price
12/19/2016Polygon Collosus AX1.0weight
12/19/2016Royce Union 2000 PerformanceWhat does it cost?
12/17/2016Ryders Facethe face lenses are tinted but very lightly; are they still UV SAFE?
12/16/2016Cannondale F8weight
12/14/2016Giant Reign 2How much for 2012 model
12/14/2016Trek 4500what size frame does it have
12/14/2016Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29eris ir carbo fibre
12/11/2016Haro Flightline Sport what does my 2015 26"haro flightline weigh approximately?
12/8/2016GT GT Zaskar 100 Hans Reyhow much for the bike
12/6/2016Serfas MP-4 Switchstickhow much money does the bike cost
12/5/2016POC Joint VPD Shinis it machine washable
12/5/2016Kona BlastAnybody know if I can convert this bike to run sram nx?
11/30/2016Fuji Outlandweight
11/28/2016Malvern Star SWITCH 29-5price on bike
11/26/2016Genesis V2100How do I adjust back brakes? Keep from rubbing the tire?
11/26/2016Cannondale F4How much for the bike
11/24/2016Gary Fisher MambaWhat is the value of a trek mamba GARY FISHER G2
11/23/2016Motobecane Boris X5Will this bike take a frame bag?
11/23/2016Specialized Airlock tire Sealanthow many tubes can you use it in
11/23/2016Revant Elite HC3 LensesHow long are the temples?
11/22/2016Fuji Nevada 3.0price
11/20/2016Trek 4300 Discwhat weight is it
11/20/2016Santa Cruz Tallboy CarbonI read the tallboy C weighs 26.7 pounds
11/17/2016Bontrager LT3where can i buy one?
11/13/2016Oakley Ballisticare those riding pants or pajamas
11/9/2016Santa Cruz Blur LT2do you think that this is an enduro bike? contact me at i.malloy@g.fayar.net
11/8/2016Trek 3900 DiscWhat's the handlebar width
11/3/2016Giant RinconHow to buy giant rincin disc 2016 on this site
11/2/2016On-One 456 evo2 large frameby large you mean 18 inch or 20 inch?
11/2/2016Specialized Jynx 650BWeight of the bike
10/31/2016Specialized Specialized Pitch Expert 650bthere is no Pitch Expert. Just 650b, Sport, and Comp
10/27/2016Orbea MX 26 20What black hub does it use
10/23/2016Raleigh Mojave 5.0How to find out year of bike
10/23/2016Salsa MuklukChain size
10/21/2016Sette Signature Series 3/4 Finger XC GloveAre these gloves available?
10/19/2016Park IB-1 Multi-toolDoes ProPedals shop rent beginner bikes?
10/19/2016Park IB-1 Multi-toolDoes it rent bikes?
10/18/2016Scott Spark 40 Hom much for a 2012 model Scott spark 40
10/18/2016Garmin Edge 800can I program the Tour Divide ride with all turns and maps
10/17/2016Suntour Suntour SR XCT 100mmI got a cube aim with sun tour 100mm 27.5 forks what kind I
10/17/2016Schwinn Mesaprice
10/17/2016Fuji SLM 1.0How about the weight of the frame
10/17/2016Corratec X Vert Motionweight
10/14/2016Royce Union 2000 Performancehow much are shifting cable & break cable?
10/14/2016Royce Union 2000 Performancewhat do rims cost
10/14/2016Motobecane 500DSwhat does it weigh?
10/12/2016Specialized Epic Comp 29erHi, which size is this? I'm the same height and wonder if an L would suit me...
10/11/2016Giant RinconWhere is this bike made
10/10/2016Giant Stance 27.5 2What's the rear hub spacing? 142? I'm tryingto help a friend hunt down some wheels, buti need to know what the spacing is like to either accomidate for that or find spacers to fit.
10/10/2016Giant Stance 27.5 2I'm trying to help a buddy with this bike findsome wheels for it, but i'm having trouble finding out the rear hub spacing.anyone know off the top of their head?
10/9/2016Novara Torero 29er29 inches it median bike?
10/7/2016Hutchinson Scorpionwhat is the size
10/5/2016Bontrager Trip 100how to turn it off and on during a ride with many stop signs
10/5/2016Rocky Mountain Element 10The serial number PRB0600131 manufactured in what year
10/3/2016Giant ATX 27.5 2Does it have good suspension
10/3/2016Gary Fisher PiranhaPrice ??
10/3/2016SRAM SRAM PG-1020which cogs are in the 1020 cassette
9/30/2016Avid BB7Can we rent Some 'Downhil 'Mtb
9/29/2016Bell Airstrike 500 Telescoping Frame Pump With GaugeHow do I use it
9/24/2016Redline Monocog 29eris that a 1" fork ?
9/24/2016Avanti Black Thunder 26.1how much?
9/22/2016Gary Fisher TassajaraHow much is this bike
9/22/2016GT Karakoram Comp 2014price
9/22/2016Rock Shox Domain Dual CrownHow do you set it up for the rider
9/21/2016Bontrager Rhythm Comp ShortIs it fluorescent?
9/21/2016Bontrager Rhythm ShortIs it fluorescent
9/20/2016Sr Suntour XCTgram them with a tool and force them. just make sure that you don't screw them all the way and put force because you will strip the threads
9/19/2016Specialized Epic Comp 29erweight
9/19/2016GT xcr 1500Good bike for beginner?
