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St joseph // Michigan

ryboy   on Aug 15, 2012
added a review of Mt. Emily

This trail is o.k at best. Go to the Mountain Works in town and talk to Whit and if you're...
ryboy   on Feb 11, 2012
added a comment on Oregon Mountain Bike Photos of the Day
Well I've ridden Echo a few times since I've been here. Great trail and the locals are cool.I plan on...
ryboy   on Nov 10, 2011
added a comment on Mountain Bike Night Riding 101
I just bought a Serfas True 500 w/5 light settings and different burn times.It's quite an upgrade from the old...
ryboy   on Oct 4, 2011
added a comment on Dream Ride Week #1: Copper Harbor, Michigan
I've been to the UP four times and can honestly say you'd be hard pressed to find better trails with...
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