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Woonsocket // Rhode Island

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thundermtb   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
thundermtb   on Feb 19, 2004
added Snake Den State Forest
Another little shit hole of a place to ride. Good for beginners or for a change of pace. They no...
thundermtb   on Feb 17, 2004
added Durfee Hill
Small managemnet area. mostly fire roads and double track. Varied terrain some tech. some not. Hilly as name applies. Hepful...
thundermtb   on Feb 16, 2004
added Ashland State Park
Small easy loop. they have a duathalon here twice a year Mountain biking and running. The loop is not so...
thundermtb   on Feb 16, 2004
added Blackstone River Heritage Canal
Known as goat hill. The first time I went here I thought it was boring however, there are some really...
thundermtb   on Feb 16, 2004
added Mt. Snow
I'm suprised no one posted this one. This is a well known ski resourt. They offer mountain biking in the...
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added Diamond Hill State Park
NEMBA holds race at this location. Hilly as its name would imply. Mostly rocky fire roads and patches of singletrack....
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added Franklin State Forest
Network of trails. I ride a 7 mile loop. Great training ride. Windy, twisty, a lot of turns. Not too...
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added Middle School Loop
Trail Head is located in the right corner of the parking lot. Mostly single and double track. Not too technical,...
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added North South Trail
Trail marked in yellow. Trails run forever from Pascoag into Douglas State Forest to Pulaski and beyond. Some very technical...
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added Colt Farm
Old railroad beds, doubletrack and power lines. Hilly, moderately techanical. Not my favorite place but it's close to home.
thundermtb   on Feb 15, 2004
added Black Hut Management Area
Fire roads with some hidden singletrack. I ride an 11 mile loop that requires you cross some pavement. Tough to...
3 Mile loop marked in blue.... 6 mile red..... 8 mile orange.... all trails clearly marked. Mixed bag single, double,...
thundermtb   on Feb 14, 2004
added Douglas State Forest
Mixed bag of terrian. Fire roads, singletrack, doubletrack and some dirt roads. Extremely rocky with high technical score. Trails stretch...
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