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Tilton // New Hampshire

_koneco   on Nov 5, 2012
added a map of Franklin Falls
_koneco   on Jul 21, 2011
added a comment on Syncros FL Carbon 29er Mountain Bike Fork Review
What's the deal with rigid bikes? Shit seems so uncomfortable, 'specially in Vermont/New Hampshire where there are about a billion...
_koneco   on Jun 29, 2011
added a comment on MTB Review: Fox F29 Terralogic Fork
I wish I was a millionaire just so I could afford all the new bike stuff we see every year...
_koneco   on Jun 3, 2011
added a comment on More Fun, Less Pay: Working in the Bike Industry
Where do I sign up?
_koneco   on Jun 3, 2010
added a comment on Illegal Mountain Bike Trails
From an ecological standpoint, this would be less of an issue if mountain bikers took a few courses in trail...
_koneco   on Apr 19, 2010
added Gyro
Alright, so the first trail on the right leads to this small dirt bowl with some smaller jumps (big enough...
Cannondale is an interesting company for sure, but I find a lot of their lower end bikes a pain in...
_koneco   on Apr 15, 2010
added a photo of Fox Park
The boardwalk/ramp/jump thing from my crappy cellphone.
_koneco   on Apr 15, 2010
added Fox Park
Let me start off by saying I wish someone would GPS this trail. You can get lost in Fox Park...
_koneco   on Apr 14, 2010
added Franklin Falls
Franklin Falls or 'The Dam' is a NEMBA maintained trail which provides little in the way of technical riding, but...
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