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Mongwolf, glad your son was ok. Guess, it's a part of a game for all of us, not normal :)
What a story, John! Reminded me how I had to get my head stitched twice by the same doc when I was in school. Her reaction was very similar.
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
rode 17.9 miles at Lebanon Hills

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lebanon Hills conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
rode 10 miles at Lebanon Hills

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   1 week ago
updated Lebanon Hills conditions to Good
No hand landing looks impressive.
stumpyfsr   2 weeks ago
replied to The Rise of the YouTube Celebrity
We are spoiled with quantity and quality of MTB videos available today. For seasoned riders it is boring to watch all that B-roll, that show pedals, shoes, shifters etc. But those who...
stumpyfsr   2 weeks ago
replied to Lower MN folk ??
There're some difficult spots on some trails here in Cities but majority are Intermediate. Definitely ride Lebanon. Also, Murphy Hahnrehan, Elm Creek, Hillside Park, Theodore Wirth. Little further from city Memorial Park in...
Watch your back, John. Cause MTB inquisition won't let it go for sure :) I agree with you on Cuyuna. It's ranking is artificial. This is a fun trail but it has to be repeated. Duluth has enough trails for a long weekend and could be even more once Duluth Traverse will be finished. About…
stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
rode 14.8 miles at Lebanon Hills

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
updated Lebanon Hills conditions to Good
Uphill flow is indeed a cool idea, I've tried such trails in Duluth. Greg is right that you don't need e-bike for it, normal bike would do the same. However I didn't felt comfortable with trail being two-way because it's hard to let off your brakes and lean into berm going down when you know…
stumpyfsr   on Mar 27, 2017
rode 45 miles at Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail

Night Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Mar 25, 2017
rode 16.4 miles at Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail

Lunch Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Mar 25, 2017
updated Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail conditions to Fair
What an adventure! Glad you guys made back to camp ok. While reading I couldn't stop thinking about bikes you left behind and a trip to retrieve it, which could be worth of another story.
stumpyfsr   on Mar 7, 2017
replied to Front & Rear Tire suggestions
It really depends on personal riding style and terrain. From what I've tried I like Maxxis Minnion SS up front and Ardent on rear. Kinda a good medium between heavy downhill and...
stumpyfsr   on Mar 6, 2017
replied to Best vehicle for mountain biking?
Pick up isn't bad except it's fuel consumption. AWD wagon would be much better bike hauler and everyday driver. There was no such a trailhead that I couldn't reach with my Forester....
stumpyfsr   on Mar 3, 2017
replied to 26er
What 26er parts did you meant? Wheels and forks? Sure it's not as available as other sizes but it's still there and much cheaper then it was ever before. And how many...
Looks like a cool, fun, ride you had, John. I did a few times similar rides in St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Idea was to ride as many trails as possible in one day, without using a car. There was a pavement involved between trails but it was still fun 120-mile loop. Can't wait for trails to…
Talented rider paired with a good team is a straight way to win. Of course, a fair amount of luck was involved too.
You're right, Greg. Sometimes it's better to cut off that detour to brewery before uploading on Singletracks ????
Well, I'm trying to ride. Not always those rides are long or successful though :) I stick to idea that there's no bad weather, just a wrong gear. Gotta check these pants out.
Thanks for reply. I'm normally riding in two base layers and wind proof pants. But at 15 below that's not enough. At that low temperature saddle feels like a chunk of ice.
It's a title that caught my attention the most. Such an absolute statement about this commercial as best ever. I'm sure one day we will see a better one.
stumpyfsr   on Mar 1, 2017
replied to Climbing Techniques
Short answer is the more you climb the better you get at it. To expand it a bit I'd say every advise, mentioned above, is good. Except focusing on your front wheel. Never...
Thank you, Greg, for a good review. Have you tried it in below 0 temperatures yet? How was it?
Haven't seen many LBS commercials but if this one is "The Best LBS Comercial Ever" I'm afraid even to imagine how is worst one looks like.
I ride with hydration pack always. It's very small but keep all necessary gear with me and ready for a ride anytime. If I was looking for a way to go pack less,...
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Just another way for bike companies to sell their product. I know for sure that if I'm busy to ride my regular bike then I'll be busy to ride e-bike as well. Pretty...
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