9/17/2016Diverse DuelerSunday hours
9/17/2016Trek Marlin 7website says 31.86 lbs in 17.5 frame
9/15/2016Continental Vertical Proare the 2.3 vertical tyres any good on tarmac?
9/14/2016Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3Can the rockshox Monarch plus rc3 use in Giant Trance2015 size small, im worried that the boost valve will hit the frame when it bottom out. thank you
9/14/2016Rocky Mountain ETSX-30price new?
9/12/2016Scott Scale 930Is this bike good
9/10/2016Giant Trance 2Brake system
9/9/2016Nishiki PinnacleHow do you raise the handle bars
9/8/2016Giant Stance 27.5 2Nothing they are great
9/6/2016Pearl Izumi ISO TransitionIs this a good shoe for a combo Backroads trip with biking and hiking
9/5/2016Gary Fisher PiranhaHow much does a Pirahna weigh
9/5/2016Gravity G27Five G2 27.5what does it weigh?
9/5/2016Truvativ Hussefelt 1.1 DH pedal arms have movement in them
9/4/2016WTB Bronson 26" X 2.1 Comp Tireswhould these tires be good for a all terain? also do they shed mud good?
9/3/2016Cannondale Rize 4rear tyre
9/2/2016Trek 4500What's it like on the road
9/2/2016Santa Cruz Hecklerwhat year is this bike
8/30/2016Trek Skye SLMy girlfriend is looking for an entry level bike. Would this bike be a good fit for her? How long can you ride with these components before needing an upgrade? She wont be riding to hard but doesn't want to be limited in which trails to try.
8/26/2016Gravity Bullseye MonsterWhat bottom bracket can I get as replacement? I cannot locate the VP-BC63L.
8/23/2016Santa Cruz 5010total weight
8/22/2016Santa Cruz HecklerWeight
8/21/2016Diamondback Axis Pro 27.5price in $
8/20/2016Raleigh M20Is it durable
8/20/2016Giant Revel 2how much does it way
8/19/2016Airborne Sabrewhat components come on the sabre
8/17/2016Cygolite MityCross 300 LEDARE BIKES RENTED AT THE PARK?
8/17/2016Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxewhere do i find one
8/16/2016Cannondale Cannondale Jekyll 900SXprice
8/16/2016Rapid Fat-Bikeare they good bikes
8/15/2016Giant TranceI have got a 2008 one and i find that the sram do not work as good as the normal one
8/14/2016Kona SatoriAny problems with bearings or hubs?
8/13/2016Diamondback SorrentoI bought an 18" frame, I weigh 155lbs and am 5'11 - am I too big for this frame?
8/13/2016Schwinn S60 DSXWhere can I find pedals for these s60
8/12/2016Nishiki ColoradoValue
8/12/2016Fox Head Titan Sport JacketIs the sizing a true fit?
8/11/2016 Serious Provo Trail 27,5'How much does this bike weigh, built (mention frame size, please)?
8/11/2016Motobecane Fantom DS CompHow to adjust the sprocket gears derailers
8/9/2016Specialized Rockhopper Comp DiscWeight?
8/9/2016Rocky Mountain Soul 27.5How heavy is it?
8/8/2016Haro Steel Reserve 1.3Him much do replacement sprockets sell for
8/7/2016Alpinestars Alps Kevlar Knee GuardI need large size having problem finding my size
8/7/2016Diamondback RecoilI have a diamondback recoil 27.5 but it needs discs and brake pads
8/6/2016GT Talerahow much to buy brand new
8/6/2016Trek 4300how many gears
8/6/2016Fuji Nevada 2.0how long is chainr
8/5/2016Diamondback Recoil Comp What is the weight of the recoil comp
8/4/2016Trek 8000I am the original owner of a 2003 trek 8000 zr9000 custom alloy hardtail mountain bike that is barely used, how much is the value if my bike?
8/4/2016Ideal STROKEhow cost this bike
8/3/2016Trek 4300Does it have a Alluminium Frame
8/2/2016Access RaptorHow many speeds on this bike ?
8/1/2016Specialized FUSE EXPERT 6FATTIEPrice
7/31/2016Raleigh Talus$450
7/31/2016Trek Marlinare the marlin 5 shocks adjustable
7/31/2016Selle Royal ViperSaddle foe women...yes or no?
7/31/2016Gary Fisher Marlinhow can I tell how old my bike is
7/30/2016Giant Warp DS3Price
7/30/2016Jamis Dakar XAM 1.0price for bike
7/29/2016Gary Fisher WahooHow much speeds this bike have?
7/28/2016Salsa WoodsmokeThe chain stays being designed like that, how does it effect the sturdiness/durability of the frame at the bottom bracket ?
7/28/2016Salsa WoodsmokeThe drive side chain stay being designed like that, how does that effect sturdyness/durability at the bottom bracket ?
7/28/2016Bianchi InclineThis looks a lot like the purple Bianchi I had, although mine had the celeste trim (cables and seat). Does this sound right?
7/28/2016Suntour Suntour SR XCT 100mmHow to set a sag on xct fork
7/26/2016Bianchi M.U.S.Swhat is size of crank
7/25/2016Genesis V2100replacement front brakes? what am I looking for model# ?
7/22/2016Northrock XC6how much for this bike
7/22/2016Forte Loco RearHow close is this shop to the trails?
