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Nice video. That’s how Danny’s daily ride looks like.
Every trail here looks interesting and definitely worth riding. Time to pack camping gear and start riding new trails.
stumpyfsr   on Feb 24, 2018
rode 8.9 miles at Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail

Riding during snowstorm is so peaceful via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Feb 24, 2018
updated Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail conditions to Fat Bike
Tried Sawer filter long time ago. One broke, replacement held alright but those pouches are true nightmare to fill up in a lake or slow stream. Platypus takes slightly more space but is easier to operate, especially on multi day adventure. Otherwise it’s a great tips for every rider who consider an all day epic…
stumpyfsr   on Feb 1, 2018
rode 8.3 miles at Lebanon Hills

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Feb 1, 2018
updated Lebanon Hills conditions to Fat Bike
stumpyfsr   on Jan 27, 2018
replied to Riding With a DSLR camera
Definitely ditch battery grip, one battery is enough to shoot all day long unless you use it for video. Consider smaller lighter lens, 35 or 50mm depends on where you ride. And...
it Definitely looks different. And now I wanna ride it even more then before
It is correct, tire pressure drops at lower temperatures. What I meant is that no matter what the outside temperature tire pressure should be based on terrain you riding on. For example,...
Air temperature shouldn’t affect your tire pressure. For example, riders at Arrowhead 135 race exposing their bikes (and their bodies) to much colder temperatures. It all depends on surface that you riding...
Good tips. Also, depends on terrain it could be a good idea to switch to flat pedals and good hiking shoes.
Interesting idea, Greg. Some paying a little but often, while others doing it once and big. I’ve heard saying “if you don’t crash, you don’t go hard enough”. But what is a measurement of “hard enough”? Everyone making a choice for themselves. For example, once, after a long day on downhill trails, I already felt…
stumpyfsr   on Dec 12, 2017
replied to better upgrade: fork or dropper?
At first I wanted to say “fork”. But after you further explained your trail and riding I’d say dropper post definitely make more sense. Just keep in mind that different bikes has different...
Since prices for decent bikes skyrocketed to 5-6000 it’s not an option I’m considering. $2-3k is what quality full-suspension is worth for me.  
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I’ll secobd on fat Bike. Preferably one that will allow suspension fork later. These bikes are tanks and you’d have to really rip trails to destroy one. Hiking trails in PA usually looks...
stumpyfsr   on Dec 3, 2017
replied to Do you cross train?
I don’t consider it cross training yet I believe that hiking, rock climbing, downhill skiing and mountain biking help each other for me.
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Freeze/thaw conditions can keep me away from trails.
First time I had to do this was on 10-day trip on Boundary Waters. Was raining three days in a row and not much good dry wood around. Luckily havnt been on a day trips that went wrong yet
Nice. Never thought that Corbets Colouir could be ridden by bikes
Great article. One skill I had to use more then once is starting a fire in the rain. Since everything is wet I had to split branches and use dry inner parts to start a fire and dry myself.
stumpyfsr   on Nov 16, 2017
replied to glasses
Photochromatic glasses is a way to go. Unless you riding in the desert a lot. I use mine in any conditions day and night. Sure, glasses do fog up and get dirty. To...
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stumpyfsr   on Nov 16, 2017
replied to Stupid Question Sunday
I’d say for the cost of durable electrical tape you can buy a dedicated neoprene sleeve for your chainstay. It should cost around $5. Maybe $10 maximum. In general tape is too thin...
One more reason some folks don’t ride at night - some parks/trails are officially closed after dark or like 10 pm. And motivation, of course. When 0F outside it’s hard to push yourself outside. Yet those are usually are most memorable rides.
stumpyfsr   on Oct 1, 2017
replied to What is going on with the GT brand?
Didn't you notice all those "defects" mentioned before swiping your card in the store? If so, you most likely had a remote idea how much would upgrade cost. I'm not defending GT...
Wow! I've heard someone was working on the bikepacking route that include all 14ers in Colorado. This guy definitely went further. Applauding to his effort.
I'd give these a try, provided it will be priced reasonably. Too bad that regular patches won't work.
stumpyfsr   on Sep 24, 2017
rode 30.5 miles at Copper Harbor Trails

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Sep 24, 2017
updated Copper Harbor Trails conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   on Sep 23, 2017
rode 24.8 miles at Copper Harbor Trails

Afternoon Ride via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Sep 23, 2017
updated Copper Harbor Trails conditions to Good
stumpyfsr   on Sep 23, 2017
added a review of The Underdown

This trail is very similar to Rock Lake or Nicolet National Forest. It's a constant workout over rocks and roots....
stumpyfsr   on Sep 23, 2017
added a photo of The Underdown
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