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You post just shows how conceited and uninformed you are.
Sorry, can't quite follow your logic. So someone riding a traditional MTB over 20 mph should be banned as well? I have an eMTB and have never come close to 20 mph up hill. Am I ok by your standards? I have been passed by half-crazed standard MTBs having no regard for human life or…
My experience is that the biggest jackasses are the ones riding standard MTBs.
EJRocket   on Jul 12, 2019
replied to e-bikes
Just watched a video about biking in Colorado that is featured on the front page of Singletracks.  It blows gigantic holes in the argument that e-MTBs are harder on trails.  What is...
EJRocket   on Jul 12, 2019
replied to Your best crash story
Sounds like most on this page are in for reckless abandon rather than living a long, healthy and pain free life.  What's wrong with taking things a little slower and avoiding the...
What does ego have to do with it? If I have an e-mtb that causes no more damage to the trail than you mtb, what gives you the right to claim sole access to these trails? You are citing real reasons, not excuses!
Anyone who thinks an e-mtb causes more trail damage than a regular mtb hasn't ridden one. I (age 62) enjoy riding my e-mtb with my 42 year-old buff son who rides a regular mtb. It allows me to spend time with him on difficult trails without killing myself. The comment that you shouldn't be able…
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