7/20/2016Iron Horse Iron Horse Warrior 3.2it is 30 lb
7/19/2016Focus BLACK FOREST 29R 5.0what size of rockshox fork i need to buy
7/14/2016Dawes Cycles USA HayMaker 2900what is the starting price
7/14/2016Yt industries JeffsyHow. Much. Money
7/14/2016Rock Shox Monarch Rhow to fix locked rebound
7/14/2016Gravity FSX 2.0 DShow does it do on trails
7/14/2016Ibex Ignition 3rentals
7/13/2016Giant Rinconwhat price for it
7/12/2016Giant XTC SE 2What Size bottom bracket does it take
7/11/2016Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSWhat size tires goes on the bike
7/11/2016Dawes Cycles USA HayMaker 2900how much does the bike weight
7/11/2016Northrock XC66061 Aluminium about 38 pounds
7/11/2016Mongoose Teocali Expert2016 teocali expert as all round mountainbike?
7/10/2016Specialized Pitch 650bHow much does it weigh
7/10/2016Scott Spark 760 Bikehow much ?
7/10/2016Fezzari Wiki Peakwheel size?
7/9/2016Corratec Superbow Fun 29price
7/6/2016Rock Shox Dart 2What causes my dart 3 to stick, badly!
7/5/2016Bell Sanction HelmetWhat is the weight of the helmet?
7/5/2016Jeep RenegadeFrom where the Jeep Mountain bike is made?
7/4/2016Serfas CL-15 Combination Cable LockHow to set combination
7/4/2016Kona Precept 130I keep hitting the pedal on rocks. It seems my pedal is to low.
7/4/2016Trek 4500what price
7/3/2016Bell Airstrike 500 Telescoping Frame Pump With Gaugehow to use gauge
7/2/2016Trek 4300How can the date of manufacture
7/1/2016Gary Fisher Mambahow do i find the year built
7/1/2016Schwinn Protocol 1.0how does it do on trails
6/29/2016Avid BB7Do you remove steel spring on top of pads after install
6/27/2016GT Backwoodshas anyone replaced the grips on the bullhorn bar? if so with what grips
6/26/2016Trek 930What price range
6/22/2016Cannondale Rush Feminine 2is this bikes geometry just like the males
6/21/2016Bianchi S.A.S.S.I recently bought one off craigslist, and I love it. I'm in the process of customizing it. I went to remove the rear wheel to replace the tire, old owner had maxis high rollers on it, great mud, gravel, and soft pack tires, but too gummy for my hard pack trail commute, anyhow, one of the Allen head screws that keeps tension on the chain and holds the black part together was stripped. Anyone know where I might find a replacement?
6/20/2016Giant Boulder SEprice
6/20/2016Cannondale Trail SL 29'er 4Should I upgrade to a rock shock recon 100mm??
6/18/2016Carrera MTB ROCK 27.5How much
6/18/2016Trek 930what frame size is the 930?
6/18/2016Panaracer Fire XC Proproper tire pressure
6/17/2016Gary Fisher Tassajarais this a men's bike
6/15/2016Kenda Slant SixHow many grams
6/14/2016Sr Suntour XCMis this an air over oil hydraulic fork?
6/13/2016Gravity Bullseye MonsterHow many price of this fat bike
6/12/2016Giant Revel 1How much is the price for the giant revel 1
6/10/2016Suntour Suntour SR XCT 100mmHow many gears does the Suntour XCT have? Any suggestions where to find the part to replace the gear shift lever and cable?
6/10/2016Ascent Adjustable Magnetic Trainerspecifications
6/8/2016Scott Scale 970I am 5'10 what will be my sizes in scale 970
6/7/2016Gary Fisher Tassajara200.00
6/5/2016Radon Skeen 9.0Does it have a good anti squat geometry ?
6/5/2016Fox Racing Shox DHX RC4who long is the eye to eye bolt holes
6/4/2016Nishiki Coloradohow much does it cost?
6/4/2016Hyper SummitWhat can be upgraded?
6/3/2016Mongoose DXR AluminumHow much it weighs
6/3/2016Specialized EPIC COMP CARBONHow much does this bike weigh?
6/2/2016Malvern Star SWITCH 29-7How much does the bike weigh?
6/1/2016Raleigh Mojave 8.0What is the purpose of the two silver hex screws at the bottom of the seat post, just above the front sprocket?
5/30/2016Redline D440 29erhow much money it costs
5/30/2016Trek Top Fuelhow many gears does it have
5/30/2016Gravity Bullseye Monsterhow many speed
5/29/2016Ryders ZephyrThis shop is no longer there.
5/29/2016Trek 4900Frame geometry? Headtube and Seatpost angle?
5/25/2016Trek 4500medium bike for what height of person
5/24/2016Titus Racer XWHat size is the headset?
5/24/2016Titus Racer Xwhat is the headset size please Matt
5/24/2016Titus Racer Xwhat is the headset size please Matt
5/23/2016Mongoose Blackcombspecs
5/22/2016Breezer Storm 29" 2014specs
5/21/2016Bontrager ProWrench Repair Standwhere is the wheel truing part go?
5/20/2016Shimano XT M785 Disc BrakeI have heard they ramp up and are inpredictable when running hot as the liquid expands. Is this what you mean by burn them in?
5/20/2016Shimano XT M785 Disc BrakeI have heard they ramp up and are inpredictable when running hot as the liquid expands. Is this what you mean by burn them in?
5/18/2016WTB Speed V CompDo you hire out bikes
5/17/2016WTB Moto Raptorwhat size tube for 2.4
5/14/2016Santa Cruz Tallboy CarbonWhat is its type of brake?
