Publishing Principles

Singletracks started in 1999 with the goal of helping mountain bikers find the best trails to ride. As mountain bikers ourselves, we had a hard time finding information about mountain bike trails and decided to create an online resource that quickly expanded to include information about equipment choice, bike repair, and skill improvement.

Today we exist to share factual and relevant information and resources related to the sport of mountain biking. In order to provide useful and current mountain bike information, relies on its staff, contributors, and readers to abide by the core values, mission, and vision as outlined below.

Core Values

  • Honesty in all communication and interaction
  • Respect for others and for the environment
  • Accountability for communications and actions
  • Adaptability to community needs and desires

Singletracks works to keep editorial and commercial content distinctly separate. The editorial staff and contributors are given latitude to plan, investigate, report, and offer opinions without regard to advertiser interests. To be clear, the Singletracks’ editorial mission is not to promote the mountain bike industry. Instead, we strive to provide an honest look at the sport of mountain biking, the good and the bad, using a journalistic approach.

Our writers and editors pride themselves on a fair and professional approach to stories and we don’t share drafts with our subjects and sources ahead of publishing. If you have concerns about what was said in an interview, contact the writer and/or Singletracks editors.

All of our interviews are considered to be on the record, unless the subject states otherwise. Read here to learn more about speaking on background, anonymously, or off the record.

Our staff and contributors are mountain bikers just like our readers, and our mission is to share the mountain bike information that inspires the most epic adventure yet. As such, the primary goal is to inform readers, rather than sensationalize. Everything we publish and produce has a thread connecting it to the sport of mountain biking.

Singletracks readers are a diverse group in terms of age, gender, race, and geography. We strive to connect with all mountain bikers, especially those that identify as trail riders. It is also our goal to give the mountain bike community a space to connect and offer diverse perspectives on our sport.

Use of generative artificial intelligence

Singletracks does not publish content generated by artificial intelligence (AI). However, we may use generative AI tools to suggest article titles, summaries, and social media captions which are evaluated and/or modified by human editors before publication.