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The guidelines are there for you to follow. It is all spelled out as far as macro-nutrients in the article. In article two, I'll be comparing three commercially available recovery drinks against USOPC's standard.
Marty Grabijas   1 week ago
Silver - - Right on! - I'm still riding in shorts and short sleeved jerseys in the valley. AM's are quite brisk. Up higher.... it is a crap shoot. Shorts, short sleeves, leg warmers and a shell jacket should be good. - Check out Meadow Loop, and Stacy's, in Horse Gulch to start. They are…
HAHAHA!!! I totally get where you are coming from. I was training in Horse Gulch yesterday AM. The only other riders that I saw was a DEVO crew out. I doubt that we'll ever see a situation where we are like Park City. In the meantime, the more cyclists that come to Durango to vaca,…
Thanks JD. I'm afraid that if I listed all of the epic opportunities for mtn biking I'd sound like that disingenuous character from SLN in the 80's, "Yeah, and I was having dinner with my wife Cheryl Tiegs..." The venue for NICA is just phenomenal. It is a mesa that overlooks town, with Stupendous views…
Marty Grabijas   on Jul 30, 2019
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