5/13/2016Bell Platinum Series Self Sealing Tubecan you pump air into it with a regular air pump
5/12/2016Northrock XC6How much does it weight and is it aluminum frame?
5/12/2016Carrera MTB ROCK 27.5how many gears
5/11/2016Earl Grey Floor PumpHow to turn lever on valve to pump tire
5/10/2016Shimano Saint M820what is braking torque ?
5/9/2016Trek 800 Sportis this bike fast, and how many speeds
5/9/2016Mongoose XR-100Does anyone have a link to the owner's manual?
5/7/2016Kenda Small Block EightLooking for a good gravel tire but also ride in town
5/7/2016Loaded Precision SignatureHow do the pedals actually grip your shoes
5/6/2016Shimano MT55 29"can you adapt 100mm axle to 12mm
5/5/2016Giant Talon 29erWould like some feedback on the giant talon 2 29 er, looking to buy one
4/30/2016Giant Roam 2I am looking into getting a Giant Roam 2 and I want to know what it can handle, (like trail wise) and also how good is it? Also can you tell me the pros and cons of this bike?
4/25/2016K2 Sidewinderwhat size frame is it
4/25/2016Forte ATB Comp PedalWhat size of threads 9/16
4/24/2016Gary Fisher 2007 Gary Fisher Wahoo Discis this bike fast, and how many speeds
4/24/2016Cannondale Prophetwhat is the bike worth
4/24/2016Scott Aspect Trail 29eris the bike good for riding on a flat surfice
4/23/2016Cannondale F7are the shoks locking
4/23/2016Airborne New Goblinloved the review.. is Airborne still in business .. thier web site seems to be abandoned as of April 22 2016?
4/20/2016Diamondback Response Sportwhat size stem?
4/19/2016Cannondale F9how do you raise the handlebars
4/18/2016Diamondback Outlookis the gear shifter metal vs. plastic?
4/15/2016SRAM X0 Grip Shifter (10spd)My stem is 4.25" long and vertical on the trike. will this fit. Is the cable eay ti rplace?
4/13/2016Giro Animaswhich giro roc loc version does it have
4/13/2016Mongoose Snarl 29erIs the frame aluminum or steel?
4/11/2016Do you rent bikes?
4/9/2016Huffy 29" Warhawk Mid-Fat Tirewill huffy Warhawk fit a midmotor
4/8/2016Mosso 660am30.9
4/8/2016Mosso 660am30.9
4/7/2016Continental Rubber QueenIs this tire tubeless
4/6/2016Suntour Suntour SR XCT 100mmis sr suntour sct 29 forks good
4/6/2016Fuji Tahoe Proaverage price of used fuji tahoe pro
4/5/2016Octane One VoidIs the kick stand attached to the bike
4/5/2016Bontrager Trip 5Wwhat type of battery is used?
4/5/2016Scott Spark 760 BikeHave a chance to purchase a 2014 Scott spark760 or a 2008 Santa Cruz Bullit. Scott is stock basically. Santa Cruz has many upgrades done in 2008. Scott 1100 obo Santa Cruz 1200. Which is a better deal?
4/3/2016Diamondback Mission 3what is the weight
3/31/2016Jeep Wrangler SEhow much does it cost
3/31/2016Diamondback Response Sportprice
3/31/2016Trek X-Caliberwhat type of wheels
3/28/2016Truvativ FireX CranksetWhat is the Q factor?
3/26/2016Specialized Pitch 650bWhat is porch expert
3/26/2016RockShox Revelationtravel on this fork?
3/24/2016Santa Cruz Bronson Cwhat is the weight
3/24/2016Trek Fuel EX 9what size is the rear hub of trek fuel x9 2009?thanks
3/23/2016Raleigh Talus 2.0what is the price of this bike
3/22/2016Kenda Slant SixHow to measure the air pressure ?
3/22/2016Kalin ATB HT 100how much is a kalin mountain bike
3/22/2016Iron Horse Sinister 6.3i just got this bike is it a good buy
3/18/2016* Mountain Bike! Texas & OklahomaI have a niece, who don't know how to ride a bike. Do you have classes on learning to ride a bike?
3/16/2016Trek 4300 Discdeore st
3/15/2016Giant TemptCan a rear rack for panners, be installed on this bike?
3/12/2016Princeton Tec Pushhow many lumens
3/10/2016Motobecane Fantom TeamHey guys- getting back into it after many years on a hardtail. I found a 2013 Fantom Team - great shape for $500. Is this a good deal? I don't know much about these frames; but all the components seem solid. Appreciate the input
3/9/2016Trek Wahoois it a very good road bike
3/8/2016Trek 4300 Discwhat is the weight of the bike
3/7/2016Diamondback Release 3 27.5 Bike 2016I am 187cm tall, what is the recommended size for this bike?
3/4/2016Tektro Novela SportDo you realize the cable is popped out of the barrel adjuster in the picture?
3/3/2016Bontrager AT-850 Double WallIs this wheel tubeless ready?
3/3/2016Redline D606What is the MSRP?
3/2/2016Giant XTC-2what headset for xtc 2?
3/1/2016Orbea Occam TRWhat components come stock on this bike?
2/28/2016SRAM X9 Rear DerailleurDo I need to change dérailleur to change my shifters
2/28/2016Trek 830 ALWhat is the MSRP?
2/26/2016Race Face Atlas High Rise HandlebarWhat colors are available?
