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stumpyfsr   4 days ago
replied to Fat bike for single tracks
You assumed it right. All those bikes are great choice and you'll have fun riding any brand. I rode on Specialized and Trek and would pick FatBoy simply based on how bike...
<p style="text-align: left;">Never used those for the same reason as others - last thing I want to happen on the trail is catch a branch or vine with it.</p> <p style="text-align: left;">Sometimes I...
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stumpyfsr   4 days ago
replied to looking for MTB trip inspiration
options are limitless. Most important is not squeezing as many trails in those 10 days. Personally, I can fully enjoy a trail only on a second and following rides, because on a...
Yeah, it took me a while to accept that fat bikes aren't really go-thru-anything machines. Everything has its limits. But it's still a lot of fun despite all that hard work. Good video!...
I repeat others that it's not the best idea if there's interest involved. You buy a bike with "discount" just to pay that amount and more in interest charges later. Even if there's...
Good stuff! Wish only this and similar disorders bother us for the rest of the life.
So often we postpone that very first step for tomorrow instead of doing it right now like all those famous athletes did. Great article, Greg.
I thought a Slot Machine was the steepest feature I've ever seen. Until now. This guy is talented and fearless.
stumpyfsr   2 weeks ago
added 2 photos.
In a new Sombrio kit and Bell helmet I'm ready to roll
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I rode my Stumpjumper FSR 29er in New Jersey and it felt alright. I actually was rather surprised to find such a great trail for the area - climbs, descents, moss-covered chunky...
stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
replied to Buying used mountain bikes
It's not hard to buy parts for that bike and it'll be cheap to replace. Rather it's worth upgrading or not it'll be up to you to decide, but no matter how cool...
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stumpyfsr   3 weeks ago
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
I noticed most of us started off on some sort of entry level or department store bikes. I'm no different. My first mountain bike was full-suspension Mongoose that I bought used. After trying...
stumpyfsr   on Dec 23, 2016
replied to Fat biking year round???
I'd try riding your normal bike in winter first and then, if you like it, buy a fatbike. I was riding my 29er in winter - it's easy after few fat bikes...
stumpyfsr   on Dec 15, 2016
replied to Riding skinny lines
I agree with Greg, don't ride too slow. Practice track stands, and riding curbs. Get a board, like 2x2, and ride it on your backyard. Once you clear it on the ground,...
stumpyfsr   on Dec 13, 2016
rode 5.5 miles at Salem Hills Mountain Bike Trail

-9F frozen shifters via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Dec 10, 2016
replied to Favorite Bikepacking Gear
Hi, @Cyclosaur! It's a tough question you ask. Bikepacking is a synonym to minimalism, so every piece of gear you carry is your favorite and essential to keep you going day after...
stumpyfsr   on Dec 10, 2016
commented on a photo of Bertram Chain of Lakes Trail
Thank You, Michael.
stumpyfsr   on Dec 8, 2016
replied to Saddle selection
hi, @onefastfattie! Let me drop my two cents based on my experience. Before spending money on a new saddle, try to do adjustments to your Selle Italia. Nose of the saddle should point...
This trail is fun yet could be dangerous even at daylight. So as sitting on the couch could be dangerous. I agree with John that night riding make anyone much better rider. It's fun to realize how different your favorite local trail look like once it's dark. Like this video
stumpyfsr   on Nov 29, 2016
replied to Armor? Pads? Anyone?
I mostly ride in Midwest as well and only few trails where I put my full face and knee pads are Spirit Mt and Copper Harbor. I do crash sometimes on intermediate trails...
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stumpyfsr   on Nov 29, 2016
replied to Flow trails
Brown County trails (IMBA Epic), Imagination Glen near Portage, IN.
stumpyfsr   on Nov 25, 2016
rode 4.5 miles at Chengwatana State Forest

Chengwatana exploration. via Strava
stumpyfsr   on Nov 25, 2016
updated Chengwatana State Forest conditions to Fat Bike
Another great article. I always enjoy reading your writing, John. Keep on riding and writing.
stumpyfsr   on Nov 3, 2016
commented on Watch: Bell Super 2R MIPS Helmet Review
This is indeed a great helmet. I had fit issue with mine at first as well. After removing two inserts from both sides it fits great for all-day comfort.
I'd say trail bike is sufficient for type of riding you described. All bikes mentioned above and ones you considered are fall into this category. If I was buying another bike it would...
stumpyfsr   on Nov 3, 2016
commented on Punji Stake Trap Discovered in the UK
Bored to ride manicured flow trails? Try to up your game and ride trails filled with traps. Jokes aside, it's good that this hazard was found and removed before anybody got hurt
stumpyfsr   on Nov 1, 2016
replied to Which way to go?
At that price you won't get a huge upgrade from what you ride now. I've seen brand new Giant full-sus for $1500 at my LBS. price is dropped to make room for...
Feel sorry for a guy to get paralyzed on that easy, beginner friendly, trail, but it can happen to anyone anywhere. Yet it's not a reason to ruin instructor's life because he can't be responsible for his own mistakes.
stumpyfsr   on Oct 20, 2016
replied to Help buying first mountain bike
If you wanna hardtail, that's fine, just know the limits of your equipment. I suggest you to buy a new bike for first time. While craigslist has good deals sometimes, it's easy to...
stumpyfsr   on Oct 18, 2016
replied to What is your favorite flow trail?
My favorite is Copper Harbor system. One of a kind trails.
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stumpyfsr   on Oct 18, 2016
replied to Help buying first mountain bike
If you're willing to spend $1500-2000, you can get a good, brand-new, full suspension bike, which is a better option if you plan on riding "technical extreme" trails. Brand, wheel size and color...
stumpyfsr   on Oct 18, 2016
replied to Help buying first mountain bike
Phantom Elite is a great bike and it's hard to beat BikesDirect prices. You get better components then similar models from big brands. Just keep in mind that there will be no...
stumpyfsr   on Oct 17, 2016
replied to Nates in snow - should I stud them?
Only handful of times I felt like studded tires would be great to have. It was mostly in Spring on icy climbs. Otherwise with proper pressure even 4 inch tires held with...
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stumpyfsr   on Oct 17, 2016
replied to Mountain Biking is LIfe
Nice list of critical skills that every MTB rider should apply. And interesting approach in incorporating it into everyday life. I disagree with number 15: on long climbs it's better to pedal while...
Ardent grips very well no matter is it in Colorado, Midwest or on moss-covered rocks of Pennsylvania.  The only thing is transition knobs between center and side are relatively small and cornering...
I'll second on Cuyuna Lakes. Continuing mining list there's Adventure Mine trails in Michigan UP, where trails go not only around but thru the mine itself at one point. Very cool network....
<p style="text-align: left;">Haven't ridden Blankets Creek but can't envision myself driving 13 hrs for only one trail. As Jeff said, many trails are very popular because of proximity to large cities. There're...
Thanks, Greg! Now it's working and I'd say it's another great video and excellent performance from Danny. Thank you for sharing
I was eating three freeze-dried meals (from Sierra Trading Post) with 1/4 stick of butter in each per day and cheese and honey with sweet hot tea. In addition I was trying to eat at every town just to get variety in my diet. And sometimes summer sausage - you can carry it for days…
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