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steeldtailer   on Jan 5, 2009
added 8 photos.
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steeldtailer   on Jan 5, 2009
added El Triunfo Loop
This is basically a scenic touring trail consisting of about 90% dirt/gravel roads and 10% (recently) paved. You start by...
steeldtailer   on Jan 5, 2009
added Lligua Loop
This is another scenic route in the heart of the Ecuadorean Andes. It's a basic "out & back" 50% dirt/gravel...
steeldtailer   on May 14, 2007
added Ridgeway Loop
This loop is a singltrack dream/nightmare! It's full of steep fast downhills and wicked vertical wall climbs. None of the...
steeldtailer   on Mar 4, 2007
added Sportsman Lake
This is a nice collection of loops and trails that provides a bit of fun for everyone. Everything there is...
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