2/24/2016Shimano HG50 10-Speed 11-36tWhat are the gears
2/20/2016Fox Racing Shox 32-F SeriesHow much?
2/19/2016Rock Shox Monarch Rhow do I upgrade this model
2/19/2016GT Karakoram Hans Rey 2014is this a good value bike for $650.
2/16/2016Gary Fisher Sugar 3+What is the travel on the shox
2/13/2016Garmin eTrex LegendCan't seem to get the maps to come up on my Garmin etrex Legend. What's the fix to that?
2/11/2016Cannondale F7How much is f7?
2/11/2016Origin-8 AmarokAnyone have a Trek 8.6 DS and if you do how you like it.
2/10/2016Origin-8 AmarokWill the vee snowshoe 2xl fit the amarok?
2/6/2016Colorado 29'er 2014How do I adjust the handlebar
2/4/2016Trek 3700how much to buy one
2/4/2016Rocky Mountain Soul 29weight ?
2/3/2016Hyper HavocHow much does it weigh?
2/2/2016Fuji Nevada 27-5 1.5What is the dif. Between the 29 and the 27.5 nevada
2/1/2016Trek 3900 Discwhats the seat clamp diameter
2/1/2016Royce Union 2000 PerformanceWhat is the MSRP?
1/31/2016Truvativ Descendantcan i put a xo chain ring on this crank
1/28/2016GT Sensor Expertwhat the weight on this bike?
1/26/2016Shimano Deore SL-M610 ShifterIs this a good shifter set? how does it compare to Alivio Rapid Fire? Why don't these shifters have numbered dials?
1/24/2016Giant RinconWhat length is the handlebar stem that came w this bike
1/22/2016Rocky Mountain ETSX-70Hi. Does this shop have a website or mail address"
1/22/2016Mongoose Mongoose MGX 21 speedIs this a good bike for trail ridding?
1/22/2016Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 29erHow much does the Hardrock Sport 29er weigh?
1/21/2016Haro Flightline Sport What does a carbon sport hard mtb weigh
1/20/2016Cygolite MityCrossCan it be mounted on a helmet?
1/20/2016Giant Iguanawhat is the price
1/13/2016Fuji Tahoe 1.5 27.5what is the weight
1/9/2016Cannondale TrailWhat model is good for weekend recreational rider off road
1/8/2016Shimano Altus EF51,SHIMANO SL-M310 ALTUS vs. SHIMANO ST-EF51 shifter, which is better
1/6/2016Giant RinconWhat is the weight of Giant Rincon DiscHardtail Mtb Recreation Lifestyle Bicycle, Men's 19
1/3/2016Race Face Rally FR Leg CombiDo you rent bikes
1/1/2016Specialized RockhopperWhat is a new bike worth ?
12/30/2015Access RaptorWeight?
12/28/2015Corratec X-Vert Carbon 0.2How much does it weigh
12/28/2015GT Avalanche 2.0What chain does this bike have
12/27/2015Geax Saguarowhich way do i install the directional saguaro tyre for speed
12/23/2015Shimano PD-M520Is the float adjustable
12/19/2015Giant Revel 2How much does it weigh
12/18/2015Genesis Sabre V2600what kind of tube does genesis saber 2600 use
12/14/2015KHS Ultrasport 2.0How much does this bike weigh
12/12/2015Rock Shox Dart 2What is the MSRP for this shock?
12/11/2015Fox Racing Shox Float RP2No it's not a full lockout
12/9/2015Giant Stance 27.5 2What is wrong with the maxxis ardent tires?
12/6/2015Giant S-XC2How big of a tire will this rim take?
12/4/2015Iron Horse Maverick 1.5what is the price
12/4/2015GT TimberlineIs a 20" frame tall enough for a 5'10 - 6' guy?
12/3/2015Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSWhat year did the shwinn ranger 2.6 come out new
11/30/2015Giant YukonWhat is a yukon giant mtb bike worth? How much should I pay for a used one?
11/28/2015Giant Contact Switch Remote Seatpostdoesnt use air as far as I know... all mechanical
11/28/2015Trek 3700Is the Trek 3700 a 26" frame?
11/14/2015Mongoose DXR Aluminumhow much does this bike cost
11/13/2015Giant TranceWhat type lubricant for suspention pivots
11/12/2015Specialized Rockhopperhow many speeds?
11/12/2015Corratec X Vert 29 0.1Weight
11/12/2015Cannondale Trail 3 2015What's the maximum fork travel you can put on this frame?
11/12/2015Cannondale Trail 3 2015What's the maximum fork travel you can put on this frame?
11/12/2015Cannondale Trail 3 2015What's the maximum fork travel you can put on this frame?
11/10/2015Jamis Cross Country 3.0how much does it retail
11/6/2015Motobecane Motobecane 529 HThow much does this weigh
11/6/2015Fox Racing Shox DHX RC4do you think i can use it also on a enduro bike or it would become very difficult during the pedaling section?? (devinci spartan)
11/3/2015K2 Sidewinderhow much is this bike new?
11/1/2015Salsa Bucksaw CarbonThat depends on what is important to you. In most cases, I would say no. If weight means a lot to you, and you have the means, then yes. The carbon version still feels a bit heavy...so the AL version is even more so
10/31/2015Diamondback Overdrive Comp What is the standover height on an 18" Diamondback Overdrive Comp 29r?
10/29/2015Trek HiFi Deluxe 29eris it tube less ready
10/24/2015Diamondback OutlookDoes it have front shocks
10/24/2015Bontrager Trip 5WDoes this unit have altitude.
10/22/2015Trek Top Fuel 8what are the specs for the top fuel 8?
10/21/2015Topeak Hexus 16 BlackAre there bike rentals
10/21/2015GT Sensor X Pro 27.5How much does this weigh?
10/21/2015Salsa Bucksaw Carbonin your opinion, is it worth the extra 1,500 to go the carbon route vs the aluminum model?
10/20/2015Giant Contact Switch Remote Seatpostwhere is the valve to pump the air into it
10/20/2015KHS 4 Season 5000Quick way of adjusting seat
10/20/2015KHS 4 Season 5000Seat post auto adjustment
10/18/2015Kore Direct Mount Marzocchi 888How much is it
10/18/2015Sidi DrakoHow much does it weigh
10/15/2015Pinarello Dogma XC 7.7anyone want to share ride experience with the bike
10/14/2015Saracen Tufftrax MensHow is the suspension of this bike?
10/11/2015Giant Rinconhow does it cost
10/10/2015Giro Codeis this shoe adequate for wide feet
10/6/2015Titan 29R CruzWhat is the weight of this bike?
10/5/2015Bontrager DusterWhat is the weight of this bike?
10/4/2015Raleigh Mojave 8.0Does this bike have aluminum frame and wheels?
10/2/2015Jeep Cherokee SEwhat's it worth
10/2/2015Giant ATX 27.5 2Any idea what heaset to use?
10/2/2015Mongoose DolomiteWhat is the tire width?
9/30/2015Santa Cruz Tallboy CarbonHow much does it weight?
9/29/2015Spank Spike 777 EvoWhat is the raise, width and length of the bar?
9/28/2015Fuji Nevada 1.0Do handlebars adjust up?
9/27/2015Genesis V2100Why would my back tire go flat every other day?
9/27/2015Trek 800 Sportis it cro-moly frame
9/26/2015Royce Union 2000 PerformanceWhat is the MSRP on this bike?
9/24/2015Cannondale Trail SL2What is the wheel size on this bike?
9/23/2015Supercycle Hooligancan it be used for downhil
9/23/2015Giant Iguanawhat is the price
9/22/2015RockShox DartHow do you adjust this shock?
9/18/2015Bontrager SSR MultisportIs the cleat adjustable up and down the sole, or do you have to leave it in the same place like road shoes
9/17/2015Fuji Nevada 4.0is it good for down hill riding
9/16/2015Park Socket & Bit SetDo you rent bikes to adult women
9/15/2015Trek 930what the price on 939singletrack mountain bike 1994model
9/15/2015Cannondale F5How much $
9/14/2015Diamondback Recoil33 lbs
9/13/2015K2 Sidewinderis it trash or a good mountain bike
9/11/2015Airborne Toxincan this bike be used to ride mtb enduro
9/10/2015Soma Juice (Brownstone)Howdy, considering this as my next commuter (mixed commute, trail, dirt road, paved) wondering if you're still loving it after more than a year?
9/9/2015Giant ATX 760how many speeds
9/9/2015Trek 2014 trek fuel ex 8 27.5What is the stock stem length?
9/8/2015Bell Airstrike 500 Telescoping Frame Pump With Gaugethe pump has a spring on one side and plastic nitil on the other what side for Presta and what side for schaver
9/3/2015Motobecane Boriswhat brakes come spec on borus
9/3/2015Kona BlastWhat size rider fits this bike
9/3/2015Sidi Dominatoris this spd compatible
8/30/2015Men's Ridge Shortwill an iphone fit in the front pocket?
8/29/2015GT All Terrahow much does it weigh?
8/28/2015Lynskey MT 29 2014I am 5'7 with shoes on; 5'7" without. What frame size?
8/27/2015Turner Sultan Expert TRCan anyone give me the specs for this bike?
8/27/2015Corratec X Vert 29 0.3what its group set?
8/23/2015Mongoose Arguswhere can i buy
8/23/2015Genesis Max air 2900How good is the suspension
8/22/2015Kenda NevegalDoes kenda make a 2.50 navagal folding tire
8/21/2015Giant Talon 29erHow does talon four compare to trek marlin five.?
8/17/2015Miele MONZAhow much does this bike weigh
8/15/2015Scott Aspect 660Do you have to use a special air pump to accomodate the valve stems
8/15/2015Corratec X-Vert Carbon 0.2How much does it weigh?
8/13/2015GT Backwoodsi want to know what the price i would put on a GT backwoods mountain bike triple triangle
8/13/2015Troy Lee Designs A1I am at the top of the size in XS/SM with exactly 26cm. I might go for the next size which is MED/LG 57-59cm, any suggestions for this helmet or perhaps another brand to take in consideration for a durable investment?
8/12/2015Cannondale F7how many speed
8/10/2015Trek Trek Superfly 9.8 X1how compliant are the rear stays?
8/10/2015Redline Monocog 29erIs it heavy, and what is the style of the peddles
8/8/2015Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29can you install a kik stand on it
8/5/2015Garmin eTrex 20xwhat is the difference between the 20x and the 20
8/4/2015Giant Trance X1Anyone know the approx weight of one
8/3/2015Fox Racing Shox 32 Vanillahow much does it weigh
8/2/2015Ravx Econo X Mini bike pumpWhere can I get instructions for use?
8/2/2015Ravx Econo X Mini bike pumpWhere can I get instructions for use?
8/2/2015Ravx Econo X Mini bike pumpHow do I use it?
8/2/2015Bell Air Attack 500does it fit schrader
8/2/2015Ravx Econo X Mini bike pumpHow do I use it?
7/31/2015Scott Spark 60 What's it like
7/29/2015Ellsworth EpiphanyWhat size tire
7/29/2015Diamondback RecoilWhat is the weight of this bike
7/27/2015Bontrager Nebula Plus WSDWhat is the width? I need a 165cm.
7/26/2015Pearl Izumi ELITE MTB GloveThis is the glove I'm looking for, but do you have cut off fingers
7/21/2015Trek Fuel 70What is the tire size?
7/21/2015Bell Sports Triple-Back 3-Bike RackWill this rack fit on a 2009 Dodge Journey?
7/19/2015Trek 930How to determine the year of my bike
7/19/2015Jeep Wrangler SEwho make the jeep bikes?
7/18/2015Gravity FSX 29OneIs this a reliable bike? I have read plenty of reviews of people who say it basically falls apart. I want a bike for some semi rough entry trails, and i dont want it to fall apart haha
7/17/2015Fuji Outland 29 RCLooking to upgrade the wife's 26er, and came across this bike on Price Point somehow. As it's an '09 model, I have no idea how they have these in stock, but whatever. Anybody have info on sizing? I'm going to assume tha tthe 19" would be too big, as my wife is only about 5'5".
7/15/2015Wrench Force Micro Mini Pumphow does it work
7/15/2015KHS 2500Hasn't anybody demoed this bike? I would appreciat any info you could offer.
7/12/2015Motobecane 429HThow much does this bike weigh?
7/12/2015Gary Fisher Tassajarahow much is this bike
7/12/2015Specialized Air Tool CompCost for Specialized Com air pump?
7/9/2015Sr Suntour XCTAny idea why I cannot longer adjust the fork? After I used it a couple of time the adjusters are stuck...
7/9/2015Devinci Jack XP WFHow many gears
7/8/2015Fuji Nevada 2.0How much does it weigh?
7/8/2015SRAM S1250what is the q factor for the crank arms?
7/7/2015Dawes Cycles USA Haymaker 1000what is the weight of the dawes haymaker 1000 13"
7/7/2015Genesis Max air 2900how much it cost?
7/2/2015Gary Fisher MakoHi Guys, I'm from Australia, Travelling the US before heading to Europe for an event.
7/2/2015Gary Fisher MakoHi Guys,
6/29/2015Vitus Rapide iiwhat is the diameter of the seat post
6/29/2015Cannondale Rize 4what are other rear suspesion shocks compatible with the cannondale rize 4?
6/28/2015Scott Aspect 20how much it cost
6/25/2015Oneup Components RADr CageAre you using the rear derailure Goat link? I recently bought the 42 tooth and waiting for the bike to arrive in the bike shop, but I purchased the Goat LInk to help with the issue your having. I wonder if I use all 3 if that will help??
6/25/2015Cannondale F7Would a Cannondale F7 with a 17" frame fit a 10 year old boy?
6/24/2015Fox Racing Shox Fox 4 AlpsHow to service fox alps 4
6/23/2015Fox Racing Shox Float RP2Is it a full lock out shock?
6/22/2015Fox Racing Shox VAN RC shockcan it be repaired
6/22/2015DT Swiss XM 18068 kg rider what pressure in shock
6/21/2015WTB Vulpine 29erwhere can I buy ?
6/18/2015Gravity G27Five G2 27.5what break pads are used
6/18/2015Specialized Hardrock Disc SE 26specs? the web page I visited had a picture and little else.
6/17/2015Jamis Halo XCHow much does it weigh?
6/15/2015Trek Fuel EX 7Hey would it be worth it getting this bike
6/15/2015Gravity Deadeye Monsterwhat does it weigh
6/13/2015Trek 8.3 DSWhat is the price
6/12/2015Kona Fire MountainI am getting into bike packing and want to get a bike that I can do longer distance, gravel, some dirt on. Needs to be on lighter end for long distance trips, but as I am new to bike packing, dont want to spend a lot. WOuld the Kona Fire Mountain be a good start? I already have a nice road bike and a fs bike, but it is too heavy. Thanks
6/10/2015Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FSWhat's the frame size?
6/9/2015K2 Zed 4.9How has this bike held up for you and how rough of trails would you take it on?? Thanks!
6/9/2015K2 Zed 4.9I'm looking at buying one of these bikes, but I'm a little hesitant. How has it held up for you and how rough have the trails you've taken it on been? I can get one for a heck of a price right now, but I wanna make sure it will hold up. Thanks!!
6/7/2015K2 Base Sport 3.0what is the price?
6/5/2015Mongoose Argus35 lbs
6/5/2015Rocky Mountain ETSX-50hours
6/5/2015Trek Fuel EX 8what is the weight of a stock Trek Fuel ex 8
6/4/2015Trek 6000How many gears
6/3/2015Giant Revel 1how much is the cost/price for the "giant revel1
6/2/2015Gary Fisher Marlinhow much does a gary fisher marlin cost
6/1/2015Mongoose DXR Aluminumhow much
6/1/2015Ryders Binder Interchangeablewere do you get the lens
5/31/2015Polygon Plateau 2.0Is this mtb polygon tough
5/30/2015Specialized Butcher DH TireIs the butcher grid 2.3 tire okay to run on the rear I have an evo enduro evil enduro
5/29/2015Trek Session 10what size is the bottom bracket bearing ?
5/28/2015Giant Tempt 5how much does this bike weigh?
5/28/2015Mosso 660amseatpost size?
5/28/2015Mosso 675TB7how you rate this bike
5/27/2015Trek 6500whats the price of s 6500 zx trek mens bike ?
5/26/2015Ritchey WCS 1-Bolt Mast Topperwhat post size is it and offset
5/25/2015Race Face Good 'N' Evildo you rent bikes?
5/22/2015Airborne HobgoblinAny idea of the weight of this bike, as spec'd below?
5/22/2015Specialized XC Mini Riser Handlebardoes anyone know the weight of this bar?
5/17/2015Trek Superfly 100 ALIs it an all mountain bike
5/14/2015Cannondale Trail 6this bike for men or women
5/14/2015Rock Shox Reba SLhow do you remove the wheel
5/12/2015WTB Rocket V SLTIs it hard on the butt
5/10/2015Iron Horse Iron Horse Warrior 3.2what is the weight
5/7/2015Felt Double DoubleWhat's the difference between the 30 and 70?
5/3/2015Raleigh Talus 2.0what is the price of this bike
5/1/2015GT DHI Prohas anyone got a pdf manual for these?
4/30/2015Hyper HavocThis bike has a fork/ stem diameter of .833"/ 21.15mm; Crown race inside diameter of 26.4mm; frame cup outside diameter is 32.7mm. Is it possible to upgrade to an inch fork? What head set size should be used. Thank you.
4/26/2015Giant ACwhat is the cost
4/23/2015Kona Coiler Dee-LuxI have one should i sell it for 1000
4/22/2015Trek 4300what is the weight
4/20/2015Kona Blastweight?
4/14/2015Marin Bobcat Trail What is the price of this bike ?
4/14/2015Cannondale F5how much are they
4/9/2015Specialized Camber Comp 29what is the weight
4/7/2015Mongoose Argushow much does it weigh?
4/7/2015Specialized Pitch 650bbAwsome- its been nearly 5 months since your review. Can you give an updated review on this bike?
4/6/2015Corratec Revolution SL XTRwhere could I buy this bike from the uk
4/3/2015Cannondale Trail 4how much does it weigh?
8/11/2014Giant XTC-2weight?
8/10/2014Giant Yukonwhat is a yukon 27 speed worth
8/8/2014Crank Brothers Mallet 3Is there good grip if you just have normal shoes on, I am thinking about getting these pedals be want to know is they can be used as platforms
8/4/2014Cannondale Killer V 900What's the cost on this bike
8/1/2014Maxxis High Roller USTI ride 2.3's currently. What size do you recommend in Kevlar tubeless? Thx
7/23/2014Giant Boulder SEi need to get a stem riser what size do i need for my giant boulder se
7/21/2014Trek 4300Seat post size?
7/15/2014Iron Horse Maverick 1.5what is the price
7/13/2014Dirty Dog Web Rotorwhat size is it a 160mm or a 140mm, or even a 180mm
6/26/2014Schwinn Ranger 2.6 FShow many speeds is this bike
6/24/2014Trek 4300price
6/24/2014Trek 4300price
6/24/2014Trek 4300price
6/23/2014Giant Giant Revel 29erDid anyone add or changed any items on this bike?
6/23/2014Novara Ponderosacan the pondarosa be used for jumps?
6/10/2014Raleigh Talus 5.0 I have this bike and want a tire that is more durable and that will have better traction on dirt and rocks. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to switch to?
6/4/2014Kona BLAST 27.5Just got this bike, I am replacing my Kona Fire Mountain From about 16 years ago. I absolutely Love Kona and love this bike, easy and comfortable to ride, nice components.
4/19/2014Giant Obsess Advanced 1Looking to order one of these in August (small): anyone ride one?
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/18/2014Centurion Backfire 600.27
4/6/2014Marzocchi 888hi, can you tell me what headset i can use for this fork since it has a straight 1-1/8" steer tube while the pathogen headtube is tapered...thanks.
4/5/2014Lapierre Pro Race 229is this bike fair enough for the price? planing to buy one
4/1/2014Motobecane FB4 EliteIs the pedal size 1/2in or 9/16 spindle?
3/25/2014Gravity 29point1whats it weight 17.5
3/23/2014Gary Fisher Sugar 3+Har en sugar 3 på gång, c:a 10 år gammal, väldigt bra skick.Vad ska man ge för en sån ?
3/22/2014Rocky Mountain Hammerasking price
3/22/2014Bontrager AT550I ride with this rims since the day I've got my trek 3900disc. After a period they needed to be trued, several times.After that, they are hanging on pretty good, but still heavy :). I do cross country competitions. Rarely I jump with my bike.
3/22/2014Nishiki Reno N7What is the cost
3/21/2014Raleigh TalusHow much does this bike cost?
3/21/2014Iron Horse Yakuza 5.1don't it shake when you brake.??
3/20/2014Ibis Mojo HDR 650bHow difficult is it to switch this bike from 27.5 to 26?
3/19/2014Origin-8 CrawlerIs this bike ONLY available with an internally geared rear hub, or can it come with a standard drivetrain instead?
3/19/2014Lake MXZ302Are these shoes spd-compatible?
3/19/2014Giant ACIs this bike still being made in 2014?
3/18/2014Answer Fall Line DHHow true to size do these fit?